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Nanofiber Solutions, Inc. Signs License Agreement with the RF

Nanofiber Solutions, Inc., a medical device manufacturer, has signed an exclusive license agreement with the Research Foundation for SUNY to develop and commercialize nanofibrous scaffolds for biomedical applications including organ and tissue regeneration.


The patented technology was invented at Stony Brook University by Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Benjamin Hsiao and his research group.


Nanofiber Solutions, Inc. is an Ohio State startup that designs and manufactures novel 3D nanofiber scaffolds used in both cell cultures and implantable tissue. Nanofiber Solutions’ culture dishes allow for improved screening and research in biomedical fields. Applications include enabling cancer researchers to screen drugs for brain and breast cancer much more effectively.


Research at SUNY produces more than 200 new technologies a year. The Research Foundation for SUNY protects the valuable intellectual property generated at SUNY campuses and works with industry and businesses, like Nanofiber Solutions, Inc., to translate research discoveries into commercial products that benefit society and spur economic development.

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