RF Quick Pay Pending By Date Paid Report



Displays quick pays, in date order, that have been run but not paid. There should be no quick pays on this report before a payroll. If this is an off-week payroll, the quick pay should remain saved for central office to process. The report is sorted in date paid order.


This report should be run before every preliminary and final payroll. Any outstanding quick pay runs should be deleted prior to the payroll run, unless this is a valid off-week request.

Setting Report Parameters

The following table describes the required and optional parameters to use to run the report:



Required Parameters

Parent Organization

Select the appropriate campus code from the List of Values.


Understanding the Output

The table that follows describe the report output:

Column Heading

Description of Column

Date Paid

The date the employee will be paid as specified in the quick pay form.

Date Earned

The date the employee should have been paid as specified in the quick pay form.


The operating location number and name.

Assignment Number

The employee's assignment number.

Last Name

The employee's last name.

First Name

The employee's first name.

Net Pay

The employee's net pay for the specified period of time.

Helpful Tips

Effective Date: 3/27/2008 8:21:35 AM