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December 2017

November 2017

11/30/17: Do smart phones hold the key to making cities smarter?

11/29/17: Maritime technologies incubator launched New York - SUNY Maritime College hosts center

11/28/17: Sophomore helps develop method to detect landmines

11/28/17: Abominable Snowman? Nope.  Study ties DNA samples from purported Yetis to Asian bears

11/27/17: New research finds cause of alloy weakness

11/27/17: Patch targets skin cancer

11/27/17: Novice pilots improve visual responses to emergency simulation by watching expert's eye movements

11/27/17: UB receives prestigious IBM award for 'green internet' collaboration

11/21/17: Business faculty member named fellow in 2 prestigious royal societies

11/21/17: Designing new metal alloys engineered nanostructures

11/21/17: Outstanding investogator

11/21/17: Marittime's Nadolny receives National Fish and Wildlife Federation Grant

11/20/17: Students make health data friendly

11/20/17: From "survivor" to explorer

11/20/17: Study: Non-fearful social withdrawl linked positively to creativity

11/20/17: Students make health data friendly

11/18/17: The Nappis provide Upstate Fondation and Upstate Medical University with largest gift in history

11/17/17: ESF professor receives national forestry award

11/17/17: 'You Can't Show That!'

11/17/17: Schizophrenia originates early in pregnancy, "mini-brain" research suggests

11/16/17: Biochemistry student awarded at national research conference

11/16/17: For older women, every movement counts, new study finds

11/16/17: For older women, every movement counts, new study finds

11/16/17: Cancer drug research gets boost

11/16/17: Scientists win U.N. data prize for monitoring threats to South African biodiversity hotspot

11/15/17: Geological sciences students, alumni present at GSA meeting

11/14/17: UAlbany helps boost region's coolness factor

11/14/17: No such thing as the perfect crime

11/14/17: Study: Punctuation in text messages helps replace cues found in face-to-face conversations

11/14/17: UB social work researcher receives major grant to help reunify Native American families

11/13/17: Investment portfolio theory helps scientists predict animal population growth, disease spread

11/13/17: SUNY Downstate's Dr. Brahim Chaquor receives $2 million for research into treatment of incurable vision-threatening disease

11/13/17: 2017: Two honors and an NIH grant, all in the name of kidney cancer research

11/10/17: Chemist proposes 'Sweat Analysis' to better secure electronics

11/9/17: Heads Up - New recommendations for concussion care

11/8/17: Sophomore develops virtual "eye" for blind

11/8/17: Research Scientist Receives Outstanding Investogator Award from the National Institute of Health

11/8/17: Endurance training helpful in recovery from muscle inflammation, new study shows

11/7/17: UB coral scientist headed to Caribbean to study hurricane's effects

11/7/17: College breaks ground on new Engineering Innovation Hub

11/6/17: Caribbean islands a "lost world: of ancient mammals

11/3/17: SUNY Canton professor helps present award-winning research

11/2/17: SUNY Potsdam chemistry professor publishes research with students & alumni

11/1/17: Sandhu wins Air Force grant for bridging the information gap

October 2017

10/30/17: Spider silk microphones

10/28/17: Upstate discovery advances understanding of inflammatory bowel disease

10/27/17: Grant helps student researchers gain skills studying skulls of ancient animals

10/26/17: Using MR imaging to detect heart disease

10/26/17: How nanoparticles break down biofilm

10/26/17: Bamboozled! Climate change pushing greater bamboo lemur closer to the brink of extinction

10/25/17: Nanoparticles change the permeability of veins and arteries

10/24/17: How Neanderthals influences human genetics at the crossroads of Asia and Europe

10/24/17: There is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, new study shows

10/23/17: Professor co-authors book on friendship, happiness, connections

10/23/17: Stony Brook scientists solve fundamental puzzle in medical imaging

10/23/17: Germs on smartphone? UB engineer receives grant for light-based disinfection innovation

10/23/17: Mobile data, privacy protection and spectrum access

10/23/17: Researchers to use climate data to better predict marine distribution in Northeast

10/23/17: Binghamton's Incubator Program continues to grow

10/20/17: Grad student wins fellowship for turtle research

10/20/17: The end of pneumonia? New vaccine offers hope.

