Student Research News

Understanding how Zika virus RNA works

Marissa Louis aims to map the Zika virus genome and probe how the shape of the viral RNA allows the virus to infect many different tissues.

National Medal of Technology winner Esther Takeuchi aims to improve energy storage

SUNY Distinguished Professor Esther Takeuchi is one of the world’s leading energy storage researchers.

Monitoring mercury in Catskill lakes

Data and analysis by SUNY Oneonta graduate student Colleen Parker will be part of an important statewide report.

Incentive program helps doctoral students land their first NIH grants

Writing grants isn’t easy, which is why the RF and the University Faculty Senate launched the Graduate Student Research Proposal Incentive Program.

Undergraduate research experiences shape future goals

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering, Sarah Georges aims to earn a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in design and manufacturing.

Fossil-hunting students flourish in New Mexico dig

Working alongside researchers from around the nation, a team of SUNY Oswego undergraduates assist with finds and learn best practices for paleontology research.

Grant supports college's effort to protect rare moth, turtle habitat

Faculty mentored independent student research and work conducted by the ‘Wetlands Ecology’ class at SUNY Oswego provided the data needed to obtain the funding.

Summer program gives undergraduates a broader research opportunity

SURF requires each fellow to think a project through from beginning to end, formulating a hypothesis and developing a theme.

Fashion Institute of Technology team wins Biodesign Challenge

Competing against top-tier colleges, FIT's team of students won the first BioDesign Challenge by creating a fiber out of algae and fungi.

Chemical analysis uncovers the secret lives of Amazonian fishes

Examinations of chemicals stored in fishes ear-stones reveal migratory routes and could establish a basis for conservation measures.

How our love affair with plastics affects our waterways and our food

Microplastics come in many forms, from many sources. SUNY students and researchers seek to learn if they are moving up the food chain.

Invasive Species

Sky lake provides SUNY New Paltz faculty and students with a living laboratory for studying the impact humans have had on the environment.

No More Needles

The Immuno-Matrix skin patch, which is painless, portable and doesn’t produce biohazardous waste, could shift the paradigm of immunization.

START-UP NY business shares UB’s commitment to students and community

Bak USA is partnering with UB to reinvigorate Buffalo via internships, professional training and well paid jobs building Wi-Fi tablets.