Process - Create or Release a Supplier Hold (R12)

Use these instructions to create or release a hold on a supplier.


  1. The supplier site must exist in the business applications.
  2. You must have the following responsibility to modify a supplier record:
  3. You must have the following responsibility to review a supplier record:

To Create/Release or Review a Supplier Hold

  1. To create or release a supplier hold - Select Supplier > Entry to open the Suppliers web-based form.

    Note: To Review Only – Select Supplier<Inquiry to Open the Suppliers web-based form and proceed to step 3.

  2. Enter or review the following fields on the Suppliers form for a specific supplier.

    Field Name

    Required (R) or Optional (O)


    Supplier Name


    Enter the supplier name you want to review or modify.

    Supplier Number


    Enter the supplier number you want to review or modify. Note: Does not populate the supplier immediately. This search feature will return all suppliers containing the specific numbers entered.

    TaxPayer ID


    Enter the Taxpayer ID of the supplier you want to review or modify.

  3. Click Go.

    Warning: Before you make any changes to the header record contact central office to make sure that the hold should be placed or released. Supplier records are shared files and changes may affect other campuses.

    Note: Central Office places holds on suppliers as a result of notification from the IRS of name and TIN mismatches.

  4. Click on Invoice Management tab to open the Invoice Management tab. To review or modify holds at the site level, see section under Supplier Sites on the Invoice Management tab.

    Note: All holds on the header affect all sites for the supplier.

  5. To create dollar amount holds or releases

  6. To hold or release all payments for a supplier site – Most restrictive supplier hold

  7. To hold or release all payments for a supplier that does not have PO matched invoices

  8. To hold or release all Unvalidated Invoices to a supplier

  9. Select File > Save.

    Note: A message will appear telling you that your records were applied and saved.