Research News

Second U.S. Patent Awarded for Inclined Rotary Gasifier Technology

The gasifier, invented by SUNY Cobleskill professor David Waage, is the first fully automated and portable carbon capture and harvesting system.

SUNY Canton Cybersecurity Expert Receives Patent

Kambiz Ghazinour received a patent for concepts and programming for a Digital Privacy and Security Simulator, a product offered by CyberSpara, which he founded in 2020.

SPIR Aids Small Companies by Solving Tech Problems

The Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence gives small and startup businesses access to the outstanding assets of four premier SUNY engineering programs.

UAlbany Researchers Receive Patent for Novel PFAS Removal System

The novel system is designed to be efficient, scalable and adaptable, with potential to remove harmful chemicals from drinking water.

Powering the Future

Binghamton University scientists and engineers are taking the lead on key aspects of clean-energy technology, receiving more than $9M in funding over the past five years.

SUNY Innovations on the Global Stage

Eight SUNY researchers will showcase their inventions at the 5th annual TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C.

Journey from Student to CEO

Alexis Weber, who is pursuing her PhD at the University at Albany, earned a $25,000 prize for her presentation at the SUNY Startup Summer School in 2022.

A Small Bat with Enormous Potential for Aging Studies

Possessing a neuroanatomy that is remarkably similar to humans, bats offer unique advantages as an animal model in laboratory settings.

UB Startup Acquired by Biopharma Company Merck

Acquisition includes novel platform technology designed to improve the safety and efficacy of an important emerging class of cancer medicines.

Ionic Propulsion Technology Breakthrough Earns Patent

Ion wind has been a known phenomenon since 1709, but nobody had succeeded in making an ionic wind-activated device lift off until the breakthrough at SUNY Oswego.

SBU Signs Licensing Agreement with Perspective Therapeutics

The partnership has the potential to significantly improve clinical outcomes in a variety of cancer indications.

Unveiling Cellular Secrets through Flash Forward Genetics

The laboratory led by Janice L. Brissette, Associate Professor of Cell Biology at SUNY Downstate, stands at the forefront of exploring mammalian development and disease.

TAF Impact: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Wendong Tao invented a patented system that strips ammonia from wastewater and uses the recovered nitrogen to produce fertilizer.

TAF Impact: Meeting the Dengue Challenge

Adam Waickman has developed a new treatment for dengue that has been shown to neutralize all four serotypes of the virus.

TAF Impact: Revolutionizing Healthcare

Juntao Luo’s platform technology can be customized and applied for severe Covid, immunotherapy cancer treatments and other therapies.

TAF Impact: Bringing Personalized Medicine to the Next Level

A new software tool that simplifies big data has applications in studying disease biology and advancing new treatments.

Upstate Startup Wins $50,000 FuzeHub Grant

DUB Biologics is creating a siRNA therapeutic that could prevent corneal scarring and inflammation and revolutionize the treatment of corneal injuries.

Spider Silk Research Leads to a New Kind of Microphone

Nearly 150 years after Alexander Graham Bell patented the first microphone, Binghamton University researchers are working to revolutionize audiology again.

Genetic Link Between Behavioral Disorders and Poor Health Outcomes Among Veterans

New SUNY Downstate study published in JAMA Psychiatry will aid in implementing early interventions and lifestyle modifications to improve veterans’ health.

The algorithm that transformed bar code scanning

A look back at how a professor of computer science and his graduate students helped shape the bar code scanning industry.

Groundbreaking Clinical Trial at Upstate Offers Hope for Epilepsy Patients

The new NRTX-1001 treatment being tested by Neurona Therapeutics implants cells directly into the brain.

UAlbany Startup Receives $1M to Develop New Technology

SupreMEtric LLC has received its second highly competitive NSF Small Business Technology Transfer grant to build a working prototype of the technology.

TAF Impact: Improving Cancer Treatment

Stony Brook University researcher Clinton Rubin holds 22 patents in the areas of wound repair, stem cell regulation, and treatment of bone disease.

TAF Impact: Accelerating the Clean Tech Revolution

Startup team that is passionate about protecting the environment aims to commercialize TAF funded technology.

