Award Establishment

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Accounts Receivable Invoice issues

Administering Letter of Credit Sponsored Programs Accounts


Allocating Part of an Award to Another Campus or Department within SUNY

AP Cost Transfer

Application Review and Endorsement

At Risk Policy

Award Edits



Balancing Cash Receipts

Bank Account Establishment Policy

Budget Adjustment Procedures

Budgetary Controls

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Calculating Drawdown Amounts

Cash Awards: Reconciling and Applying Cash Receipts

Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance

Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting): Overview

Closing an Award or Project

Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service Sponsored Programs - Policy

Contracts with State Agencies

Correcting Overexpended Awards, Projects, and Tasks

Cost Sharing: A Guide for Administrators

Cost Sharing Policy



Date Amendments: Changing Start and End Dates in Grants Management

Distribute Credit for Interdisciplinary Activity on Awards and Projects

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Effort Reporting Policy

Entering Follow-up on Outstanding Accounts Receivable Invoices

Establishing and Maintaining Campus Bank Accounts and Petty Cash Funds

Establishing and Maintaining Campus Reserves to Cover Losses

Establishing and Maintaining Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Excerpts: Unallowable Costs

SUNY Export Controls Printable pdf



First Billing Offset Days: Functionality and Use

Fixed Price Balance Awards

Fixed Price Balance Award Administration Policy

Form B- New York State Consultant Services Contractor's Annual Employment Report

Formal Collection Action

Funding Received Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

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Gifts and Non-cash Awards

Gift Acceptance Policy

Governmental Restrictions on Transfer of Information & Materials to Foreign



Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act



Identifying and Collecting Past Due Accounts Receivable Invoices

Impact of Project, Task, and Award Establishment on Accounts Receivable

Implementing the Progressive Discipline Policy

Indirect Cost Controls and Calculation

InterCampus Agreements Guidance Doc

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Letter of Credit Payment Process: Overview



Monitoring Controls Over Accounts Receivable Key Processes

Monitoring Controls Over Grants Management



NACUBO Classification

Naming Standards for the Customer (Sponsor) & People Files

New or Updated Policy (DOC)

New or Updated Procedure-Guideline (DOC)

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OMB Circular A-110 - Amended for FOIA Access

Oracle Award Establishment Checklist



Publications of Research Activities




Refund to Sponsors

Renewal Awards

Reporting Periods for Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting)

Requesting Chancellor Approval for Exceptions to Policies

Rescind an Award or Project

Resolving Differences Between the GMS and the RFASI

Resolving Problems When Processing Charges Against an Award

Responsibilities for Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting)

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Sponsor Invoicing

Sponsor Required Reports

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: Department of Defense

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: Including Clinical Practice

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: National Institutes of Health Limitations

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: National Institutes of Health, AHRQ, and SAMHSA

Sponsored Programs Application Policy

Subrecipient Monitoring and Management Policy

Subrecipient Monitoring and Management Procedure

Subrecipient/Vendor Relationship

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Transaction Controls

Transaction Processing to an Award

Transfer of Sponsored Projects Policy



Unrestricted Fund Expense Policy








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Process Help

Add or Change Project Credit Recognition Information

Add or Change Award Credit Distribution Information

Add or Change Committed Effort Information

Add or Change Cost Sharing/Matching Information

Add or Change Project Credit Distribution Information

Add or Delete an Attachment on a Project

Add or Delete an Attachment on an Award

Adjust Project Funding

Budget Adjustment

Change Award Information

Change Budgetary Controls

Create a Budget

Create a Project

Create a Project for an Award that Crosses Locations

Create Standard or Template Attachments

Create a Task

Create an Award

Enter a Misc Actuals Batch

Enter New Reports and Submittal Information for Sponsor Required Reports

Enter OTPS Cost Share Expenditures Through Pre-Approved Batches

Modify Award and Project Budget

Modify Project or Task Information

Modify Standard or Template Attachments

Project Key Member Mass Update

Renewal Awards

Reverse a Preapproved Expenditure Batch

RF Payroll Encumbrance by Award

RF Payroll Encumbrance by Person Inquiry

RF Payroll Encumbrance by Project Inquiry

Run and Review the Award Summary Inquiry (RFASI)

Run and Review the Project Summary Inquiry (RFASI)

Transfer Labor Schedules for Renewal Awards



Report Help

Award Billing Information

Award Booked Date

Award Credit Distribution

Award Credit Distribution Export

Award Establishment User Metrics

Award Information Abstract Report 3 Column Budget

Awards or Projects Terminating with Active Employees

Cost Share Monitoring

Cost/Share/Match Commitment Monitoring

Custom Burdening Error Report

Direct Cost Over Budget

Grant Summary

Grant Sum Report by Project

Grant Sum Report by Project Task

Grants Management - Oracle Standard Operational Reports

IDC History

Installment History

Monthly Task Summary (MTS)

Payroll Encumbrance Shortage and Exception Report

Project Abstract

Reports Due

Reports Due Export

Report of Incomplete or Inactive CFDA Numbers for the Current Fiscal Year

RFASI GMS Balance Comparison

Run A Report

Salary Sum by Invoice Project

Salary Sum by Invoice Project Task

Salary Sum by Invoice Report

Salary Sum Report and Salary Sum Excel Report

Salary Sum Report by Project

Salary Sum Report by Project Task




Oracle List of Values Definitions

Active Flag (Installment)

Allowed Cost Schedule

Amount Type (Beginning Period for Funds Checking)

Award Purpose Codes

Award Role

Award Status

Award Type

Bill Hold


Billing Cycle

Billing Distribution Rule

Billing Format

Billing Terms

Budgetary Control Types

Burden Schedule

Campus Location Codes

Cost Sharing/Matching Information

DHHS Agency Prefix

DHHS Document Number

Exp Type

Expenditure Category

Expenditure Type List of Values

Installment Types


Non-Labor Invoice Format

Property Titles

Resource Group

Revenue Distribution Rule