Stony Brook University News

SBU Signs Licensing Agreement with Perspective Therapeutics

The partnership has the potential to significantly improve clinical outcomes in a variety of cancer indications.

The algorithm that transformed bar code scanning

A look back at how a professor of computer science and his graduate students helped shape the bar code scanning industry.

TAF Impact: Improving Cancer Treatment

Stony Brook University researcher Clinton Rubin holds 22 patents in the areas of wound repair, stem cell regulation, and treatment of bone disease.

$2M NIH Grant Advances Stem Cell Research

The research aims to more clearly define and observe neuromesodermal progenitors, stem cells that contribute to spinal cord or skeletal muscle development.

$1.4M Grant to Investigate What Causes Loss of Kidney Function

Sian Piret, from the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, researches the molecular and cellular changes that occur in Acute Kidney Injury.

SBU to Build a New Quantum Internet Test Bed

The center will catalyze new technologies to accelerate internet functionality, improve communications security, and enable advances in computing.

Anti-Cancer drug developed at SBU shows additional clinical promise

Stony Brook University research could help speed the discovery of drugs to combat the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

SBU research group, start-up awarded $1M from NSF for robotics proposal

In addition to transforming STEM and robotics education, the new technology could also lead to design tools used by automation and robotic industries.

SUNY campuses are partner institutions in $115M DOE center on quantum computing

World-leading experts will work together to resolve performance issues with today’s quantum computers by simultaneously designing software and hardware.

SUNY researchers tackle climate change

SUNY’s in-depth approach includes understanding the history, current trends, and impact of climate change and devising ways to mitigate its effects.

Stony Brook experts tackle issues raised by “aging in place”

Stony Brook scholars and researchers are taking a leading role in raising awareness of and finding technological solutions to address an unprecedented demographic shift.

SBU startup announces the closing of $800K in seed financing

Qunnect, LLC was launched to commercialize the technologies of the Quantum Information Technology Lab Directed by Eden Figueroa at Stony Brook University.

U.S. Department of Energy selects BNL to host major new nuclear physics facility

The Electron Ion Collider will be a game-changing resource for the international nuclear physics community. Stony Brook University is the largest academic user.

CO2-to-fuel process wins TAF MVP CleanTech Competition

The cleantech Most Valuable Pitch competition featured presentations from ten early stage companies working in solar, wind, biofuels, energy storage and more.

Licensed therapy may be new weapon to combat cancer

Curamir Therapeutics Inc. licensed a technology that manipulates microRNAs developed by Stony Brook University biochemist Jingfang Ju.

Eighteen SUNY junior faculty win prestigious NSF CAREER Awards

The grants, which total more than $9.5 million, illustrate SUNY’s success in attracting some of the world’s finest young researchers to New York State.

Nanofiber Solutions, Inc. Signs License Agreement with the RF

The RF protects the intellectual property generated at SUNY campuses and works with businesses to translate research discoveries into commercial products.

SUNY leads in resiliency of community and critical infrastructure

SUNY’s expert faculty and unique facilities enable important research that will allow New York State to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Stony Brook startup awarded competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Energy

Part of the Stony Brook Incubator Program, Qunnect, LLC aims to be at the forefront of a historic transformation of the communications and computing industries.

Big data is a big deal

SUNY is creating solutions to effectively manage and interpret the billion terabytes of data that is being generated every day.

Stony Brook startup awarded competitive grant from NSF

Mechanismic previously received a SUNY Technology Accelerator fund investment to advance its state-of-the-art design-driven robotics and STEM education product.

SUNY Poly Startup wins $50K at FuzeHub Commercialization Competition

SUNY campuses make a strong showing at event to support pre-revenue businesses at a specific stage in their product development.

LI company licenses SUNY technology designed to prevent hacking

A Stony Brook research created a technology that uses quantum memory applications at room temperatures to securely store and transfer information.

A leader in global healthcare research and education

Working with global partners, researchers on SUNY’s campuses are making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Licensed technology will aid critical care patients

Dr. Gerald Smaldone’s patented pulmonary treatment holds promise for critical care patients.

SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund announces Class of 2018 awards

Over $200,000 invested to spur commercialization at six campuses.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset

SUNY ZAP! helps SUNY’s scientists and engineers take research from the lab to the marketplace.

The invention of MRI: A tale of two researchers

Independent research at two SUNY campuses contributed to an invention that is acknowledged as one of the most important medical advances of the 20th Century.

SUNY brings broad expertise to University Climate Change Coalition

SUNY is taking a leadership role to mitigate the causes of climate change and reduce vulnerability to the environmental challenges caused by a warming Earth.

Artelo Biosciences signs license agreement with the Research Foundation

Stony Brook researchers have developed new chemical compounds that are licensed to Artelo Biosciences as potential drugs to treat pain, inflammation and cancer.