TAF Impact: New Standards for a Nascent Industry

Testing technology developed at Binghamton University can help manufacturers save hundreds of millions of dollars, reduce materials waste.

TAF Impact: Targeting an Environmental Threat

A biodegradable bioplastic developed at SUNY ESF may replace traditional plastic while reducing waste around the world.

Advancing Electronics Manufacturing

University at Buffalo Professor Shenqiang Ren creates new materials that solve complex energy and environmental problems.

ESF Researchers Receive NSF funding for Eco-manufacturing

Nearly $500K will help fund the research on carbon-neutral alternative sources for value-added chemicals currently sourced from petroleum and other fossil fuels.

UB Scientists Awarded $1.5M for Hemophilia Treatment

The research will focus on developing a way to deliver Factor VIII, a blood-clotting protein, by desensitizing the immune system so that it does not reject this lifesaving therapy.

UAlbany, SUNY Downstate Explore AI’s Role in Mental Health Care

Leveraging the power of AI will inform earlier interventions, provide better care and be a valuable resource for research and development efforts.

How Climate Change May Limit Insect Biodiversity

Binghamton University research explores how a warming world could impact ecosystems and derail the development of new species.

$2M NIH Grant Advances Stem Cell Research

The research aims to more clearly define and observe neuromesodermal progenitors, stem cells that contribute to spinal cord or skeletal muscle development.

Gaming Improves Cyber Awareness

SUNY Canton Associate Professor Kambiz Ghazinour is revolutionizing approaches to cybersecurity through his innovative simulation software.

$1.4M Grant to Investigate What Causes Loss of Kidney Function

Sian Piret, from the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, researches the molecular and cellular changes that occur in Acute Kidney Injury.

Professor Hopes to Revolutionize Power Transformers

Binghamton University’s Pritam Das has researched better integrating bidirectional AC-DC and DC-DC converters with high-frequency galvanic isolation.

Dedicated to Helping the Aging

Sharon Brangman’s interest in helping older patients naturally led her to study the diseases primarily associated with aging; dementia and Alzheimer's.

An Innovative Look at Copper Reactions

The results of the Binghamton University - Brookhaven National Laboratory research could inspire solutions for clean energy.

SUNY Upstate Clinical Trial Leads to RSV Treatment

Dr. Joseph Domachowske developed a first-of-its-kind treatment for RSV at SUNY Upstate, utilizing clinical trials to prove his treatment safe and effective.

Upstate Study Links Ingredient in Sweeteners to Liver Cancer

A team led by SUNY Distinguished Professor Andras Perl studied how mice with a genetic mutation also found in humans progress from cirrhosis to liver cancer.

Hemp or Marijuana? Forensic Chemist Receives Federal Funding for Rapid Test

The U.S. Department of Justice is supporting Rabi Musah's lab at the University at Albany with a $401,988 grant to develop and validate the test.

Researcher Develops New Asphalt Test to Counter Cracks and Prevent Potholes

The premise is to investigate the fatigue properties of asphalt mixtures and determine how pavement will react before it is used to surface roadways.

UB Receives $2.1 Million Grant to Prevent Toxic Side Effects of Leukemia Treatment

The National Cancer Institute-funded research is co-led by Joseph Balthasar, David and Jane Chu Endowed Chair in Drug Discovery and Development in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

UAlbany Start-up Receives Federal Support

Early Alzheimer’s Diagnostics LLC was awarded a highly competitive National Science Foundation grant to develop new technology for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

SBU to Build a New Quantum Internet Test Bed

The center will catalyze new technologies to accelerate internet functionality, improve communications security, and enable advances in computing.

UB to Launch Non-drug, Clinical Trial on Concussion Treatment

Service members will be able to take part in a study funded with $4.8 million from the U.S. Department of Defense to see if aerobic exercise speeds recovery.

EPA awards $1M to UAlbany for Air Pollution Monitoring Projects

The projects are focused on enhancing air quality monitoring in areas that are underserved, historically marginalized and overburdened by pollution.

Patent Awarded for Test to Help Diagnose Concussion

This is the second patent awarded for saliva tests to Quadrant Biosciences and its partners, the SUNY Research Foundation and the Penn State Research Foundation.

Data Center Research Group Earns Additional NSF Funding

The Binghamton University-led Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems brings together academic and industry experts to reduce the energy consumed by data centers.

