Report - RF Cost Share Monitoring Report



The RF Cost Share Monitoring Report lists sponsored awards with mandatory, voluntary committed and voluntary uncommitted cost sharing. It should be run to verify that cost sharing/matching award numbers were entered on the Cost Sharing/Matching Information form in the Oracle Award Management Module to link the sponsored award to the cost sharing/matching award.


Run this report weekly.

Responsibilities with Access

Setting Report Parameters

The following table describes the required and optional parameters to use to run the report:

  1. Parameter

    (click in the field to see the List of Values)

    Optional Parameters


    Enter the three-digit location code or select from the List of Values. If left blank, you will get all locations.

    Cost Share Term Type

    If you want to view only those awards with a particular type of cost sharing, e.g., mandatory, select one of the following from the List of Values:

    • None
    • Mandatory
    • Voluntary Committed
    • Voluntary Uncommitted

Understanding the Output

The following table describes the report output:

  1. Column Heading

    Description of Column


    The number of the sponsor award that is linked to the cost share award.

    Cost Share Type

    Indicates the type of cost sharing for the sponsored award:

    • Mandatory
    • Voluntary Committed
    • Voluntary Uncommitted

    Award Type

    The type of funds awarded.

    For Example: Federal.

    For options, review the List of Values for a description of each.

    Sponsor Name

    The name of the award sponsor.

    For Example: National Science Foundation

    Award Principal Investigator

    The name of the principal investigator responsible for the award.

    Award Start Date

    The start date of the award.

    Award End Date

    The end date of the award.

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