Enter a Nonrecurring Earnings or Deductions Element

Use these instructions to enter a nonrecurring element in order to adjust an employee's earnings or deductions for a pay period.


To enter a nonrecurring earnings or deductions element

When completing the Oracle forms referenced in this procedure, note that a white field indicates optional entry or one that is conditional based on the particular process.

  1. Navigate to People > Enter and Maintain to go to the Decision form.
  2. If the current date is NOT the date of entry or adjustment, click Yes to go to the Alter Effective Date form and from the calendar List of Values, select the Effective Date the element should start. Click OK to go to the Find Person form. Go to step 4.

    Note: Do NOT alter the effective date to a payroll period that has already been processed. Non recurring elements can be entered to process in a current or future payroll only.

  3. If the current effective date is the pay period of the adjustment, click No to go to the Find Person form.
  4. Complete one of the following appropriate Find Person form fields:

    Field Name

    Required (R) or Optional (O)


    Full Name


    Employee's last name.

    The last name search will narrow choices for selection.

    Social Security


    Person's social security number.



    Person's employee number

  5. Click the Find button to go to the People form.
  6. Click the Assignment button to go to the Assignment form.
  7. Click the Entries button to go to the Element Entries form.
  8. Click on the Element Name field of the next available element entry line. Ensure that the Effective Date is in a payroll period that has not already been processed.
  9. Complete the following fields by selecting form the List of Values (...).

    Field Name

    Required (R) or Optional (O)


    Element Name


    Earnings or deduction element you need to add.

    Ensure that the element is listed as nonrecurring in the Processing Type column of the List of Values.



    Reason the element is being changed.

    1. If the nonrecurring element is a adjustment to an exiting element, select an element that is associated with the existing element. For example, to adjust H RF PPO, select H RF PPO Special Inputs.
    2. If the nonrecurring element is a new payment or adjustment, select an appropriate element. For example: Tuition Reim Tax.
  10. Click Entries to go to the Entry Values form.
  11. Complete the appropriate Entry Values fields depending on which nonrecurring element was selected.

    Note: Never enter a value in the Pay Value field or the Adjust Arrears field.

  12. Select File > Save.
  13. If you need to enter another adjustment, go back to step 8.