$1.8M Federal Grant Funds Study of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Upstate Medical University's Eric Olson, will use the funding to test why the wiring of the fetal brain, can be so deeply impacted by exposure to alcohol during development.

$2M grant will support faculty member’s study of aging brains

The NIH funding will enable SUNY Oswego psychology faculty member Sien Hu to study the impacts of aging and related impairments on the human brain.

SUNY Downstate Researchers Receive “2022 Scientific Paper of The Year Award”

Premier radiology publication Aunt Minnie recognizes groundbreaking research in workload management for radiology departments.

$7.8M awarded to UB and partners to study oral microbiome

The NIDCR awarded two grants to UB, Roswell Park and Albert Einstein College of Medicine to explore how the oral microbiome interacts with opportunistic pathogens.

Binghamton University joins newly formed consortium awarded $15 million

The National Science Foundation Hub aims to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and local economic development.

RNA Institute awarded $2.5M to advance ‘RNA Rescue’ in fight against myotonic dystrophy

The research team’s ultimate goal is to develop a drug that can be delivered through an oral tablet and reach all organs in the body.

Binghamton wins $113 million to bolster battery initiatives

Binghamton University-led initiative was one of only 21 selected for Build Back Better Challenge funding to bolster domestic battery manufacturing and supply chain, reinvigorate region.

Nanoshell catalysts turn greenhouse gases into useful chemicals

Two University at Buffalo-led studies show promise for dry reforming of methane, an industrial process that could slow the pace of climate change.

New biobatteries use bacterial interactions to generate power for weeks

Binghamton University Professor Seokheun “Sean” Choi's new “plug-and-play” biobattery lasts for weeks at a time and can be stacked to improve output voltage and current.

Anti-Cancer drug developed at SBU shows additional clinical promise

Stony Brook University research could help speed the discovery of drugs to combat the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

Digital assistants, artificial intelligence and the blurred lines of intervention

SUNY Oswego communication studies faculty member Jason Zenor explores how Alexa, Siri and artificial intelligence are evolving to interact with daily online activity.

SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund accepting proposals until April 15

Program to help faculty inventors and scientists turn their ideas into market-ready technologies marks its 10th anniversary.

$2 Million+ NIH grant supports research into retinal regeneration

Research aims to bring the medical community closer to its goal of effectively treating patients suffering from retinal ailments like glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa.

University/industry consortium secures patent for Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic test

The groundbreaking innovation the result of seven years of research at Upstate Medical University and Penn State College of Medicine.

Empire Discovery Institute partners with Novo Nordisk

The move will help University at Buffalo scientists commercialize life sciences research.

Four UB life sciences spinoffs receive new NIH funding

The startups are advancing projects that could help fight diseases ranging from COVID-19 to cancer to diabetes.

SUNY Downstate research aims to reduce medical error in radiology

Drs. Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen Macknik, and Stephen Waite will conduct research to measure and track oculomotor expertise in radiology.

SBU research group, start-up awarded $1M from NSF for robotics proposal

In addition to transforming STEM and robotics education, the new technology could also lead to design tools used by automation and robotic industries.

SUNY Cobleskill’s biomass gasifier awarded competitive NSF grant

The Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program provides seed funding for research and development with the potential for commercialization.

Gasifier technology offers economic and environmental benefits

The waste to energy system developed at SUNY Cobleskill reduces disposal costs, turns biomass into valuable products and sequesters carbon.

SAMRI announces first round of research funding

Leading provider of semiconductor and display equipment joins with SUNY to drive innovation in materials research.

Purchase College research reveals potential phobia, PTSD treatment

National Institute of Mental Health funded study finds that unconscious exposure did not cause phobic participants to experience fear.

SUNY campuses are partner institutions in $115M DOE center on quantum computing

World-leading experts will work together to resolve performance issues with today’s quantum computers by simultaneously designing software and hardware.

NSF grant to advance Flight Data Tracker system

World-leading experts will work together to resolve performance issues with today’s quantum computers by simultaneously designing software and hardware.

UB spinoff awarded grant to advance medicinal toothpaste

OptiMed Technology employs nanotechnology based on research from the lab of Praveen Arany, DDS, PhD, assistant professor of oral biology.

