RF Detail Control Register Full Report



Displays all changes that affect a person's gross pay in the current payroll period or changes that were made in a past payroll period but will take effect for the current pay period. This report is utilized to assist operating locations in the review of payroll input.


Run this report on the first day following a payroll run and prior to any input for the new payroll. Operating locations can run the report at any time during the payroll cycle.

Setting Report Parameters

The following table describes the required and optional parameters to use to run the report:



Required Parameters

Parent Organization

Campus top organization.

Note: Selections displayed will be the organizations established for your operating location.


Indicates the payroll you would like to review changes for.

Select: Biweekly or SUNY from the List of Values.

Understanding the Output

The table that follows describe the report output:

Column Heading

Description of Column

Full Name

Persons full name; Last Name, First Name.

Person Form Changes

Identifies changes made in the People form.

Changes for the following fields are included: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Social Security Number, Person Type, and Student Check Box.

Assignment Form Changes:

Identifies changes made in the Assignment form.

Changes for the following fields are included: Assignment Group, Organization, Job, Assignment Status, Employment Category, Supervisor, Normal Hours, Time Card Required, Primary Assignment Flag, Salary Basis, and FTE.

Salary Form Changes

Identifies changes made in the Salary form.

Changes for the following fields are included: Change Date, Change Amount, Change %, Proposed Salary, Annual Salary, Proposal Reason, and Approved.

Element Entries Form

Only Earnings Elements will be reported.

Changes for the following fields are included: Element Name and Input Value Name.

Old Value

Value of the field before it was changed.

Start Date/Change Date

Effective date of new value.

End Date

Date tracked end date of the person record , assignment record, or element entry.

New Value

Value of field after change.

Updated By

User name of the person who saved the change in the business application.

Update Date

Date the change was entered and saved in the business application.


Identifies type of change made to the record.

The following are the types changes that can be made to a record:

  • I = Insert: Saved as an update; a new record created
  • C = Correction: Saved as a correction; record replaced
  • D = Delete: Record Deleted.


Helpful Tips

Effective Date: 2/28/2007 10:41:23 AM