10/19/17: Ready, set, GROW! UB chemist's crystal contest gives kids a nationwide a chance to shine

10/19/17: College of Nursing receives $1.8 million federal grant to meet a community need

10/18/17: Disney and Pixar films present opportunities for parents to discuss end-of-life with children

10/18/17: Parents' alcohol use can set the stage for teenage dating violence, study finds

10/18/17: Vaccine research draws national funding for chemistry faculty

10/18/17: Study: Parole violations are leading cause of prison's revolving door

10/17/17: Binghamton scientists create most powerful micro-scale bio-solar cell yet

10/17/17: UB geology department expands focus on climate science

10/16/17: UB spinoff company For-Robin moves one step closer to human clinical trials

10/12/17: Stony Brook University professor elected Fellow of American Physical Society

10/12/17: Year-to-year volatility of penguin populations requires new approaches to track marine health

10/11/17: Susan G. Komen awards UB engineer $450,000 for cancer imaging research

10/10/17: $1 million grant for milkweed study may produce medical benefits

10/10/17: Helping maximize libraries within 'Smart Cities' 

10/10/17: The impact of mobile technology on our children

10/9/17: SUNY Downstate awarded $10 million from National Institutes of Health

10/6/17: Understanding Alzheimer's by looking inside arterial walls

10/5/17: Leadership in the army

10/5/17: New study looks at end-of-life decision-making for people with intellectual disabilities

10/5/17: SUNY Downstate's incubator program launches company revolutionizing bone marrow transplant process

10/5/17: Binghamton University start-up moves to Huron Campus

10/4/17: A rare material could shorten air travel times

10/4/17: School of Social Welfare receives $1.8 million grant to delier behavioral health screening to underserved

10/4/17: UAlbany Distinguished Professor now a Nobelist

10/3/17: Researching the beat of a different drum

10/2/17: Exercise to excess

10/2/17: SUNY Cobleskill Psychology Department helps implement community tabacco survey

September 2017

9/29/17: Upstate medical students receive fellowship awards to support their research into tropical medicine

9/28/17: Study links high manganese levels with IQ scores in children

9/28/17: False tweets during Harvey, Irma under security by UB researchers

9/28/17: Study reveals how lethal dart frogs avoid poisoning themselves

9/27/17: Heart to heart at home

9/27/17: UB receives $500K to boost entrepreneurship in WNY

9/27/17: SUNY Optometry's Dr. Alexandra Benavente-Perez receives ZEISS Young Investigator Award in Myopia Research

9/27/17: People think harder and produce better political arguements when their views are challenged, study shows

9/27/17: Earth's biodiversity is changing as the planet warms.  But how?

9/26/17: Amount of water in stem cells can determine its fate as fat or bone

9/25/17: Upstate faculty member develops app for those who want to learn and use mixed methods research

9/25/17: Study will look at cannabis's effect on brain and behavior

9/25/17: Scientists monitor Silicon Valley's underground water reserves - from space

9/25/17: Goodbye, login.  Hello, heart scan.  

9/25/17: SUNY Poly Professor awarded $750,000 by U.S. Department of Energy to develop more efficient, cost-effective power electronics chips

9/22/17: To our health

9/22/17: Scientists further understanding of delivering drugs through nanocarriers

9/20/17: What babies eat - before and just after birth - can impact them for life, says new book

9/20/17: New book, Triple Triumph, features three Upstate physicians

9/19/17: Shielding against cyber attacks

9/19/17: Managing negative emotions can help pregnant smokers quit

9/18/17: Study: more stringent rape laws reduce chances a country will face civil war

9/18/17: Mathematicians ask: What's in a ripple?

9/18/17: New self-powered paper patch could help diabetics measure glucose during exercise

9/15/17: New study will keep fake news out of scientific data

9/13/17: E-mental health tool may be key for astronauts to cope with anxiety, depression in space

9/13/17: Snails bred in ESF lab help species crawl back from brink of extinction

9/13/17: Oswego professor earns grant to support big-data work in Alzheimer's research

9/13/17: 'Extinct' Floreana tortoise species could return to Galapagos

9/12/17: A thousand years of weather

9/11/17: Adding sound to ancient past

9/11/17: Saints and Sinners in competing species, science or dogma?

9/7/17: Ethnic identity and politics

9/7/17: Engineers receive $1 million for implantable system to detect lung cancer

9/7/17: UAlbany study links smoking with limited nutrition access

9/6/17: SUNY Optometry receives Empire Innovation Program award

9/5/17: Latest Benjamin Center brief debunks "marijuana gateway fallacy"

9/1/17: Professor's new look explores deviations from society's norms, laws

August 2017

8/31/17: Binghamton University opens $70 million Smart Energy Building

8/31/17: Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region

8/30/17: Songs From the Ice: Antarctica research combines math, music and nature

8/30/17: 5 questions with faculty: Amber Silver

8/30/17: What's in a bite?

