Upstate Medical University News

SUNY on the front lines in the battle with substance abuse and addiction

SUNY employing its talented faculty and leading-edge facilities to approach this public health crisis from several angles.

Open wide and say ‘aha!’

SUNY Upstate urologist looks to patient’s mouths for help repairing urethral strictures.

Start-up to develop anti-obesity treatments using compounds licensed from Upstate

SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund investment advances promising therapy.

Searching for roots in disease

An Upstate Medical University professor of medicine investigates retrovirus and other causes of disease in humans.

TAF investment will be used to advance a new concussion assessment tool

The new set of cognitive tests will help doctors and clinicians properly diagnose and manage concussions.

Summer program gives undergraduates a broader research opportunity

SURF requires each fellow to think a project through from beginning to end, formulating a hypothesis and developing a theme.

Upstate awarded nearly $200K for Zika virus research

The NSF-funded project will build on Anna Stewart Ibarra’s studies into the ecology of infectious diseases.

With a single molecule, an opportunity to help millions of people

New technology that could help patients regrow blood cells after chemotherapy, radiation, or bone marrow transplants may also treat obesity.

Upstate partners with U.S. Army to develop dengue virus vaccine

Upstate was selected to partner in this effort because of its clinical trial center and expertise in dengue disease and human infection trials.

Researchers identify subtype of lethal prostate cancer

Findings may aid in the development of drugs to suppress tumors or provide more precision in the treatment of aggressive cancers.

SUNY team targets nearsightedness

Researchers are working to open our eyes to a new understanding of what drives myopia onset and progression, with a goal of uncovering new treatments.