Networks of Excellence News

Research collaborative explores the value of an urban ecosystem

SUNY researchers have joined forces to study Jamaica Bay’s “ecosystem services”—natural benefits that have a positive impact on humans.

SUNY researchers tease apart the processes that govern visual attention

Study uses knowledge about a part of the brain important for eye movement to better predict where attention is directed in everyday tasks.

Energy storage of the future

A team of researchers combines their disparate expertise to investigate improved energy-storage devices.

Stony Brook-led team to evaluate racial differences in cancer biology

The research, supported by a $1.2M grant, combines the expertise of Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.

SUNY-based collaboration explores “big data” approach to study New York lakes

Sensor network would gather water temperature, pH, surface wind and other data from lakes across the state every fifteen minutes, 24/7.

Students a key component of the SUNY Networks of Excellence

Two graduate students contribute to SUNY Networks of Excellence research projects in preparation for careers in multidisciplinary fields.

Medical nanomachines with double the function

SUNY researchers designed a nanoparticle that delivers imaging agents and therapeutic drugs directly to diseased tissues in one fell swoop.

SUNY Health Network of Excellence targets antibiotic-resistant infections

Research teams focus on new strategies to combat a growing public health threat.

Using 3-D printing technology to build implantable tissues and organs

Plan would strip a patient's cells down to a stem cell-like framework and use the 3-D process to add material until it produces a functioning specialized cell.

SUNY 4E - Breaking with tradition to increase collaboration

How do you get seven researchers with their own laboratories, their own points of view and their own agendas to form a team? Have them chase a ball.

Aphid-like sensors track trees' response to global warming

SUNY scientists are developing a sensor—modeled after the sap-sucking aphid—that measures changes in carbohydrates within individual trees in real time.

SUNY team targets nearsightedness

Researchers are working to open our eyes to a new understanding of what drives myopia onset and progression, with a goal of uncovering new treatments.

Conference explores new opportunities in 3D printing

Practitioners and researchers in 3D printing, from New York and beyond, gathered to explore the frontiers of this quickly-evolving technology.

SUNY builds integrated program for global health

SUNY faculty and students can find opportunities for research, education and consultation at the Global Health Institute (GHI).

NOE award will help SUNY access the largest medical research grants

Combining records from six campuses with clinical and public health interests into a single health data repository would create vast potential for research.

SUNY 4E fosters new Adirondack collaboration

Researchers from three SUNY campuses who share concerns about long-term climate change intend to keep working together.

SUNY professors collaborate to build a better brain probe

Project seeks to pave the way to an NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) grant