8/29/17: Understanding the depression gender gap

8/29/17: Biomedical Engineering Professor Danny Bluestein names BMES Fellow

8/28/17: UB pharmacy professor awarded $1.5 million to silence chatter among cancer cells

8/26/17: Upstate wins $1.25 million state grant to fund lead poisoning prevention center

8/23/17: Buffalo State receives $2.7 million through cooperation with Cornell on EPA project

8/23/17: New computational model of chemical building blocks may help explain the origins of life

8/22/17: Students get hands-on experience in Guatemala

8/22/17: Documentary crew films SUNY Cobleskill Mohawk River survey

8/22/17: Annual value of trees? $500 million per megacity, study says

8/22/17: SUNY Potsdam research team studies invasive plant spread in North Country wetlands

8/22/17: Research Center established to explore the least understood and strongest force behind visible matter

8/22/17: Student researchers, professor examine contaminants on Lake Champlain

8/21/17: Once invincible superbug squashed by 'superteam' of antibiotics 

8/17/17: Scientists find new method to control electronic properties of nanocrystals

8/16/17: Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely stimulate brain - and control body movements

8/16/17: SUNY Poly awarded $400,000 by National Science Foundation

8/15/17: Special effects

8/15/17: Stony Brook awarded grant for national STEM education initiative from Keck Foundation

8/15/17: Marijuana use amongst youth stable, but substance abuse admissions up

8/15/17: Stony Brook receives $1 million for brain aging research from Keck Foundation 

8/10/17: NSF grant funds ESF ecologist's gypsy moth research

8/9/17: Researcher focuses on alcohol's effect on immune system

8/9/17: SUNY Downstate researchers receive award from National Science Foundation to study restoring vision

8/9/17: New 13 million-year-old infant skull sheds light on ape ancestry

8/8/17: NSF funds cross-cutting CEAS collaboration to optimize cloud computing for real-life applications

8/8/17:  Unleashing the promise of sub-atomic world

8/8/17: New battery is activated by your spit

8/8/17: Violent news videos can be a moral motivator, says UB researcher

8/7/17: A heady atmosphere of Fellows

8/7/17: Scientist awarded AHA grant to develop therapies for rare form of childhood muscular dystrophy

8/4/17: Students spend summer focused on research projects with faculty mentors

8/4/17: Open wide and say 'aha!'

8/4/17: Biomedical informatics gets a boost with $2.5 million grant

8/3/17: Fight frailty with intense bursts of exercise, research shows

8/3/17: Electrofishing boat supports biology research

July 2017

7/31/17: Beware doping athletes! This sensor may be your downfall

7/31/17: New drug may treat and limit progression of Parkinson's disease

7/31/17: Latinos Underrepresented in medicine, dentistry, and registered nursing in New York

7/31/17: In rarified intellectual air 

7/31/17: Digital crisis strategy

7/31/17: Chemist featured in 'Scientific American'

7/28/17: Cooling attire being fashioned for sore baby boomers

7/27/17: Lake temperatures rising, says study led by New Paltz biology professor

7/27/17: UB engineer sees drones as more than eyes in the sky for disaster response

7/27/17: Biologist investigates antibiotics in environment

7/27/17: Researchers develop DNA sunscreen that gets better the longer you wear it

7/27/17: Upstate part of research team aimed at halting the spread of Zika, dengue and chikungunya

7/25/17: Wireless technology draws SUNY, Research Foundation investment

7/25/17: SUNY Polu Alumna, Founder and CEO of Glauconix Biosciences Awarded $750,000 by National Science Foundation

7/24/17: NSF grant will help earth science teachers

7/24/17: Failure may be an option after all

7/21/17: In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human

7/20/17: SUNY Poly awarded $720,000 by U.S. Department of Energy 

7/19/17: Upstate competition seeks to bring medical device ideas to marketplace

7/19/17: Anthropologist Barbara Welker authors Open SUNY Textbook

7/18/17: College sees gig opportunities in drone technology

7/18/17: Study reveals origin of modern dog has single geographic origin

7/18/17: Knee surgery: Have we been doing it wrong?

7/18/17: SUNY Poly receives grant to archive refugee projects

7/17/17: How dolphins inspired a potentially life-saving method for treating trauma victims

7/17/17: Amphibians can become tolerant to pesticides, but at a cost

7/17/17: Estrogen therapy may prevent gum disease in women over 50

7/14/17: Easter Island not victim of 'ecocide,' analysis of remains show

7/14/17: Three Binghamton faculty names SUNY Empire Innovation Scholars

7/13/17: Award-winning research could make wristwatches smarter than smartphones

7/12/17: The end of sneakernet?