Study examines benefits of ‘Bionic Eye’

Information from the clinical study will help doctors inform new patients about what to expect from “artificial sight.”

A virologist's revolutionary team approach to vaccine development

Stony Brook University researcher Eckard Wimmer leads the way to a new generation of vaccines.

SUNY experts explore what’s next in artificial intelligence

A pair of $4.5 million grants aims to create clusters of research at UB and Stony Brook that will create an entire AI industry in New York.

Attacking Alzheimer ’s disease

Researchers across the SUNY campuses are attacking the problem of Alzheimer’s from every possible angle.

SUNY looking to a sustainable energy future

SUNY researchers are exploring renewable and alternative fuels, energy production, and conservation.

Understanding how climate change will impact storm tracks

Dr. Edmund Chang contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 report, which won the IPCC the Nobel Peace Prize.

Codagenix vaccines fight disease from the genomes up

Biotech start-up is an offshoot of Dr. Eckard Wimmer’s groundbreaking research on the poliovirus.

Many hands make light work

An interdisciplinary team develops an idea that could revolutionize healthcare.

Chocolate Flavored Chews are Good for Your Teeth

BasicBites is an example of the successful research and licensing collaboration between Stony Brook and Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.

Brookhaven Science Associates Awarded $3.2 billion

Battelle/Stony Brook University will continue managing and operating Brookhaven National Laboratory under the new DOE contract.

SUNY faculty conducts Nobel Prize–winning work on climate change

Four scientists from SBU’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Science made important contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports.

Helping hundreds of thousands stand starts with helping one man

Device developed at Stony Brook is the first Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) project to go to market.

National Medal of Technology winner Esther Takeuchi aims to improve energy storage

SUNY Distinguished Professor Esther Takeuchi is one of the world’s leading energy storage researchers.

Incentive program helps doctoral students land their first NIH grants

Writing grants isn’t easy, which is why the RF and the University Faculty Senate launched the Graduate Student Research Proposal Incentive Program.

Twelve SUNY junior faculty awarded prestigious NSF CAREER Awards

Grants totaling $6.5 million support biotech, computer science, materials and energy research.

Accolades for SUNY physicists

APS recognition underscores SUNY’s exceptional strength in the field of physics.

Undergraduate research experiences shape future goals

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering, Sarah Georges aims to earn a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in design and manufacturing.

SUNY researchers tease apart the processes that govern visual attention

Study uses knowledge about a part of the brain important for eye movement to better predict where attention is directed in everyday tasks.

DOE looks to SUNY for energy innovation

Four grants totaling nearly $5.7 million enable faculty to conduct research on ways to improve energy efficiency and create cleaner energy systems.

Going deep: Novel microscopy helps researchers examine the ocean like never before

$800,000 grant supports SBU research uncovering the mysteries that help shape our global ecosystem and environment.

NIH funding recognizes SUNY excellence in biotechnology and bioinformatics

With two major awards, NIH placed UB and SBU at the forefont in the life-saving race for better treatments for life-threatening illnesses.

Healthcare device uses light to reduce infection risk

TAF investment supports proof-of-concept studies to determine the radiance and fluency of light needed to decrease the growth of pathogens.

Stony Brook-led team to evaluate racial differences in cancer biology

The research, supported by a $1.2M grant, combines the expertise of Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.

Chimpanzees shed light on origins of human walking

Stony Brook-led research demonstrates how upper body motion contributed to walking proficiency in our early human ancestors.

Astronomers discover 854 ultra-dark galaxies

Led by Stony Brook's Jin Koda, PhD, the discovery surpasses the 2014 find by more than 800.

Virtual pancreatography research receives $1M from Marcus Foundation

Arie Kaufman, inventor of the 3D Virtual Colonoscopy, applies his technology to classifying pancreatic cysts.

SUNY Health Network of Excellence targets antibiotic-resistant infections

Research teams focus on new strategies to combat a growing public health threat.

Ancient groundhog-like creature reshapes evolutionary family tree

Peers hail the well preserved and nearly complete skull as the discovery of the decade.

Bioscience company licenses Stony Brook discovery to treat canine periodontal disease

The platform technology has the potential to broadly impact a wide variety of veterinary and human health conditions.

A new way to monitor the spinal cord

New fiber optic probe could aid in the management of aortic aneurysms, spinal cord trauma, and spine reconstructive surgery.

No More Needles

The Immuno-Matrix skin patch, which is painless, portable and doesn’t produce biohazardous waste, could shift the paradigm of immunization.

Conference explores new opportunities in 3D printing

Practitioners and researchers in 3D printing, from New York and beyond, gathered to explore the frontiers of this quickly-evolving technology.

New technology tracks cell lineage to watch evolution at work

Stony Brook researcher says tool may help reveal underlying disease processes.