RF Grant Sum Report by Project/Task



Oracle Grants Management (GM) maintains detailed expenditures by award and Accounts Receivables (AR) maintains information on cash received by customer. The Research Foundation (RF) customized Grant Sum Report uses information from both of these modules to create a report of expended amounts and cash received over specified periods for a given award. It is used for account analysis and to provide detailed backup documentation to some sponsors. Generally, information is available following costing and/or cash application.

A summary is provided at the end of the report displaying: subtotals by expenditure type, total direct cost and indirect cost, and grand total cash and expenditures for time period selected.


This report is run as needed.

Responsibilities with Access

Setting Report Parameters

The following table describes the required and optional parameters to use to run the report:


(click in the field to see the List of Values)

Required Parameters

Project Number

The Oracle number associated with a particular project


Example: 0000000

Award Number

LOV displays award numbers associated with the project number input in the Project Number field


Example: 000000

Task Number

Task associated with the project and award. If there is only one task, this field fills automatically when you click the LOV icon.


Example: Task 1

Starting Period

The month and the year, formatted MON-YYYY, of the data that will be reported.


Example: JUL-2006

Ending Period

Fills automatically with the same month as the Starting Period. To report more than one month, change this date, formatted MON-YYYY, to the last month to be reported


Example: JUN-2007

Understanding the Output

This report displays the expenditure item detail for the month and/or months entered in the parameters box for a specific task and project funded by a specific award. The following table describes the report output:

Column Heading

Description of Column

Expenditure Type

The expenditure category that was charged.


The description of the expenditure charge. For Salaries, this column displays the name of the person paid. For Other Than Personnel Services (OTPS), this column displays the vendor and/or person paid.

Emp No

This column displays the employee number (unique identifying number) of the person who has been paid.

Item Date

For Salaries, this column displays the payroll period. For OTPS, this column displays the Invoice Item Date that Accounts Payable/Purchasing (AP/PO) entered on the vendor invoice. For Fringe Benefit and F&A costs, this column displays the date burdened.

Month Expended

The month and year the item was charged (that is, costed) to the award and/or project.

Check No.

The number of the check.

1099 Code

An x displays if the 1099 code was checked on the OTPS item.


The amount of the expenditure item. A negative value displays for adjustments and category refunds.

Cash/Trans In

The cash received in the Cash line for that period.

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Effective Date: 3/14/2007 8:47:14 AM