7/12/17: Genetics PhD candidate wins prestigious NIH awards

7/11/17: PhD student wins award for 'immunological memory' research

7/11/17: Sleeping sickness grant will benefit student research

7/11/17: Cuba Visit Sparks Future Partnerships

7/10/17: Pinpointing the pathogen

7/10/17: Study: Young Latina immigrants in U.S. turning to alcohol to relieve culture-related stress

7/10/17: Chemist uses blow fly eggs as forensics tool

7/7/17: Grant boosts teacher candidates for underrepresented groups

7/7/17: Powerful new photodetector can enable optoelectronics advances

7/7/17: Physicist awarded grant to explore mysteries of universe, help high school students

7/7/17: Could concrete help solve the problem of air pollution?

7/6/17: Archaeologists put sound back into a previously silent past

7/6/17: UAlbany study examines connections between persistent organic pollutants and infertility

7/3/17: Field courses take students to Bahamas, Peru

7/3/17: A global perspective

7/3/17: Stony Brook professor named a 2017 Amercian Chemical Society Fellow

7/3/17: UAlbany, Downstate Medical tackle Ukraine HIV epidemic

June 2017

6/29/17: $1.5 million to Alfred State for biorefinery prototype

6/28/17: Restoration of piping plovers happening on multiple fronts

6/28/17: Researchers define structure of key enzyme implicated in cancer, neurological disease

6/28/17: Guinness names graphene aerogel world's least dense 3-D printed structure

6/27/17: All they need is soap

6/27/17: Ingredient found in soap can alter 'wettability' of your skin

6/26/17: UB research on advanced Alzheimer's disease investigates novel ways to restore cognitive function

6/26/17: SUNY announces $200,000 investment to spur commercialization of research at four campuses

6/26/17: Marketing professor deciphers the organic food industry

6/23/17: Near instantaneous evolution discovered in bacteria

6/21/17: New measures of aging may show 70 is the new 60

6/20/17: Anthropology class touches the past at Old Fort Niagara

6/20/17: Antimicrobial products can do more harm than good

6/20/17: People who go to bed late have less control over OCD symptoms

6/19/17: Zapping the ground with electricity to create detailed soil maps for farms

6/16/17: SUNY Potsdam biology professor asks motorists to watch for threatened turtles on local roadways

6/13/17: Research highlights risk of Lyme disease

6/13/17: Ancient otter tooth found in Mexico suggests mammals migrated across America

6/13/17: Amid Russia conflict and drug epidemic, SUNY Downstate researchers battle HIV in Ukraine

6/13/17: Forensic chemist can now predict age of bloodstains up to 2 years

6/12/17: A distinguished career

6/6/17: Talking archaeology with SUNY Cobleskill's Amy Wilson

6/6/17: SUNY ranks among Top 100 worldwide for patents granted in 2016

6/5/17: NSF funds research into superconductivity

6/5/17: UAlbany socilogist explores 'The War on Sex' in latest book

6/5/17: App uses smartphone compass to prevent voice hacking

6/2/17: Study links late-night tweeting by NBA players to worse game performance

6/1/17: Mars Rover reveals ancient lake with properties common to those on Earth

May 2017

5/26/17: Study: Multiple risk factors can predict internet addiction in adolescents

5/26/17: Pritchard Charitable Trust invests $100K in Long Island marine monitoring

5/25/17: Digging world history

5/24/17: Using the body's own cells as biosensors is the goal of Buffalo start-up

5/24/17: Aging faces in aging cities

5/24/17: Three types of work stress increasing in the U.S., according to SUNY Downstate researchers

5/24/17: Using 3-D printer and stem cells to grow replacement bone

5/23/17: Mistletoe research may keep you healthy

5/23/17: Ineffective antibiotics form strong teams against deadly super bacteria

5/23/17: Depression risk following natural disaster can be predicted via pupil dilation

5/22/17: Dr. Ruth Weinstock names outstanding physician clinician by Amercian Diabetes Association

5/22/17: UB eLab helps launch five new Buffalo startups

5/22/17: SUNY Optometry's Dr. Kevin Willeford Receives Ezell Fellowship

5/19/17: ESF lists Top 10 new species for 2017

5/15/17: Nonprescription use of Ritalin linked to adverse side effects, UB study finds

5/11/17: Award-winning research could make wristwatches smarter

5/10/17: Optometry second annual Student Innovator Award winner selected

5/9/17: Tracing Albany's Underground Railroad

5/8/17: The evolutionary story of birch, told through 80 genomes

5/5/17: UB Should We Be Scared of Supervolcanoes?

