RF Unapproved Draft AR Invoice Report



The Oracle Grants Management module maintains detailed information on draft unapproved invoices. The Research Foundation (RF) customized the RF Unapproved Draft AR Invoice Report to provide the unapproved draft AR invoices that are ready for billing a sponsor based upon the award billing setup. This report can be sorted by award number, award organization, bill to customer name and bill thru date (choose in sort by parameter). When sort by is selected, the remaining sort order of the report is as follows, bill thru date, bill to customer name and then award number.

A summary of parameters selected is provided at the beginning of the report. This report is used to monitor AR invoices that have generated based on the award billing cycle and terms, and determine appropriate action to invoice the sponsor.


This report should be run on a monthly basis and as needed by the staff responsible for reviewing invoices.

Responsibilities with Access

Setting Report Parameters

The following table describes the required and optional parameters to use to run the report:


(click in the field to see the List of Values)

Required Parameters

Award Location

Select from the list of value the campus location to run the report for.

Note: For central office only if parameter is left blank report will produce for all locations.

Sort By

The Sort Order option

Can be sorted either by Award Number, Award Organization, Bill to Customer Name, or Bill Thru Date

Optional Parameters

Team Assignment

Enter the value for team assignment that is on the award reference field called "team assignment" (e.g. 1, 2) and this will limit the report data to only awards with that team assignment.

Setting Report Completion Options to select Output into Excel

An xml report may be submitted with the format of the output set to excel. This will enable the automatic opening of the file in a spreadsheet application.




From the applicable responsibility in the Navigator window, select Processes and Reports > Submit Processes and Requests to go to the Submit a New Request form.


Select Single Request.


Click OK to go to the Submit Request form.


Complete the following field: Name (Title of the report to be run. Select from the List of Values.)


The Parameters form will be displayed if you select a request that requires parameter values. As required, enter the parameters.


Click OK to return to the Submit Request form.


Click Completion Options to return the Upon Completion Options form. Change the Format to Excel (Select from the List of Values).


Click OK to go to the Submit Request form.


Click Submit to go to the Requests form. Submitted requests are queued and run in the order in which they are received. Your current request may appear in a list of all of your requests in the Requests form.


Click Refresh Data until the Phase field displays Completed.



Click View Output. You will then be prompted to either save or open the report in excel.


You have successfully exported the data into Excel.

NOTE: To remove the blank lines select the whole spreadsheet and from the menu bar select Data > Sort and select the column to sort by and the blank lines will be gone.

You can now adjust and manipulate the data. Some column widths may need to be increased for the data to be fully displayed.

Select File > Save As to name the file and save it with the spreadsheet extension.

Understanding the Output

The following table describes the report output:

Column Heading

Description of Column

Award Number

A unique sequential number assigned to an award. An award is the record established from the award notice or contract received from a customer. An award record contains a funding source (customer), award amounts (funds), start and end dates, terms and conditions, and other information. Awards are used to fund one or more projects.

Draft Inv Num

The Draft Invoice Number - the invoice number the grants module assigns on the invoice is generated.

Award Organization Name

The department or organization associated with the award for which the invoice was generated

Bill to Customer Name

The customer name that is associated with the award for which the AR invoice was generated.

Award Billing Cycle Name

The frequency of AR invoice generation. For example: Last Day of the Month, Qtr End FEB, MAY, AUG, NOV, etc.

Billing Format/Agency Specific Form

The billing invoice print format from the award management screen alternate region compliances.

Award End Date

The end date of the award.

Bill Through Date

The date the invoice was billed through in Grants.

Total Budget

The total award amount that is budgeted.

Total Approved Invoice Amt

The total invoiced amount of approved and released invoices from Grants for the award.

Total Budget Less Billed Invoice Amt

The calculation results of the Total Budget Column less the Total Approved Invoice Amt column.

Note: does not include the unapproved invoice amount.

Unapproved Invoice Amount

The amount for which the AR unapproved invoice was generated.

Helpful Tips

Effective Date: 7/28/2008 8:50:08 AM