SUNY research seeks solutions to Alzheimer’s disease

Unchecked, AD cases are expected to reach 16 million by 2050. SUNY researchers are hard at work probing the causes, developing treatments and creating a cure.

Integrating environmental health and medicine

Environmental influences on health care range from weather pattern changes to the increasing use of nanomaterials in consumer products.

Leading research in next-generation computing and communication

SUNY researchers are at the leading edge of rapid developments in materials, devices, systems, manufacturing processes and the engineering of computers.

SUNY leads in resiliency of community and critical infrastructure

SUNY’s expert faculty and unique facilities enable important research that will allow New York State to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Teaming up to target antibiotic resistance

Collegiality in the SUNY system leads to new lines of research and new approaches to antibiotic development.

SUNY looking to a sustainable energy future

SUNY researchers are exploring renewable and alternative fuels, energy production, and conservation.

Restoration of piping plovers happening on multiple fronts

ESF researchers find that predators, urbanization and high water are among challenges faced by the endangered shorebirds.

Research collaborative explores the value of an urban ecosystem

SUNY researchers have joined forces to study Jamaica Bay’s “ecosystem services”—natural benefits that have a positive impact on humans.

Drug-laden “Trojan Horse” targets cancer cells

Chris Nomura and his team have engineered E. coli bacteria to produce special polymers that serve as the vehicles for delivering cancer drugs.

Chemical analysis uncovers the secret lives of Amazonian fishes

Examinations of chemicals stored in fishes ear-stones reveal migratory routes and could establish a basis for conservation measures.

ESF lists Top 10 New Species for 2016

New to science: a species on humans’ family tree, a brilliant red fish and a dainty damselfly with a racy name.

Millions of native orchids flourish at former mining waste site

ESF study suggests that several factors, including water and soil pH and a type of fungi, contribute to the number of thriving unique plant species at the site.

Climate change redistributes global water resources

An ESF-led research project helps our understanding of the sources of rain and snow and how these precipitation patterns have changed.

New study rings alarm for sugar maple in Adirondacks

Reasons for the decline of one of the most economically and ecologically important trees in the eastern United States and Canada are unclear.

New in town: Windsor Wood USA

A partnership between ESF and a newly relocated wood products company brings numerous benefits to both parties, as well as the local community.

Medical nanomachines with double the function

SUNY researchers designed a nanoparticle that delivers imaging agents and therapeutic drugs directly to diseased tissues in one fell swoop.

SUNY 4E - Breaking with tradition to increase collaboration

How do you get seven researchers with their own laboratories, their own points of view and their own agendas to form a team? Have them chase a ball.

SUNY 4E fosters new Adirondack collaboration

Researchers from three SUNY campuses who share concerns about long-term climate change intend to keep working together.