RF Salary Sum Report by Project



Oracle Grants Management (GM) maintains detailed salary and fringe benefit expenditures. The Research Foundation (RF) customized the Salary Sum to create a report of total salary and fringe benefit amounts along with fellows and participant support expenditures by employee expended over specified periods for a given award. This report is sorted by resource group level and then by employee last name. Subtotals are displayed at the resource group level between each section.

A summary of payments is provided at the end of the report to provide subtotals by resource group and a grand total for the period of all personal service costs. This report is used for account analysis and to provide detailed backup documentation to some sponsors.


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Responsibilities with Access

Setting Report Parameters

The following table describes the required and optional parameters to use to run the report:


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Required Parameters

Project Number

The project number for expenditures. This is required for this report.

Award Number

The award number for expenditures

Task Number

The task number on the project number for expenditures.

Starting Period

The month and the year, formatted MON-YYYY, of the data that will be reported.


Example: JUL-2006

Ending Period

Fills automatically with the same month as the Starting Period. To report more than one month, change this date, formatted MON-YYYY, to the last month to be report


Example: JUN-2007

Understanding the Output

This report displays by employee total salary and fringe benefit item detail for the month and/or months entered in the parameters box for a specific project funded by a specific award. The output file is PDF.

The following table describes the report output:

Column Heading

Description of Column

Last Name

The last name of the employee

First Name

The first name of the employee


The optional middle initial of the employee

Emp No

The employee number (that is, the unique identifying number) of the person who has been paid


The job position of the employee

Term Date

The current labor schedule termination date

Employee Salary

The total salary distributed for a specific regular employee

Student Salary

The total salary distributed for a specific student employee

Fringe Benefits Salary

The total fringe benefits charged for an employee

Summary of Payments Section

Displays summary of payments made sorted by resource group and type of payment with a grand total summary of all payments made


The subtotal for all regular salary employees for a resource group


The subtotal for all student salary employee for a resource group


The subtotal for all salary employees for a resource group

Total Salary

The Grand Total salary of all employees

Total Fringe Benefits

The Grand Total fringe benefits of all employees

Total Payments

The Grand Total of salary costs charged (that is, salary, fringe, fellowships, participant support)

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Effective Date: 3/19/2007 9:31:26 AM