Inquiring on a Payment - Process Help (R12)

Use these instructions to find and review payment information.


  1. The payment must exist in the business applications.

To Inquire on a Payment

When completing the Oracle forms referenced in this procedure, note that a white field indicates optional entry or one that is conditional based on the particular process.

  1. Select Payments: Inquiry > Payment Overview to open the Find Payments Form
  2. Enter one or more of the following fields:

Field Name

Required (R) or Optional (O)


Payments Region



Enter the check number or a range of check numbers from the payment document.



Enter the date or a range of dates from the payment document.

Supplier Region



The name of the supplier.

Taxpayer ID


The tax identification number for the supplier.



The number of the supplier. This is system-generated by the Research Foundation's business applications.



The unique campus location number assigned to a supplier used by that site.

  1. Note: The Voucher Number Region is NOT used by the Research Foundation.
    1. Click Find to open the Payment Overview form.
  2. Note: When you query by supplier name, press Page Down to see all payments from that supplier.
    1. To view detailed information about the payments to a supplier, click Payments to go to the Payments form.
    2. To view detailed information about an invoice included in this payment, click Invoice Overview.
    3. To view detailed information about the provider of the goods or services, click Supplier to go to the Suppliers form.

      Effective Date: 3/24/2014 4:00:31 PM