5/4/17: Geography Faculty Members Earn NSF Grant to Study Oak Forests

5/3/17: SUNY Poly Professor Receives $890,000 for Innovative Breast Cancer Research

5/2/17: UB Parkinson's disease in a dish: UB researchers reproduce brain oscillations that characterize the disease

5/1/17: "Valleytronics" advancement could help extend Moore's Law

5/1/17: A 25,000 History of the South American Monsoon

April 2017

4/27/17: Staking self-worth on the pursuit of money has negative psychological consequences

4/27/17: Professor Long Lu earns NSF CAREER Award to develop solutions in mobile security

4/26/17: Study finds customized content on political websites hurts democracy

4/26/17: Global warming making oceans more toxic

4/25/17: New Paltz TV's Bones adds chocolate skulls to wrap party menu, with assist from HVAMC

4/24/17: Trailblazing surgeon Dr. Patricia J. Numann honored for lifetime of achievement

4/24/17: SUNY Board of Trustees appoints Dr. Kristina M. Johnson as the 13th Chancellor

4/24/17: Experiencing nightmare scenarios before discharge boosts confidence of parents and premature babies

4/20/17: Two physicians recognized for novel research names to AAP

4/19/17: US veterans with heart disease and depression face difficulties affording healthcare

4/19/17: AIM Photonics announces IP licensing agreement with IBM

4/18/17: Three engineers receive $1.5 million combined in NSF CAREER awards

4/17/17: Study shows hearing tests miss common form of hearing loss

4/14/17: Study unravels long-held Fermi puzzle tied to nonlinear systems

4/14/17: Thomas Allison's "Molecular Movies" concept takes home Stony Brook's $200K Discovery Prize

4/13/17: $500K National Science Foundation grant to fund human skin research

4/12/17: Smartphone addiciton leads to personal, social, workplace problems

4/12/17: Bruneau receives Moisseiff Award from ASCE

4/12/17: Stony Brook WTC Wellness Program receives $60 million from NIOSH

4/11/17: The young and the reckless

4/11/17: National Endowment for the Humanities selects SUNY Poly for prestigious award

4/10/17: Study: Higher wages linked to immigrant diversity

4/7/17: Mobile response

4/7/17: SUNY College of Optometry earns AAHRPP accreditation

4/6/17: Student receives Pfizer award for undergraduate research at SUNY Poly

4/5/17: SUNY Cobleskill's Analysa Frederick selected for research fellowship at SUNY Upstate Medical University

4/4/17: American Studies Professor Authors Book on Immigration, Urban Crisis in 20th Century Massachusetts City

4/4/17: Professor's Amazon research published in national journals

4/4/17: Modeling protein interactions critical to understanding disease now simplified

4/4/17: New research could help speed up the 3D printing process

4/3/17: Grant supports student experiences with Rice Creek collection

March 2017

3/31/17: SUNY Geneseo student receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

3/30/17: Toyota Research Institute awards UB $2.4 million to hunt for new materials

3/29/17: New nanotechnology lab a state-of-the-art facility

3/29/17: Children with Type 2 diabetes more likely to have poor oral health

3/28/17: Study finds a novel target molecule to help prevent brain damage from hemorrhagic strokes

3/27/17: Climate change puts invasive plants on the move

3/27/17: Brain activity can be used to predict reading success up to two years in advance

3/24/17: "Jumping Genes" Offer Clue to Understanding ALS

3/23/17: Study: Public wants researchers held accountable for data fraud

3/23/17: Two from Upstate awarded grants to further breast cancer research

3/23/17: Truly better weather solutions

3/23/17: A new approach to diagnosing mental disorders could become an alternative to DSM-5

3/22/17: Researchers create self-sustaining bacteria-fueled power cell

3/21/17: Stony Brook Ph.D. student investigates the benefits of cooperation

3/20/17: Study: Democrats and Republicans process political ads differently

3/20/17: SUNY Poly professor honored with Fulbright Global Scholar Fellowship

3/20/17: Scientist probes addiction at cellular level

3/17/17: SBU wins multiple Google Faculty Research Awards

3/17/17: In journal article, Upstate neuropsychologist examines the misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis

