College at Oneonta News

SUNY chemists seek to scale patented process

SUNY startup Verdimine is trying to increase production of imines, compounds that contain a carbon-nitrogen double bond, from lab-scale to manufacturing-scale.

SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund announces Class of 2018 awards

Over $200,000 invested to spur commercialization at six campuses.

Monitoring mercury in Catskill lakes

Data and analysis by SUNY Oneonta graduate student Colleen Parker will be part of an important statewide report.

SUNY Oneonta professor wins Inventor of the Year Award

Jacqueline Bennett earns accolades for her innovative research in green chemistry.

Helping migrant children succeed in high school and college

Programs target economic, cultural and emotional challenges that can hamper academic achievement.

SUNY-based collaboration explores “big data” approach to study New York lakes

Sensor network would gather water temperature, pH, surface wind and other data from lakes across the state every fifteen minutes, 24/7.


The patent covers a process for making imines, a class of chemical compounds used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals.