RF Financial Concepts 101

RF Financial Concepts 101 - Understanding the Business of the RF in a short, easy-to-understand curriculum that connects all audiences to core business concepts relating to the Research Foundation.


Module One: Understanding RF Sources of Income

This module will help you understand the four primary sources of RF income and where to go to find the most recent data on each.

Four Primary Sources of Research Foundation (RF) Income

Funds Generated from Sponsored Programs Administration

Funds Generated from Intellectual Property (IP) Commercialization

Funds Generated from Shared Services for Campus Related Organizations

Funds Generated from Diverse Investment Portfolio


Module Two: Understanding How the RF Uses Funds

This module explains how the RF uses the funds it receives from its four primary sources, how the campus share is determined, and how the RF works to generate and distribute additional funds.

RF Uses Funds for Sponsored Programs Administration

RF Allocates Funds to SUNY Campuses

RF Uses Funds for Systems and Infrastructure that Support SUNY Campuses

RF Distributes Royalty Income to Inventors and SUNY Campuses

RF Uses Funds for Corporate and Investment Reserves



Module Three: Understanding Sponsored Programs Funding

This module explores the concepts related to the RF’s critical role of managing the sponsored program funds awarded by sponsors to campus researchers. You will learn where the funds come from, the difference between direct and indirect (F&A) dollars, trends the RF is experiencing, and where to find current sponsored programs administration numbers.

Research Expenditures and Sponsored Programs Administration

Funds Awarded by Different Types of Sponsors

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs



Module Four: Finding and Understanding RF Financial Data

This module teaches you about the standard financial reports the RF uses to show financials and tells where key reports and resources are located.


RF Publishes Annual Financial Reports

RF Operating Plan Looks Ahead and Projects Annual Budget for the Coming Year

RF Annual Report Looks Back at the Financials from Previous Fiscal Year

RF Single Audit Report Analyzes RF's Financial Operations

RF IRS 990 Report Required for Tax-Exempt Organizations