3/17/17: Taking undergraduate research to the next level

3/16/17: ESF joins partners to create climate-resilient forest on Tug Hill

3/15/17: When proteins court each other, the dance moves matter

3/15/17: Pilot eye movements change noticeably by two hours in-flight

3/15/17: From skin to brain: Stem cells without genetic modification

3/13/17: First in NY: Stony Brook's new 100 gigabit per second connection enables better research through faster data transfer

3/13/17: Locked-In ALS patients answer yes or no questions with wearable fNIRS device created by SUNY Downstate

3/13/17: 400,000 year-old fossil human cranium is oldest ever found in Portugal

3/13/17: E-cigarettes a gateway to smoking? Not likely, according to new published research

3/9/17: UB receives major grant to support ontology-based research in digital manufacturing

3/9/17: Discovery of a new metabolic pathway of a known liquid has implications in cancer, obesity

3/7/17: Evidence lacking to support 'lead diet'

3/6/17: Mighty American chestnut poised for return to America's forests

3/3/17: Crystallography articles written by Chemistry students published in IUCrData

3/2/17: Researchers can predict terrorist behaviors with more than 90% accuracy

3/2/17: Empire State Development announces 43 more companies choose to grow in New York State

3/1/17: Student examines solar power in college's eGarden

February 2017

2/28/17: Fotis Sotiropoulos awarded for groundbreaking research in hydraulic engineering

2/28/17: Prosecuting high-tech perversion

2/27/17: Coming soon: Oil spill-mapping swarms of flying drones

2/27/17: Faculty genomic pathway is linked to schizophrenia developing un utero, study finds

2/27/17: Lack of oxygen, not excessive stimulation, cause for half of seizure-related brain damage in epilepsy

2/24/17: Study shows ancient humans arrived in South America in multiple waves

2/22/17: Professor Long Lu awarded cyber security research grant from U.S. Army

2/22/17: Social information from friends and experts could help reduce uncertainty in crowdfunding campaigns

2/22/17: Farther from the Forest: 'Eye-opening' Study Shows Rural U.S. Loses Forests Faster than Cities 

2/22/17: From Alzheimer's to autism, nuclear neurology could launch revolution in diagnosing and treating brain diseases

2/21/17: Drugs that alter inhibitory targets offer therapeutic strategies for autism, schizophrenia

2/21/17: Scientists build bacteria-powered battery on single sheet of paper

2/21/17: Researchers develop device that emulates human kidney function and could replace animal, human testing

2/16/17: Is your big data messy? We're making an app for that

2/16/17: New test may quickly identify mild traumatic brain injury with underlying brain damage

2/16/17: 'Making Waves' in Wave Motion: Professor's new book explains physics of wave motion

2/16/17: Reforestation in urban landscapes

2/16/17: Fan Ye receives NSF CAREER Award

2/16/17: When treating brain aneurysms, two isn't always better than one

2/16/17: Biochemist's technique rapidly detects Ebola virus

2/16/17: SUNY Poly announces $1.75M award for Advanced Manufacturing Performance Center

2/15/17: Galapagos giant tortoises make a comeback, thanks to innovative conservation strategies

2/15/17: The Academic Minute

2/13/17: Governments increasingly a-Twitter

2/10/17: Geneseo planetary geologist involved in determining next Mars rover landing site

2/9/17: Alfred State student Nathan DeMario named co-inventor on patent application

2/9/17: Upstate opens Cord Blood Bank in ribbon-cutting ceremony

2/9/17: New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium announces successful production of Silicon Carbide-based patterned wafer

2/8/17: In the spotlight

2/8/17: Solving the puzzle: Drought in Central Africa

2/8/17: UAlbany to evaluate state's efforts to reduce health care costs and outcomes

2/7/17: Stony Brook mathematics professor receives international recognition

2/6/17: Crime, justice and death

2/6/17: Study: For cops, exposure to high-stress situations dysregulates vital biological function

2/6/17: Study sheds light on how carnivorous plants acquired a taste for meat

2/6/17: Poor and less educated suffer the most from chronic pain

2/6/17: An atmosphere of praise

2/3/17: Upstate study highlights key principles of a successful malaria elimination program

2/2/17: The cortex of the matter

2/2/17: First round of Upstate Cancer Center Pilot grants announced

2/1/17: Clever energy solutions could fuel growth of UB student's company

2/1/17: Electrical engineering students' project proposal garners $5,000 award

2/1/17: UAlbany's Center for Health Workforce Studies finds teledentistry programs increase patient access to dental services

January 2017

1/31/17: For bonding and breastfeeding, newborns benefit from a cheek full of dextrose