Startup produces treatment to spur bone growth

Zetagen Therapeutics benefits from its location in the Central New York Biotech Accelerator.

Cobleskill gasifer attracts licensee and $5.8M to reduce wildfire risk

Rotary gasifier technology invented at SUNY Cobleskill will be used to clear forests of dead trees and undergrowth.

SUNY Downstate research guides national COVID-19 protocols

A technique based on 2008 research could be used to provide life-saving care to patients with COVID-19.

Aerogel Advance

UB materials science professor’s insulation innovation was inspired by the structure of the pores of human skin.

Chancellor launches #SUNYTogether fundraising effort in response to COVID-19 crisis

Funds will provide student assistance; support research for testing, prevention, and treatment; and purchase and produce supplies for medical teams statewide.

Cutting edge contrast agent

Iron-based contrast agent technology may offer an affordable and abundant alternative to rare earth element.

Research breakthrough provides clues for Lupus treatment

SUNY Downstate scientists’ flash of insight was based on a unique discovery they made about an unforeseen pathway in the immune system.

Stony Brook experts tackle issues raised by “aging in place”

Stony Brook scholars and researchers are taking a leading role in raising awareness of and finding technological solutions to address an unprecedented demographic shift.

Community Asset Tracker aims to optimize use of government resources

UAlbany technology uses a mobile Internet of Things sensor network to track government owned infrastructure and properties.

SBU startup announces the closing of $800K in seed financing

Qunnect, LLC was launched to commercialize the technologies of the Quantum Information Technology Lab Directed by Eden Figueroa at Stony Brook University.

U.S. Department of Energy selects BNL to host major new nuclear physics facility

The Electron Ion Collider will be a game-changing resource for the international nuclear physics community. Stony Brook University is the largest academic user.

Helping defense focused businesses expand their markets

RF hosted workshop combined targeted consultations with business and technology experts and a pitch event.

CO2-to-fuel process wins TAF MVP CleanTech Competition

The cleantech Most Valuable Pitch competition featured presentations from ten early stage companies working in solar, wind, biofuels, energy storage and more.

Turning trash into cheap energy

Patent-pending rotary gasifier technology invented at SUNY Cobleskill has tremendous potential in domestic and community use.

SUNY research seeks solutions to Alzheimer’s disease

Unchecked, AD cases are expected to reach 16 million by 2050. SUNY researchers are hard at work probing the causes, developing treatments and creating a cure.

Integrating environmental health and medicine

Environmental influences on health care range from weather pattern changes to the increasing use of nanomaterials in consumer products.

Connexin Therapeutics Ltd. signs license agreement with the Research Foundation for SUNY

Patent pending technology invented at the SUNY College of Optometry will be developed into products to prevent vision loss in glaucoma patients.

Binghamton University professor wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

SUNY’s 16th Nobel Prize recipient, M. Stanley Whittingham, is recognized for pioneering research leading to the development of the lithium-ion battery.

SUNY startup developing technology to help patients better tolerate chemotherapy

Upstate professor William Kerr is exploring how manipulating a gene could significantly improve blood cell recovery following chemotherapy.

SUNY innovation on display at SBIR Road Tour

The day-long event hosted by UAlbany’s SBDC featured workshops and the first TAF Most Valuable Pitch competition.

SUNY Chancellor awards $50K to Most Valuable Pitch winner

First ever TAF Most Valuable Pitch competition featured 10 SUNY-affiliated startup companies.

Licensed therapy may be new weapon to combat cancer

Curamir Therapeutics Inc. licensed a technology that manipulates microRNAs developed by Stony Brook University biochemist Jingfang Ju.

SUNY chemists seek to scale patented process

SUNY startup Verdimine is trying to increase production of imines, compounds that contain a carbon-nitrogen double bond, from lab-scale to manufacturing-scale.

Eighteen SUNY junior faculty win prestigious NSF CAREER Awards

The grants, which total more than $9.5 million, illustrate SUNY’s success in attracting some of the world’s finest young researchers to New York State.

Faculty Showcase Expertise at SUNY DOD Day

The annual event allows researchers to network defense agency leadership and collaborate with their SUNY colleagues.

