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3-1-2023: University at Albany: Showcase 2023: Student scientists tackle brain chemistry, poliovirus

3-1-2023: Stony Brook University: Anti-cancer agent developed at SBU shows great promise against tumors

3-1-2023: SUNY Polytechnic Institute: High Profile: 'Academia Driving Deployment of Digital Twins for Zero Energy Market Adoption'



2-28-2023: University at Albany: Social inequities reflected in wait times: The poor wait longer

2-28-2023: University at Buffalo: National study seeks patients with ATP1A3 mutations to better understand these disorders and discover potential treatments

2-27-2023: University at Albany: ‘Usual suspect’ lesions appear not to cause most severe disability in MS patients

2-27-2023: University at Albany researchers publish new book on COVID-19 and the digital divide

2-23-2023: University at Albany climate scientist joins new Caribbean Climate Adaption Network

2-23-2023: Binghamton University: Gershenson to join Watson College faculty as SUNY EIP professor

2-23-2023: SUNY Polytechnic Institute alumni spinoff Lux Semiconductors raises $2.3 million in seed-round funding

2-22-2023: Binghamton University: Flower power: Research highlights the role of ants in forest regeneration

2-22-2023: Upstate’s Carone to serve as President-Elect of American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology

2-22-2023: SUNY campuses join forces to address eye care workforce needs and access in upstate New York

2-21-2023: Binghamton University: A pixelated world: Research considers the effect of digital media on perception

2-21-2023: SUNY Polytechnic Institute collaborative research published in Transportation Research Record

2-21-2023: University at Buffalo: Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years

2-17-2023: SUNY Potsdam chemistry professor awarded $1.1M NSF grant

2-17-2023: University at Buffalo: To reverse aging in stem cells, NANOG gene ‘rewires’ metabolic networks

2-17-2023: Upstate study shows links between insomnia and dementia

2-16-2023: Binghamton University: Swimming in metformin

2-16-2023: Upstate Medical University: Expanding the definition of 'researcher'; encouraging nurse researchers at Upstate

2-16-2023: SUNY Canton assistant professor develops new asphalt test to counter cracks and prevent potholes

2-14-2023: University at Albany: ASRC’s Perez earns international award for role in renewable energy transition

2-14-2023: Binghamton University: The birds and the bees: Research links public school sex ed and eugenics

2-14-2023: SUNY Poly announces plans to host annual Mohawk Valley Regional New York Business Plan Competition

2-10-2023: Binghamton University: Drop the beat: NEH grant funds project on women’s role in the birth of hip hop

2-9-2023: University at Buffalo: Care for those who have a miscarriage may be compromised in states that restrict abortion, study finds

2-8-2023: University at Buffalo: How a pension disclosure regulation reduced public welfare spending

2-7-2023: University at Buffalo: Toxic metals in baby food: Researchers find ‘concerning’ gaps in U.S. regulations

2-7-2023: Binghamton University: Nobel Laureate to attend State of the Union address

2-6-2023: University at Albany's Innovate 518 wins $1.25M award to bridge research, industry

2-6-2023: University at Buffalo: Andreadis and Feltri are named AAAS Fellows

2-6-2023: Stony Brook University: Yuanyuan Yang named a 2022 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

2-3-2023: University at Buffalo-led research team develops groundbreaking protein mapping technique

2-3-2023: Stony Brook University: Researchers develop new method to improve burn assessment

2-3-2023: SUNY ESF: Dr. Chang Geun Yoo receives NSF CAREER Award

2-2-2023: Stony Brook University: Undergrad participates in research on Alzheimer’s disease

2-2-2023: SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s collaborative research published in Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B

2-2-2023: University at Albany: Finding solutions to remove PFAS from water

2-1-2023: University at Buffalo receives $2.1 million grant to prevent toxic side effects of leukemia treatment

2-1-2023: University at Albany researcher leads ‘Listening Tour’ to explore mental health in rural New York

2-1-2023: Upstate MD/PhD student awarded American Heart Association fellowship, studying causes of heart disease



1-31-2023: University at Albany students help National Weather Service balloons take flight

1-31-2023: University at Buffalo receives grant to improve vital pulp therapy, a root canal treatment alternative

1-30-2023: University at Albany: Professor examines earthquake post-alert messaging following false alarm

1-30-2023: University at Buffalo: Obstructive sleep apnea tied to weaker bones and teeth in adults

1-30-2023: SUNY Polytechnic Institute: Professor Shing Chi Leung publishes review article on origin of Type Ia supernovae

1-27-2023: University at Albany: School of Public Health study finds students, educators often experience extreme heat conditions

1-26-2023: University at Albany researchers receive new funding for suicide prevention programming

1-26-2023: Upstate Medical University: Findings of major Upstate-led clinical trial of limited small-cell lung cancer provide patients with new treatment options

1-24-2023: SUNY Polytechnic Institute: High-tech ecosystem, NoMIS highlighted in Albany Business Review

1-24-2023: University at Albany: Atmospheric Science researcher wins SUNY Chancellor Distinguished PhD Graduate Dissertation Award

1-23-2023: SUNY Geneseo: Geology professor earns distinguished professor award

1-20-2023: University at Buffalo: Omicron caused fewer cases of MIS-C in children than delta and they were milder, says new study based on 2021-2022 data

1-20-2023: Stony Brook University: Climate change proves deadly for northern bay scallops

1-19-2023: Binghamton University: Heart cell research earns NSF CAREER Award for biomedical assistant professor

1-19-2023: University at Buffalo: Study: U.S. cannabis advertising policies suffer from a lack of consistency

1-19-2023: University at Albany: Study: Community violence interventionists face on-the-job violence, secondary trauma

1-18-2023: University at Buffalo: Study: New ‘whipping jet’ sprayer controls how aerosols move

1-17-2023: University at Albany researchers at the NYS Mesonet, Ion Beam Lab receive $1.87m federal boost

1-17-2023: University at Buffalo: Proactively helping at work provides a ‘high’ for some, discouragement for others

1-13-2023: Stony Brook University: What we eat early in life influences our adult food preferences

1-13-2023: University at Buffalo: Study finds values of Disney’s heroes and villains stable across eight decades

1-13-2023: Binghamton University: Research: Employees give better tips to taxi drivers when their company performs well in the stock market

1-12-2023: Stony Brook University: Study warns mammalian evolution in Madagascar is under threat

1-11-2023: Stony Brook University: Ruobing Li receives Pfizer grant for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy research

1-11-2023: Upstate researcher awarded grant to study retinal diseases

01-09-2023: Stony Brook University faculty working to make data centers sustainable

01-09-2023: University at Buffalo: Could low-dose lithium treat long COVID? UB launches clinical trial to find out

01-05-2023: SUNY Poly faculty major contributors to thematic issue of Experimental Biology and Medicine

01-05-2023: Binghamton University: Assistant professor wins NSF CAREER Award to develop better biosensors

01-04-2023: Binghamton University: Data center research group earns additional NSF funding

01-03-2023: Upstate MD/PhD student awarded 2-year NIH grant for lupus research

01-03-2023: Binghamton University: Eye in the sky: Drones play important role in archeological research

01-03-2023: SUNY Optometry receives grant to reveal cellular and molecular mechanisms effecting myopia development