1/31/17: Tomatoes, solar power and possibilities

1/31/17: E-cigarette pilot study grant awarded to UB epidemiologist

1/30/17: Academics build ultimate solar-powered water purifier

1/30/17: UB lands $1.8M grant to test new seek-and-destroy cancer treatment

1/30/17: Clear vision

1/27/17: Associate Professor Kim Stote awarded second Fulbright

1/27/17: Breakthrough singing test quickly measures pitch accuracy

1/26/17: Twitter data could improve subway operations during big events

1/25/17: Getting transformational

1/25/17: UB-led STEM partnership lands $1.2 million grant to extend Buffalo Public Schools program

1/24/17: Social issues, discimination faced by low-wage workers in Syracuse highlighted in report

1/23/17: History professor examines 'common cause' of American Revolution 

1/23/17: Internationally reowned physicist appointed as Chen Ning Yang - Wei Deng endowed Chair in Physics and Astronomy

1/21/17: Gee co-authors study that concludes pets are a child's best friend

1/20/17: Nine biology alumni co-author in international journal

1/19/17: As cells age, the fat content within them shifts

1/18/17: Common insecticides mimic melatonin, creating higher potential risk for diabetes and metabolic diseases

1/18/17: Heartbeat could be used as password to access electronic health records

1/18/17: SUNY Poly managed research named a top ten physics breakthrough

1/17/17: SUNY Cobleskill students study biological diversity in Panama

1/17/17: Tigers could roam again in Central Asia, scientists say

1/17/17: Chemist's forensic tool can determine saliva as male or female

1/13/17: Creating a sustainable earth: batteries included

1/13/17: Research shows that cell division and invasion are separate actions in cancer process

1/11/17: Brookhaven National Laboratory's Top 10 Science Successes of 2016

1/10/17: New York Sea Grant funding provides research opportunities for faculty and students

1/9/17: Professor Lorne Golub named fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

1/9/17: Caribbean bats need 8 million years to recover from recent extinction waves

1/9/17: New framework could help online addicts reduce their usage

1/9/17: The first family of paleoanthropology

1/9/17: UAlbany names Entrepreneur in Residence to advance regional businesses

1/5/17: Females seeking a sexual partner can tell whether or not males experienced social stress during adolescence

1/5/17: Dr. Steven Schwarz is the recipient of the 2016 Murray Davidson Award

1/4/17: New programs support early undergraduate research

1/4/17: Where's the center of North America? UB geographer's new method finds a new answer

1/3/17: UB spinoff is a pioneer in digitizing resources for teachers worldwide

2016 Research News

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December 2016

12/29/16: UAlbany researchers discover new form of protein regulation

12/29/16: No more Moore? Not so fast

12/22/16: Upstate's CNY Biotech Accelerator wins $625,000 state grant to spark medical device innovation

12/21/16: NSF grant bolsters geosciences education support for underrepresented students

12/21/16: Scientists build bacteria-powered battery on single sheet of paper

12/21/16: With new grant, New Paltz leading SUNY effort to increase partcipants in STEM

12/20/17: UB awarded $1.2 million for self-driving car research

12/20/16: Undergraduate researcher is hooked on primatology

12/20/16: Markelz receives $1.35 million to study molecules' vibrations

12/16/16: Many hookah tabacco labels are misleading, according to Roswell, UB researchers

12/16/16: BioBat receives $1Million from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

12/15/16: Finding Dori, discovering science

12/15/16: Physics discovery could improve solar cells

12/15/16: Baby teething discovery

12/15/16: Bad bosses come in two forms: dark or dysfunctional

12/15/16: SUNY Canton Engineering Technology student to bring sustainable energy to Peru

12/14/16: Solving the puzzle: Drought in Central Africa

12/13/16: Solving urban blight

12/13/16: The third revolution in medicine charts a virtual course

12/13/16: Chemistry student breaks university patent record

12/12/16: How hearing loss can change the way nerve cells are wired

12/9/16: UB lab cultivating use of virtual reality in the classroom

12/9/16: U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium announces innovative Solar Energy Optimization Testkit

12/8/16: Applied Psych students to study resiliency in Dominican Republic

12/8/16: Scientists determine how much damage memory devices can take in mass transit accidents

12/7/16: New clues to myelination 

12/7/16: A dire omen for sea level rise

12/7/16: SUNY Canton faculty member wins AAUW Research Award

12/6/16: The beauty of mathematics

12/6/16: Study: Expanding scopes of practice for dental hygienists improves oral health

12/6/16: Study reveals more individuals may have "masked" hypertension than thought

12/6/16: Bringing RNA to life

12/5/16: Faculty Fulbright Scholars abound at Buffalo State 

12/5/16: Milligan receives sub-award from $11 million Tonawanda Coke environmental study

12/1/16: Researcher explores physiological links to schizophrenia

12/1/16: Education professor performs (merit)orious service

12/1/16: Mobile Phones in Schools: Educational Tool or Distraction?