Nanofiber Solutions, Inc. Signs License Agreement with the RF

The RF protects the intellectual property generated at SUNY campuses and works with businesses to translate research discoveries into commercial products.

SUNY leads in resiliency of community and critical infrastructure

SUNY’s expert faculty and unique facilities enable important research that will allow New York State to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Eye-rolling robot may reveal clues about human health

Downstate vision scientists are developing a system that can objectively, precisely, and universally track eye movements.

Stony Brook startup awarded competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Energy

Part of the Stony Brook Incubator Program, Qunnect, LLC aims to be at the forefront of a historic transformation of the communications and computing industries.

Big data is a big deal

SUNY is creating solutions to effectively manage and interpret the billion terabytes of data that is being generated every day.

Stony Brook startup awarded competitive grant from NSF

Mechanismic previously received a SUNY Technology Accelerator fund investment to advance its state-of-the-art design-driven robotics and STEM education product.

The search for a better catalyst

Binghamton University chemist Chuan-Jian Zhong engineered a new alloy from the atomic level up.

New Alzheimer’s test earns TAF investment

The technology is unique in that it can identify Alzheimer’s disease without extensive testing using brain imaging technologies or spinal fluid extractions.

SUNY Poly Startup wins $50K at FuzeHub Commercialization Competition

SUNY campuses make a strong showing at event to support pre-revenue businesses at a specific stage in their product development.

LI company licenses SUNY technology designed to prevent hacking

A Stony Brook research created a technology that uses quantum memory applications at room temperatures to securely store and transfer information.

A leader in global healthcare research and education

Working with global partners, researchers on SUNY’s campuses are making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Quadrant Biosciences awarded $2M NIH grant to support “game changing” test

SUNY Upstate researcher Frank Middleton says a biomarker found in saliva may lead to earlier diagnosis of autism.

UB spinoff Cytocybernetics looks to move into new market

New Small Business Innovation Research award will enable the company to develop a device for studying drugs that treat neurological disorders.

Licensed technology will aid critical care patients

Dr. Gerald Smaldone’s patented pulmonary treatment holds promise for critical care patients.

In a heartbeat

The implantable pacemaker was invented by a UB professor. Now, a team of UB engineers is about to give it a major upgrade.

Study to examine light therapy as a treatment for insomnia

UB-led study tests the use of light-therapy glasses to see if the rays can trigger neurotransmitters in the brain and reset sleep cycles.

UB team designs brick-hauling robot for construction sites

A UB team is developing a robot that can do the back-breaking work on construction sites, carrying heavy bricks up ladders and delivering them to workers.

Binghamton University engineer creates origami battery

Inexpensive paper batteries could one day power biosensors for use in remote locations.

Belarus to Buffalo: Buffalo State researchers follow the science

Husband-wife research team is focused on the ecology and ecosystems of the Great Lakes and their tributaries.

UB receives $4.5 million from SUNY to recruit top faculty

Three SUNY grants will be used to recruit leading faculty members in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, pharmacology and X-ray laser science.

Entrepreneurship program helps student startups beat the odds

Launched at SUNY Geneseo in 2013, the VentureWorks Entrepreneurship Program.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset

SUNY ZAP! helps SUNY’s scientists and engineers take research from the lab to the marketplace.

UB spinoff Transira Therapeutics secures federal funding to advance diabetes drug

Therapeutic agent has potential to help Type 2 diabetes patients regulate blood sugar and lose weight.

The invention of MRI: A tale of two researchers

Independent research at two SUNY campuses contributed to an invention that is acknowledged as one of the most important medical advances of the 20th Century.

SUNY Poly professor awarded $320,000 by NSF for cutting-edge materials research

Dr. Kathleen Dunn’s research uses SUNY Poly’s high-tech capabilities to better understand copper alloy behavior and uses that knowledge to design better alloys.

SUNY brings broad expertise to University Climate Change Coalition

SUNY is taking a leadership role to mitigate the causes of climate change and reduce vulnerability to the environmental challenges caused by a warming Earth.

Startup company Vivid Vision signs license agreement with the Research Foundation

The technology, developed at the College of Optometry, will help people with disorders of binocular vision to see better.

