All Oracle Report Help


This is a list of all Oracle Report Help in alphabetical order. Oracle Report Help by Module can be accessed here.

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1099 Invoice Exceptions

1099 Supplier Exceptions


Accounts Receivable Invoices in Formal Collection

Adjustments Defined But Not Approved Report

Aging 7 Bucket

Auto Termination 

Award Billing Information 

Award Booked Date 

Award Credit Distribution

Award Credit Distribution Export

Award Information Abstract Report 3 Column Budget

Awards or Projects Terminating with Active Employees 


Batch Print of Ad Hoc Certification of Salary Distribution Report 

Billing and Receipt History Report


Collector Contact History

Cost Share/Match Commitment Monitoring 

Custom Burdening Error Report

Customer Credit Snapshot 


Detail Control Register Full Report - RF

Detail Control Register Range of Dates - RF

Direct Cost Over Budget


RF Effort Reporting Roster

Element Result Listing Report

Employee Run Results Report

Exempt Accrual Slips - RF 

Exempt Accrual Slips with Exception Report - RF

Exempt Accrual Report - RF 


Financial Report F208 


Grant Expenditure Export Award Level 

Grant Expenditure Export Project Level

Grant Expenditure Export Task Level

Grant Sum - RF

Grant Sum Report by Project - RF

Grant Sum Report by Project Task - RF 


Health Insurance Termination - RF

Hourly Checklist, Raw Cost of Zero Report - RF 

Hourly Checklist Report - RF 


IDC History

Incomplete Invoices

Installment History 

Invoice Detail Export

Invoice Detail Report

Invoices Due for Billable Award



KBACE Net Details Report

KBACE Payment Register

KBACE Payroll Activity Report

KBACE Payroll Activity Totals Report

KBACE Payroll Register Report 



Misc Transaction Report

Monthly Task Summary (MTS) 


New Vestors Default Enrollment Report – RF

Non-Exempt Slips - RF

Non-Exempt Accrual Report - RF 

Non-Citizen Employees Tax Status Exception - RF

Non Citizen SIT and Tax Data - RF

Non US Citizen Projected Resident Alien Status Report - RF



Past Due Invoice

Past Due Invoice Export

Payroll Encumbrance Shortage and Exception Report - RF

Payroll Oracle Reports Overview

Payroll Overpayment Account Charges - RF 

Project Abstract

Projected Suspense Charges - RF


Quick Pay Pending by Date Paid - RF 


Receipt Register

Reports Due

Reports Due Export

Report of Incomplete or Inactive CFDA Numbers for the Current Fiscal Year

RF 1099 Payment

RF AAP New Hires and Rehires Report - Run

RF AAP Promotions Report – Run

RF AAP Terminations Report – Run

RF AAP Title Changes Report – Run

RF AAP Work Force Analysis (Annual) Report – Run

RF AAP Work Force Analysis (Snapshot) Report – Run

RF AP Invoice Cost Transfer Register

RF AP Unvalidated Invoices Report 

RF Invoices on Hold Report 

RF Minority Business Report 

RF New Supplier/Supplier Site Listing

RF NRA Payment Review

RF Open PO Report

RF Outstanding Check Register

RF Outstanding Check Register (XML)

RF Preliminary Payment Register by User 

RF Prepayments Status Report

RF Property Direct Payment Invoices/Adjustments

RF Property Purchase Order Reconciliation

RF Summary and Detail Payment Register

RF Veterans and Disability Status Report – Run

RFASI GMS Balance Comparison

Run A Report


Salary Review Assignments with No Salary Change CSV - RF 

Salary Review Report CSV - RF 

Salary Sum by Invoice Project - RF

Salary Sum by Invoice Project Task - RF

Salary Sum by Invoice Report - RF

Salary Sum Report - RF

Salary Sum Report by Project - RF

Salary Sum Report by Project Task - RF

Subrecipients - RF 

SUNY Distribution of Grant Charges by SUNY COA - RF 

SUNY Distribution of Grant Charges Report - RF

Suspense Account Report - RF 



Unapplied Receipts Register - RF

Unapproved Draft AR Invoices - RF