RF Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2019-2023


The RF provides talent, services, and technology that empower SUNY to research, innovate, and transfer discoveries that transform the world’s knowledge economy.


The RF partners with SUNY to make it the best place for faculty, students and staff to research, innovate, and solve the world’s most pressing problems.


In carrying out its mission, the RF values:

  • Service: Our support and assistance to the SUNY Community.
  • Learning: A commitment to a pursuit of knowledge and the growth of our people, our abilities, and our business.
  • Agility: Our ability to move quickly and adjust to changing customer needs. 
  • Transparency: Trust, accountability, and clear communication.
  • Diversity: Inclusion and equity in our workforce for diversity of people, culture, thought, perspective, and background. 
  • Innovation: Creative problem solving, continuous improvement, and technological advancement.
  • Integrity: Honesty, ethical behavior, and firm and committed adherence to our code of conduct.