Artelo Biosciences signs license agreement with the Research Foundation

Stony Brook researchers have developed new chemical compounds that are licensed to Artelo Biosciences as potential drugs to treat pain, inflammation and cancer.

Customer discovery program leads to successful TAF proposal

The path Dr. Fabris followed in winning the TAF investment indicates a new direction for scientists doing basic research.

Teaming up to target antibiotic resistance

Collegiality in the SUNY system leads to new lines of research and new approaches to antibiotic development.

A virologist's revolutionary team approach to vaccine development

Stony Brook University researcher Eckard Wimmer leads the way to a new generation of vaccines.

SUNY experts explore what’s next in artificial intelligence

A pair of $4.5 million grants aims to create clusters of research at UB and Stony Brook that will create an entire AI industry in New York.

Two SUNY professors elected to the National Academy of Engineering

University at Buffalo's Amit Goyal and Binghamton University's Stanley Whittingham were honored for advancements in materials science.

Attacking Alzheimer ’s disease

Researchers across the SUNY campuses are attacking the problem of Alzheimer’s from every possible angle.

SUNY looking to a sustainable energy future

SUNY researchers are exploring renewable and alternative fuels, energy production, and conservation.

Making the first implantable pacemaker

While building an oscillator, UB’s Wilson Greatbatch made a mistake that led to one of the “Ten Greatest (Accidental) Inventions of All Time.

Finding sustainable solutions to 21st century water problems

SUNY researchers are developing new innovations and employing existing technologies in creative ways to improve water research.

Binghamton University’s Bane awarded TAF investment to explore drug delivery

For years, scientists have been searching for ways to reduce the debilitating side effects of anti-cancer drugs. At Binghamton University, Susan Bane thinks she

Fredonia professor’s invention could revolutionize aviation informatics

Dr. Junaid Zubairi received a patent—the first for a high-tech invention at Fredonia—for the Flight Data Tracker on August 1, 2017.

Researchers create smallest-ever 5-nanometer transistor

SUNY Poly’s partnership with IBM has enabled researchers to push the boundaries of semiconductor capabilities.

SUNY Poly researcher rockets technology into extreme environments

Fatemeh Shahedipour-Sandvik was awarded $720,000 by the U.S. Department of Energy to study next-generation semiconductors.

Congratulations to a Nobel Prize winner

Joachim Frank, a faculty member at UAlbany from 1985 to 2008, shares the world's top prize in chemistry.

At Buffalo, researchers pioneer efforts in multi-robot systems

Category: As robots become more pervasive, computer scientists and engineers at UB are trying to anticipate problems and solve them ahead of time collaborative.

Passionate pursuit of answers

Early career researcher Magdia De Jesus credits a wide variety of mentors for her success in science.

Understanding how climate change will impact storm tracks

Dr. Edmund Chang contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 report, which won the IPCC the Nobel Peace Prize.

Open wide and say ‘aha!’

SUNY Upstate urologist looks to patient’s mouths for help repairing urethral strictures.

Restoration of piping plovers happening on multiple fronts

ESF researchers find that predators, urbanization and high water are among challenges faced by the endangered shorebirds.

Binghamton scientist probes addiction at the cellular level

Although still in its early stages, Yao-Ying Ma’s research has already revealed prenatal alcohol exposure effect on maturing synapses.

Codagenix vaccines fight disease from the genomes up

Biotech start-up is an offshoot of Dr. Eckard Wimmer’s groundbreaking research on the poliovirus.

The RNA Institute: A springboard for innovation

Harnessing the power of RNA for its therapeutic potential holds great promise to advance human disease research.

Binghamton professor recognized for energy research

Pioneering researcher M. Stanley Whittingham and his students are trying to solve one of the more bewildering mysteries of batteries.

A new blood test for neuro-developmental disorders

A SUNY researcher has made clinically available a blood test that is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of several pregnancy-related disorders.

Researchers collaborate to improve post-surgical outcomes

Multi-campus team has made enormous progress toward building an implantable sensor that can detect and treat infections.

SUNY expertise brings new business to New York

One of the first companies to come to New York under START-UP NY, MitoGenetics is exploring new ways to treat diabetes and other disorders.

UB’s microbiome hunters

The microbiome, poised to transform modern medicine is still largely a mystery. But researchers at UB are on the path to solving it.

