SUNY Oswego News

Ion wind technology breakthrough takes flight at SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego’s Adrian Ieta and the SUNY Research Foundation applied for a patent for technology that will allow a rotor to effectively function as an engine.

Attacking Alzheimer ’s disease

Researchers across the SUNY campuses are attacking the problem of Alzheimer’s from every possible angle.

New modulation technique promises faster, more secure wireless data

SUNY Oswego inventor will use a $50,000 investment from SUNY’s Technology Accelerator Fund to build and test a prototype device.

Fossil-hunting students flourish in New Mexico dig

Working alongside researchers from around the nation, a team of SUNY Oswego undergraduates assist with finds and learn best practices for paleontology research.

Grant supports college's effort to protect rare moth, turtle habitat

Faculty mentored independent student research and work conducted by the ‘Wetlands Ecology’ class at SUNY Oswego provided the data needed to obtain the funding.

Flooring start-up gets a boost from SUNY Oswego

START-UP NY participant Designer Hardwood Flooring is looking for talented, visionary people and SUNY Oswego is ready to deliver.

Have a sweet tooth?

SUNY Oswego study sheds new light on the negative effects of high-sugar diets.