Cancel an Invoice - Process Help (R12)

Use these instructions to cancel an invoice.


  1. The invoice must not be canceled, paid, or selected for payment.

To Cancel an Invoice

When completing the Oracle forms referenced in this procedure, note that a white field indicates optional entry or one that is conditional based on the particular process.

  1. Select Invoices: Entry > Invoices to open the Invoices form.
  2. Select View > Find or click the flashlight on the toolbar to open the Find Invoices form.
  3. Enter the following fields on the Find Invoices form:


    Field Name

    Required (R) or Optional (O)


    Supplier Region



    The name of the business or person providing goods or services. Select from the List of Values or enter name.


    PO Num


    The purchase order number.

    Invoice Region



    The invoice number.

    Invoice Status Region



    The condition of the invoice, expense report, check or range of checks.

  4. Click Find to return to the Invoices form.

    Note: Click anywhere on the invoice line to select the individual invoice to cancel it.

  5. To cancel the selected invoice
    1. Click the Actions...1 button.
    2. Check the Cancel Invoices checkbox and click OK.

    Note: Look at the invoice status to be sure it says Canceled.

    1. Select File > Close Form

    Note: A dash (—) in the table above indicates a field that is automatically populated by the system or that is not needed.