Were Neanderthals a sub-species of modern humans?

New research led by SUNY Downstate indicates that the extinct group was a different species.

New Pre-Award and Compliance System eases administrative burdens

SUNYPACS will help researchers to more efficiently and effectively manage their grant activities and to be in compliance with their grant requirements.

Unlocking the mysteries of long-term memory

Changchi Hsieh expects to spend his career studying the enzyme PKM-zeta, AKA the memory molecule.

SUNY faculty conducts Nobel Prize–winning work on climate change

Four scientists from SBU’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Science made important contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports.

Pipeline to success

SUNY Downstate’s Emma Wallace continues her groundbreaking research into understanding the mechanisms of memory.

Understanding how Zika virus RNA works

Marissa Louis aims to map the Zika virus genome and probe how the shape of the viral RNA allows the virus to infect many different tissues.

Searching for roots in disease

An Upstate Medical University professor of medicine investigates retrovirus and other causes of disease in humans.

National Medal of Technology winner Esther Takeuchi aims to improve energy storage

SUNY Distinguished Professor Esther Takeuchi is one of the world’s leading energy storage researchers.

Researching the origins of Atlantic hurricanes

Improving early forecasts will give emergency management more time to prepare, potentially saving lives.

Monitoring mercury in Catskill lakes

Data and analysis by SUNY Oneonta graduate student Colleen Parker will be part of an important statewide report.

Incentive program helps doctoral students land their first NIH grants

Writing grants isn’t easy, which is why the RF and the University Faculty Senate launched the Graduate Student Research Proposal Incentive Program.

Early career researcher wins grants to push boundaries of data analysis

Within SUNY Poly’s young engineering program, Dr. Firas Khasawneh serves as an example and mentor to others.

Clinical trials treat epilepsy patients with medical marijuana

Two clinical trials at UB aim to discover whether a marijuana derivative can treat severe forms of epilepsy that don’t respond to other drugs.

Promoting participation in clinical trials

The University at Buffalo is working to remove a major bottleneck that delays moving drugs from discovery to FDA approval.

Undergraduate research experiences shape future goals

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering, Sarah Georges aims to earn a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in design and manufacturing.

Re-examining freedom

Alana Gunn’s social work research fights the stigma of serving prison time.

Fossil-hunting students flourish in New Mexico dig

Working alongside researchers from around the nation, a team of SUNY Oswego undergraduates assist with finds and learn best practices for paleontology research.

Intersection of philosophy and biomedical science

SUNY Distinguished Professor Barry Smith was named one of the 50 most influential philosophers.

Grant supports college's effort to protect rare moth, turtle habitat

Faculty mentored independent student research and work conducted by the ‘Wetlands Ecology’ class at SUNY Oswego provided the data needed to obtain the funding.

The beauty of mathematics

An NSF-funded program provides opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research in mathematics.

Study to test light deprivation as treatment of amblyopia in adults

The brain becomes less malleable with age, making lazy eye nearly impossible to treat in adults using the conventional eye patching method.

Fashion Institute of Technology team wins Biodesign Challenge

Competing against top-tier colleges, FIT's team of students won the first BioDesign Challenge by creating a fiber out of algae and fungi.

Chemical analysis uncovers the secret lives of Amazonian fishes

Examinations of chemicals stored in fishes ear-stones reveal migratory routes and could establish a basis for conservation measures.

How our love affair with plastics affects our waterways and our food

Microplastics come in many forms, from many sources. SUNY students and researchers seek to learn if they are moving up the food chain.

ESF lists Top 10 New Species for 2016

New to science: a species on humans’ family tree, a brilliant red fish and a dainty damselfly with a racy name.

Rethinking depression

Binghamton researchers learn more by using eye-tracking studies.

Breakthrough in cybersecurity is no phish story

University at Buffalo researcher develops SCAM model to explain why people fall for spear phishing.

Upstate awarded nearly $200K for Zika virus research

The NSF-funded project will build on Anna Stewart Ibarra’s studies into the ecology of infectious diseases.

Focusing on RNA

UAlbany’s RNA Institute creates instruments, methods and materials to further basic research and drug discovery and diagnostics activities that target RNA.

