Health and Medicine News

Innovation targets body temperature

Laser based body heater increases weight loss and productivity.

UB research raises consciousness for dehydration concerns in diabetics

UB psychologist finds that some drugs used to treat diabetes mimic the behavior of a hormone that controls fluid intake.

Have a sweet tooth?

SUNY Oswego study sheds new light on the negative effects of high-sugar diets.

A new way to monitor the spinal cord

New fiber optic probe could aid in the management of aortic aneurysms, spinal cord trauma, and spine reconstructive surgery.

No More Needles

The Immuno-Matrix skin patch, which is painless, portable and doesn’t produce biohazardous waste, could shift the paradigm of immunization.

How skin falls apart

University at Buffalo research provides new insights into autoimmune mechanisms.

Using 3-D printing technology to build implantable tissues and organs

Plan would strip a patient's cells down to a stem cell-like framework and use the 3-D process to add material until it produces a functioning specialized cell.

New technology tracks cell lineage to watch evolution at work

Stony Brook researcher says tool may help reveal underlying disease processes.