Downstate Health Sciences University News

Genetic Link Between Behavioral Disorders and Poor Health Outcomes Among Veterans

New SUNY Downstate study published in JAMA Psychiatry will aid in implementing early interventions and lifestyle modifications to improve veterans’ health.

UAlbany, SUNY Downstate Explore AI’s Role in Mental Health Care

Leveraging the power of AI will inform earlier interventions, provide better care and be a valuable resource for research and development efforts.

SUNY Downstate Researchers Receive “2022 Scientific Paper of The Year Award”

Premier radiology publication Aunt Minnie recognizes groundbreaking research in workload management for radiology departments.

SUNY Downstate research aims to reduce medical error in radiology

Drs. Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen Macknik, and Stephen Waite will conduct research to measure and track oculomotor expertise in radiology.

SUNY Downstate research guides national COVID-19 protocols

A technique based on 2008 research could be used to provide life-saving care to patients with COVID-19.

Research breakthrough provides clues for Lupus treatment

SUNY Downstate scientists’ flash of insight was based on a unique discovery they made about an unforeseen pathway in the immune system.

Integrating environmental health and medicine

Environmental influences on health care range from weather pattern changes to the increasing use of nanomaterials in consumer products.

Leading research in next-generation computing and communication

SUNY researchers are at the leading edge of rapid developments in materials, devices, systems, manufacturing processes and the engineering of computers.

Eye-rolling robot may reveal clues about human health

Downstate vision scientists are developing a system that can objectively, precisely, and universally track eye movements.

Big data is a big deal

SUNY is creating solutions to effectively manage and interpret the billion terabytes of data that is being generated every day.

A leader in global healthcare research and education

Working with global partners, researchers on SUNY’s campuses are making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund announces Class of 2018 awards

Over $200,000 invested to spur commercialization at six campuses.

The invention of MRI: A tale of two researchers

Independent research at two SUNY campuses contributed to an invention that is acknowledged as one of the most important medical advances of the 20th Century.

Molecule enhances effect of cholesterol-lowering drug

The discovery of an RNA molecule could provide the basis for treating high cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

Attacking Alzheimer ’s disease

Researchers across the SUNY campuses are attacking the problem of Alzheimer’s from every possible angle.

SUNY on the front lines in the battle with substance abuse and addiction

SUNY employing its talented faculty and leading-edge facilities to approach this public health crisis from several angles.

A new blood test for neuro-developmental disorders

A SUNY researcher has made clinically available a blood test that is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of several pregnancy-related disorders.

Were Neanderthals a sub-species of modern humans?

New research led by SUNY Downstate indicates that the extinct group was a different species.

Unlocking the mysteries of long-term memory

Changchi Hsieh expects to spend his career studying the enzyme PKM-zeta, AKA the memory molecule.

Pipeline to success

SUNY Downstate’s Emma Wallace continues her groundbreaking research into understanding the mechanisms of memory.

New device jump-starts hearts without electric shock

Dr. Mark Stewart re-purposed a vagus nerve stimulator to use the body's nervous system to re-start the heart in a lower-power, more stable alternative to ICDs.

SUNY Downstate Biotech Incubator tenant develops ‘Grow Your Own Bone’ technique

Pioneering technology aims to simplify procedures, reduce pain and shorten recovery times for the 900,000+ patients who undergo bone-related surgeries each year

SUNY Downstate researcher explores a new way to treat high cholesterol

Dr. Xian-Cheng Jiang’s approach could help the 300,000 patients around Downstate and tens of millions of people in America.

Neurologist pioneers new method of diagnosing nerve disease

Novel use of nerve conduction data and computer-based analytics provides a better understanding of nerve damage.

NeuroMagic: the new wave in brain function studies

Magicians’ insights into human behavior provide rich material for quantitative investigation in the neuroscience lab.

Stony Brook-led team to evaluate racial differences in cancer biology

The research, supported by a $1.2M grant, combines the expertise of Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.

START-UP NY business gives new meaning to urban agriculture

Biotech firm that's trying to redefine how the world makes animal products gains valuable assistance from SUNY Downstate.

SUNY builds integrated program for global health

SUNY faculty and students can find opportunities for research, education and consultation at the Global Health Institute (GHI).

NOE award will help SUNY access the largest medical research grants

Combining records from six campuses with clinical and public health interests into a single health data repository would create vast potential for research.