College of Optometry News

Connexin Therapeutics Ltd. signs license agreement with the Research Foundation for SUNY

Patent pending technology invented at the SUNY College of Optometry will be developed into products to prevent vision loss in glaucoma patients.

Startup company Vivid Vision signs license agreement with the Research Foundation

The technology, developed at the College of Optometry, will help people with disorders of binocular vision to see better.

Discovery suggests glaucoma treatment

Post-doc tests hypothesis that gap junctions—channels extending across the space between cells—could play a major role in secondary cell death.

Study to test light deprivation as treatment of amblyopia in adults

The brain becomes less malleable with age, making lazy eye nearly impossible to treat in adults using the conventional eye patching method.

SUNY researchers tease apart the processes that govern visual attention

Study uses knowledge about a part of the brain important for eye movement to better predict where attention is directed in everyday tasks.

Scientists discover a surprising central role for darks in brain visual maps

SUNY Optometry findings explain why visual acuity is commonly measured with dark characters on light backgrounds.

SUNY team targets nearsightedness

Researchers are working to open our eyes to a new understanding of what drives myopia onset and progression, with a goal of uncovering new treatments.

SUNY professors collaborate to build a better brain probe

Project seeks to pave the way to an NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) grant