The RF comprises a central office and operating units at 30 state-operated campuses across New York State, and is governed by a board of directors.

  • The RF Board of Directors oversees the operations of the corporation in accordance with its stated mission and purpose. This voluntary board draws members from various constituencies including SUNY faculty, researchers, campus and system administrators, as well as individuals representing business, industry, and community sectors. 

  • The Leadership Team is comprised of the President and senior personnel responsible for the corporation's strategy, finances and management and its overall success in supporting SUNY's research and innovation.
  • RF Operations Managers (OM) at the 30 state-operated campuses are appointed by the RF President on the recommendation of the respective campus president. The RF President delegates to each OM the authority to execute the powers and duties necessary to conduct RF business at his or her campus in a manner consistent with the RF’s policies and overall system of controls.
  • The Management Council supports the effective functioning of the RF across the enterprise. This decision-making body includes the members of the Leadership Team and managers with responsibility for the RF’s strategic direction, day-to-day operations and customer relationships.