List People By Special Information - Process Help (R12)

Use these instructions to view a list of people who match a particular profile for one special information type.

To View a List of People By Special information

When completing the Oracle forms referenced in this procedure, note that a white field indicates optional entry or one that is conditional based on the particular task.

  1. Navigate to View: Lists> People by Special Information.
  2. Select a special information type from the List of Values in the Special Information Type field.
  3. Complete the fields in the form that is displayed based upon your selection from the List of Values.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Find.
  6. The information you entered appears in the Details field.
  7. Employees and applicants who match your selection criteria are listed in the fields below the Details field.

    Note: The system administrator can create customized versions of the List People By Special Information form so that you use each version for one information type only. For example, one version could be called List People By Technical Skills.