University at Buffalo News

UB Startup Acquired by Biopharma Company Merck

Acquisition includes novel platform technology designed to improve the safety and efficacy of an important emerging class of cancer medicines.

Advancing Electronics Manufacturing

University at Buffalo Professor Shenqiang Ren creates new materials that solve complex energy and environmental problems.

UB Scientists Awarded $1.5M for Hemophilia Treatment

The research will focus on developing a way to deliver Factor VIII, a blood-clotting protein, by desensitizing the immune system so that it does not reject this lifesaving therapy.

UB Receives $2.1 Million Grant to Prevent Toxic Side Effects of Leukemia Treatment

The National Cancer Institute-funded research is co-led by Joseph Balthasar, David and Jane Chu Endowed Chair in Drug Discovery and Development in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

UB to Launch Non-drug, Clinical Trial on Concussion Treatment

Service members will be able to take part in a study funded with $4.8 million from the U.S. Department of Defense to see if aerobic exercise speeds recovery.

$7.8M awarded to UB and partners to study oral microbiome

The NIDCR awarded two grants to UB, Roswell Park and Albert Einstein College of Medicine to explore how the oral microbiome interacts with opportunistic pathogens.

Nanoshell catalysts turn greenhouse gases into useful chemicals

Two University at Buffalo-led studies show promise for dry reforming of methane, an industrial process that could slow the pace of climate change.

Empire Discovery Institute partners with Novo Nordisk

The move will help University at Buffalo scientists commercialize life sciences research.

Four UB life sciences spinoffs receive new NIH funding

The startups are advancing projects that could help fight diseases ranging from COVID-19 to cancer to diabetes.

SUNY researchers tackle climate change

SUNY’s in-depth approach includes understanding the history, current trends, and impact of climate change and devising ways to mitigate its effects.

UB spinoff awarded grant to advance medicinal toothpaste

OptiMed Technology employs nanotechnology based on research from the lab of Praveen Arany, DDS, PhD, assistant professor of oral biology.

Aerogel Advance

UB materials science professor’s insulation innovation was inspired by the structure of the pores of human skin.

Cutting edge contrast agent

Iron-based contrast agent technology may offer an affordable and abundant alternative to rare earth element.

CO2-to-fuel process wins TAF MVP CleanTech Competition

The cleantech Most Valuable Pitch competition featured presentations from ten early stage companies working in solar, wind, biofuels, energy storage and more.

SUNY research seeks solutions to Alzheimer’s disease

Unchecked, AD cases are expected to reach 16 million by 2050. SUNY researchers are hard at work probing the causes, developing treatments and creating a cure.

Integrating environmental health and medicine

Environmental influences on health care range from weather pattern changes to the increasing use of nanomaterials in consumer products.

Leading research in next-generation computing and communication

SUNY researchers are at the leading edge of rapid developments in materials, devices, systems, manufacturing processes and the engineering of computers.

Eighteen SUNY junior faculty win prestigious NSF CAREER Awards

The grants, which total more than $9.5 million, illustrate SUNY’s success in attracting some of the world’s finest young researchers to New York State.

SUNY leads in resiliency of community and critical infrastructure

SUNY’s expert faculty and unique facilities enable important research that will allow New York State to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Big data is a big deal

SUNY is creating solutions to effectively manage and interpret the billion terabytes of data that is being generated every day.

SUNY Poly Startup wins $50K at FuzeHub Commercialization Competition

SUNY campuses make a strong showing at event to support pre-revenue businesses at a specific stage in their product development.

A leader in global healthcare research and education

Working with global partners, researchers on SUNY’s campuses are making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

UB spinoff Cytocybernetics looks to move into new market

New Small Business Innovation Research award will enable the company to develop a device for studying drugs that treat neurological disorders.

SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund announces Class of 2018 awards

Over $200,000 invested to spur commercialization at six campuses.

In a heartbeat

The implantable pacemaker was invented by a UB professor. Now, a team of UB engineers is about to give it a major upgrade.

Buffalo start-up born at UB finds a global market

PLS 3rd Learning is working with the European Council of International Schools to teach educators to implement e-learning initiatives

Study to examine light therapy as a treatment for insomnia

UB-led study tests the use of light-therapy glasses to see if the rays can trigger neurotransmitters in the brain and reset sleep cycles.

UB team designs brick-hauling robot for construction sites

A UB team is developing a robot that can do the back-breaking work on construction sites, carrying heavy bricks up ladders and delivering them to workers.

UB receives $4.5 million from SUNY to recruit top faculty

Three SUNY grants will be used to recruit leading faculty members in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, pharmacology and X-ray laser science.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset

SUNY ZAP! helps SUNY’s scientists and engineers take research from the lab to the marketplace.

UB spinoff Transira Therapeutics secures federal funding to advance diabetes drug

Therapeutic agent has potential to help Type 2 diabetes patients regulate blood sugar and lose weight.