Scientists discover a surprising central role for darks in brain visual maps

SUNY Optometry findings explain why visual acuity is commonly measured with dark characters on light backgrounds.

Millions of native orchids flourish at former mining waste site

ESF study suggests that several factors, including water and soil pH and a type of fungi, contribute to the number of thriving unique plant species at the site.

3-D printing of skin starts at the scrap yard for Binghamton University researcher

When Kyle Reeser wants to upgrade the 3-D bioprinter he built, he does much of the work himself, from designing the part to finding the necessary materials.

Discovery puts new Parkinson’s disease treatment within reach

University at Buffalo researchers have developed a way to ramp up the conversion of skin cells into dopamine neurons.

New method for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

This research is significant since it potentially offers a noninvasive way to differentiate Alzheimer’s from other forms of dementia.

SUNY Downstate researcher explores a new way to treat high cholesterol

Dr. Xian-Cheng Jiang’s approach could help the 300,000 patients around Downstate and tens of millions of people in America.

Engineering E. coli to produce new antibiotics

Using E. coli to build new varieties of erythromycin is especially important with antibiotic resistance on the rise.

Climate change redistributes global water resources

An ESF-led research project helps our understanding of the sources of rain and snow and how these precipitation patterns have changed.

Binghamton’s ES2 leads efforts to maximize data center efficiency

Scientists aim to reduce energy consumption by developing smart data centers that self-measure and self-regulate.

DOE looks to SUNY for energy innovation

Four grants totaling nearly $5.7 million enable faculty to conduct research on ways to improve energy efficiency and create cleaner energy systems.

NeuroMagic: the new wave in brain function studies

Magicians’ insights into human behavior provide rich material for quantitative investigation in the neuroscience lab.

Going deep: Novel microscopy helps researchers examine the ocean like never before

$800,000 grant supports SBU research uncovering the mysteries that help shape our global ecosystem and environment.

NIH funding recognizes SUNY excellence in biotechnology and bioinformatics

With two major awards, NIH placed UB and SBU at the forefont in the life-saving race for better treatments for life-threatening illnesses.

New study rings alarm for sugar maple in Adirondacks

Reasons for the decline of one of the most economically and ecologically important trees in the eastern United States and Canada are unclear.

Stony Brook-led team to evaluate racial differences in cancer biology

The research, supported by a $1.2M grant, combines the expertise of Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.

Chimpanzees shed light on origins of human walking

Stony Brook-led research demonstrates how upper body motion contributed to walking proficiency in our early human ancestors.

National Research Administrator Day

A new commemorative day gives research administrators their due thanks.

Biochemist seeks new way to fight cancer

New strategy targets hedgehogs -- proteins that help govern how cells develop.

Study: Women hurt more by breakups but recover more fully

A new study by Binghamton graduate researcher Craig Morris reveals that different experiences boil down to biology.

Astronomers discover 854 ultra-dark galaxies

Led by Stony Brook's Jin Koda, PhD, the discovery surpasses the 2014 find by more than 800.

Virtual pancreatography research receives $1M from Marcus Foundation

Arie Kaufman, inventor of the 3D Virtual Colonoscopy, applies his technology to classifying pancreatic cysts.

Researchers identify subtype of lethal prostate cancer

Findings may aid in the development of drugs to suppress tumors or provide more precision in the treatment of aggressive cancers.

The Wild West of Physics

Research to bridge the gap between the study of “outer space” (stars and galaxies) and “inner space” (fundamental particles and forces).

Invasive Species

Sky lake provides SUNY New Paltz faculty and students with a living laboratory for studying the impact humans have had on the environment.

INC.ubator to help hatch student run businesses

SUNY Buffalo State students have a place on campus to gain support, hear from professional business owners, and collaborate.

Property crime down - If you don't count cyber crime, identity theft

UAlbany researchers say that the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting statistics don't tell the whole story about the US crime rate.

New technology tracks cell lineage to watch evolution at work

Stony Brook researcher says tool may help reveal underlying disease processes.

UAlbany researchers develop enhanced view of RNA

Public-private partnership with Becton, Dickinson and Company advances the RNA Institute’s vision.

Room for innovation

BU’s new Seymour Kunis Media Core, part research lab and part movie studio, has contributed to advances in information security and human-computer interaction.