Doing Business With the RF - Information for Vendors & Consultants


Vendors and contractors are a valued resource in the Research Foundation’s work to support the SUNY research enterprise and the RF is committed to diversity and inclusion.

On this site, we’ve compiled the information, forms, and resources you’ll need to work with us.

Electronic Payment

Electronic payment is the preferred payment method of the Research Foundation of SUNY for all vendors. We strongly encourage all of our vendors to participate in this initiative as it will yield you many benefits.

Bids and Proposals

The RF selects and engages contractors and vendors in a manner designed to prevent conflicts of interest and noncompetitive practices that could restrict or eliminate competition. The RF is committed to ensuring a fair and ethical selection process. Access the policies, guidelines and information you need to engage in business with the RF. 
Check for open requests for goods and services

Corporate Facts and Numbers

Access key contact information and corporate facts that you need to do business with the RF.  


Procurement Lobbying Law does not apply to the Research Foundation since we are not a State Agency. However, the RF administers certain programs with the understanding that for procurements through the campus procurement office the campus will adhere to the procurement policies of the State of New York.


Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the terms and conditions applicable to purchase orders when working with the Research Foundation. 

Tax Related Information

As a non-profit organization, the Research Foundation is exempt from New York State and local sales and use taxes. Access RF tax policies and forms.

SUNY Means Business

Find information about SUNY’s general purchasing practices and how to do business with SUNY.

State Contracts: New York State Office of General Services

Research Foundation is eligible to use state contracts. Bids or proposals are not required for procurements of any amount made under state contracts.


Can't find information you need? Please contact us at and let us know how we can improve this website to help you do business with the Research Foundation.