SUNY brings broad expertise to University Climate Change Coalition

SUNY is taking a leadership role to mitigate the causes of climate change and reduce vulnerability to the environmental challenges caused by a warming Earth.

SUNY experts explore what’s next in artificial intelligence

A pair of $4.5 million grants aims to create clusters of research at UB and Stony Brook that will create an entire AI industry in New York.

Two SUNY professors elected to the National Academy of Engineering

University at Buffalo's Amit Goyal and Binghamton University's Stanley Whittingham were honored for advancements in materials science.

Attacking Alzheimer ’s disease

Researchers across the SUNY campuses are attacking the problem of Alzheimer’s from every possible angle.

Making the first implantable pacemaker

While building an oscillator, UB’s Wilson Greatbatch made a mistake that led to one of the “Ten Greatest (Accidental) Inventions of All Time.

The microscopic particle with limitless potential

The research behind the nanoparticle was funded by grants from the NIH, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and SUNY's Technology Accelerator Fund.

SUNY on the front lines in the battle with substance abuse and addiction

SUNY employing its talented faculty and leading-edge facilities to approach this public health crisis from several angles.

At Buffalo, researchers pioneer efforts in multi-robot systems

Category: As robots become more pervasive, computer scientists and engineers at UB are trying to anticipate problems and solve them ahead of time collaborative.

UB’s microbiome hunters

The microbiome, poised to transform modern medicine is still largely a mystery. But researchers at UB are on the path to solving it.

Building a biotech ecosystem in Buffalo

The combination of UB’s Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences and START-UP NY supports clustering of companies and research efforts.

Bak USA’s link with UB is vital and growing stronger

The fast-growing company provides internships for students, hires graduates and leverages faculty expertise for research and development.

Twelve SUNY junior faculty awarded prestigious NSF CAREER Awards

Grants totaling $6.5 million support biotech, computer science, materials and energy research.

Clinical trials treat epilepsy patients with medical marijuana

Two clinical trials at UB aim to discover whether a marijuana derivative can treat severe forms of epilepsy that don’t respond to other drugs.

Promoting participation in clinical trials

The University at Buffalo is working to remove a major bottleneck that delays moving drugs from discovery to FDA approval.

Accolades for SUNY physicists

APS recognition underscores SUNY’s exceptional strength in the field of physics.

Intersection of philosophy and biomedical science

SUNY Distinguished Professor Barry Smith was named one of the 50 most influential philosophers.

UB professor re-engineers a hormonal treatment for diabetes and obesity

The new therapeutic could be taken in once-weekly doses rather than existing medications that are injected multiple times a day.

New device could cut drug development costs by more than $300M

Cytocybernetics demonstrates how TAF, START-UP NY and other technology/economic development programs help small businesses grow.

Breakthrough in cybersecurity is no phish story

University at Buffalo researcher develops SCAM model to explain why people fall for spear phishing.

Discovery puts new Parkinson’s disease treatment within reach

University at Buffalo researchers have developed a way to ramp up the conversion of skin cells into dopamine neurons.

Engineering E. coli to produce new antibiotics

Using E. coli to build new varieties of erythromycin is especially important with antibiotic resistance on the rise.

NIH funding recognizes SUNY excellence in biotechnology and bioinformatics

With two major awards, NIH placed UB and SBU at the forefont in the life-saving race for better treatments for life-threatening illnesses.

Replicating a better heart cell for research

Technology could cut in half the time and money needed for pre-clinical trials for new medications.

Students a key component of the SUNY Networks of Excellence

Two graduate students contribute to SUNY Networks of Excellence research projects in preparation for careers in multidisciplinary fields.

Sub-nanoscale system prepares for debut with aid of TAF investments

Successive TAF awards provide an important boost, enabling the new technology to attract additional support.

TAF brings new metrology system closer to market

The invention can form materials and devices as small as a single atom, and then measure their properties with a high degree of resolution.

Medical nanomachines with double the function

SUNY researchers designed a nanoparticle that delivers imaging agents and therapeutic drugs directly to diseased tissues in one fell swoop.

The Wild West of Physics

Research to bridge the gap between the study of “outer space” (stars and galaxies) and “inner space” (fundamental particles and forces).

UB research raises consciousness for dehydration concerns in diabetics

UB psychologist finds that some drugs used to treat diabetes mimic the behavior of a hormone that controls fluid intake.

How skin falls apart

University at Buffalo research provides new insights into autoimmune mechanisms.

START-UP NY business shares UB’s commitment to students and community

Bak USA is partnering with UB to reinvigorate Buffalo via internships, professional training and well paid jobs building Wi-Fi tablets.

SUNY builds integrated program for global health

SUNY faculty and students can find opportunities for research, education and consultation at the Global Health Institute (GHI).

NOE award will help SUNY access the largest medical research grants

Combining records from six campuses with clinical and public health interests into a single health data repository would create vast potential for research.