Attachments in the Purchasing Module - Process Help (R12)

Use these instructions to attach documents in the purchasing module. This will ensure we have permanent backup in our business applications.


  1. You must have one of the following responsibilities to attach documentation in the supplier file module:
  2. The requisition or purchase order must exist, and the requisition must be in Incomplete status.

To Attach Backup Documentation in the Purchasing Module

When completing the Oracle forms referenced in this procedure, note that a white field indicates optional entry or one that is conditional based on the particular process.

  1. Navigate to the screen to which you want to attach your document, e.g., Purchase Orders form, Requisitions form, or any form within the business applications in which the paper clip icon on the toolbar is available.
  2. Click the paper clip icon on the toolbar.
  3. Enter the following fields on the Attachments form:

    Field Name

    Required (R) or Optional (O)


    Main Tab





    The file type to be attached to this record. Select Miscellaneous or Documents from the List of Values.



    A free form explanation of the document being attached.



    A free form explanation of what is being attached.

    Example: Contract

    Data Type


    Select the type of information you are storing with this record from the List of Values:

    File - attach a document

    Long Text - write text

    Short Text - write text

    Web Page - link to a Web page

    Note: Selecting Long Text from the List of Values enables more than 2000 characters of text to be stored.

  4. To attach a file:
    1. Select File in the Data Type field

    Note: A window will automatically appear to upload a file.

    1. Click Browse and locate the file you want to upload.
    2. Click Submit.

    Note: A message will appear indicating that your file was uploaded successfully.

    1. Close window to return to Attachments form.
    2. Click Yes in the decision form that asks if your file was uploaded successfully.
  5. To add a note:
    1. Select Long Text or Short Text in the Data Type field.
    2. Click in the yellow box that appears on the bottom of the form and type in your note.
    3. Select File > Save.
  6. To add a Web page:
    1. Select Web Page in the Data Type field.
    2. Click the Source tab on the Attachments form.
    3. Type in the URL for the Web page.
    4. Select File > Save.
  7. Click Open Document to review the file or Web page you attached.
  8. Select File > Close Form.

    Note: A dash (—) in the table above indicates a field that is automatically populated by the system or that is not needed.