All Oracle Process Help


This is a list of all Oracle Process Help in alphabetical order. Oracle Process Help by Module can be accessed here.

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Absence Detail – Correct

Additional Assignment to a Person Record – Enter

Additional Job to an Employee Record – Enter

Adjustment to a Leave Balance – Enter 

Advance Invoice - Create

Advance Invoice Number Query - Find

Approved, Release or Accepted Sponsor Invoice - Cancel

Attachments Human Resources and Payroll

Attachments in Labor Distribution

Attachments in the Purchasing Module

Attachments in the Supplier Module

Attachment on an Award - Add or Delete

Attachment on a Project - Add or Delete

Assignment Data – Change

Award - Create

Award - Close 

Award Credit Distribution Information - Add or Change

Award - Reopen

Award and Project Budget - Modify 

Award Information - Change

Award Summary Inquiry [RFASI] - Run and Review


Bill Hold - Placing Expenditures on

Bill Hold - Viewing Expenditures on

Biweekly Hour Encumbrance Amount – Enter 

Budget - Create

Burden Cost [F&A, Agency Fees, and Fringe Benefits] - Adjust

Budgetary Controls – Changing


Cancel a Purchase Order

Cancel an Invoice

Cash on Award - Review 

Cash Receipt - Inquiry

Create a Blanket Release

Create a Prepayment Category Refund 

Create a Prepayment Invoice

Create a Requisition

Create, Modify or Query Ship-to Bill-to and Direct Inquiry Information

Create or Release a Supplier Hold

Create a Supplier Record

Create an Expense Report 

Change People Information - Personnel Data

Comments to an Unapproved Sponsor Invoice - Add

Custom Eligibility Table – View


Daily Cash [Reconcile] - Post

Date Amendments

Dependent Data Base

Distribution Adjustments – Define


Earnings Element to a Fellow and Process Retroactive Payment – Assign

Element for PTO – Enter

Emergency Contacts

Employee Labor Schedule - Enter or Update

Employee Lookup 

Employee on FMLA or Military Leave of Absence – Place

Employee on Leave of Absence – Place 

Employee Record – Enter

Enter a Recurring Invoice

Enter an AP Invoice Matched to a PO 

Enter an AP Invoice 

Event – Add or Delete 


F & A Expenditures - Split 

Fellow Record – Enter


Grants and AR Module - Attachments 


Hold an Invoice

Hourly Time – Enter 


IFR or Cost Sharing Record – Enter 

Inquiring on an Invoice

Inquiring on a Payment 

Inquire on POs Creating a Balance Difference Using Oracle Purchasing

Inquiry on Purchase Orders 

Invoice - Adjust

Invoice - Approve and Release

Invoice Certification - Create, Change, or Add 



KBACE Kube Manager - Review Payroll Data

KBACE Template – Save and import a Custom 


Labor Distribution Module - Attachments

Labor Schedule for an IFR/CS Participant – Enter

Labor Schedule for an IFR/CS Participant – Update 

Labor Schedules for Renewal Awards - Transfer 


Misc Actuals Batch - Enter 

Modify a Supplier Record

Modify or Cancel a Requisition 

Monitoring Controls Over Payroll Processing 


Network Test - Run

Enter New Reports and Submittal Information for Sponsor Required Reports

Nonrecurring Earnings or Deductions Element – Change

Nonrecurring Earnings or Deductions Element – Enter 


OTPS Cost Share Expenditures Through Pre-Approved Batches - Enter 


Paid Time Off Accrual and Usage Balances – View

Paid Time Off Leave Usage – Enter 

Payment Method – Enter or Change 

RF Payroll Encumbrance by Award

RF Payroll Encumbrance by Person Inquiry

RF Payroll Encumbrance by Project Inquiry

People Information - Change

People By Special Information – List

Preapproved Expenditure Batch - Reversing

Primary Address – Change

Print a Purchase Order

Project - Create

Project - Close 

Project Credit Distribution Information - Add or Change

Project for an Award that Crosses Locations - Create

Project Funding - Adjust

Project or Task Information - Modify

Project Summary Inquiry [RFPSI] - Run and Review

Property Reconciliation 


Run Quick Pay 


Recurring Earnings or Deductions Element – Enter

Recurring Earnings or Deductions Element – Change

Recurring Element to Enroll a Fellow in a Benefit Plan – Enter 

Release an Invoice on Hold

Retro Labor Schedule – Enter

Retroactive Pay for a Salaried Employee 


Sponsor Invoice in AR - View

Sponsor Invoice in Grants - View and Print

Sponsor Invoice - Regenerate

Standard or Template Attachments - Create

Standard or Template Attachments - Modify 

Supplier Record – Create


Task - Create

Tax Information – Change

Terminate a Person

Terminated Record– Reactivate 


Unapproved Sponsor Invoice – Delete

Usage Detail for PTO, FMLA, or Military LOA – View 


Validate AP Invoices

Void, Reissue, Stop or Hold a Payment