November 2016

11/30/16: Doing science on two continents

11/30/16: Putting a charge into freight

11/30/16: Licensing agreement with Codagenix advances next generation viral vaccines

11/30/16: Raju Venugopalan awarded prestigious Humboldt Research Award 

11/29/16: Telescopic walls could rise on demand to stop flood waters

11/29/16: Building cybersecurity education and training

11/28/16: Upstate receives $59,000 from St. Baldrick's Foundation for childhood cancer research 

11/28/16: Study: daily routines impact childhood development

11/22/16: Elusive protein acts as manager, addressing pH imbalance by transporting acid in and out of cells

11/21/16: Unique structure of brain blood vessel amyloid latest clue to Alzheimer's development?

11/18/16: Lights, camera, plastic

11/17/16: Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries

11/17/16: Chemist Featured in Scientific American 

11/16/16: How social media impacts consumer spending 

11/16/16: INCITE award to advance modeling astrophsical explosions via supercomputing 

11/16/16: NYC student grows opportunities through chemistry research 

11/15/16: Brookhaven to lead and partner on exascale computing project 

11/15/16: Solving how harmless bacteria become an unwelcome guest 

11/14/16: Fashion professor uses neuroscience to gauge buying habits 

11/14/16: Researchers have a better way to predict flight delays 

11/11/16: Smartphone app for early autism detection being developed by UB undergrad 

11/10/16: Robert D. Fechtner, MD, joins Upstate as Empire Scholar and to lead Ophthalmology Department 

11/10/16: Upstate partners with area universities on project to fight the spread of HIV 

11/9/16: Emotional pictures 

11/9/16: For men, heavy drinking can get you killed 

11/9/16: Study finds PCB's disrupt pregnancy

11/8/16: Researchers question if banning of 'killer robots' actually will stop robots from killing

11/8/16: Student reconstructs lost Maya pigment 

11/8/16: Brookhaven Lab wins three 2016 R&D 100 Awards 

11/7/16: A touch of green

11/7/16: Psychiatry professor elected into National Academy of Medicine 

11/7/16: Researchers want to use hardware to fight computer viruses

11/4/16: Padalino adds Fellow title in distinguished physics career 

11/4/16: Stony Brook leads effort to increase STEM degrees for underrepresented 

11/3/16: Pupil response to negative facial expressions predicts risk for depression relapse

11/2/16: Upstate signs agreement with development stage company to test treatment for shingles 

11/2/16: Tiny graphene radios may lead to Internet of Nano-Things

11/2/16: Chemistry's fingerprint fellow 

October 2016

10/31/16: Jumping spiders can hear sound without eardrums 

10/31/16: Weakness is good...when controlling light 

10/31/16: Geneseo faculty receive research funding 

10/28/16: Contractors with terror 

10/27/16: UB receives inaugural "Excellence in Tech-Based Economic Development" award

10/27/16: Brookhaven Lab 'Higgs Hunter' Sally Dawson receives J.J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics 

10/26/16: UB awarded $2.9 million to build one-of-a-kind advanced materials data research lab 

10/26/16: SUNY Poly professors awarded $3.5M by National Institutes of Health for cutting-edge cancer-related research 

10/26/16: "Brainprint" researchers get $900K in funding 

10/25/16: Researchers find weakness in common computer chip 

10/25/16: Citizen scientists can now lead a hand in penguin conservation 

10/25/16: Upstate discovery advances understanding of how retinal cells are formed

10/24/16: UB chemist names ACS Arthur Cope Scholar 

10/24/16: UB physicist named fellow of the American Physical Society 

10/24/16: Canadian Studies, Center for Study of Canada mark 50 years

10/21/16: Two physics faculty elected American Physical Society Fellows for pioneering research 

10/20/16: SUNY Potsdam professor names Educator of the Year by Native American Indian Association of New York 

10/19/16: Childhood obesity bias 

10/18/16: Spectacular spectroscopers 

10/18/16: New UB grant helps small business grow

10/18/16: Professor helps Maya artisans rediscover their past, build a fortune 

10/18/16: The climatic toll of volcanic eruptions 

10/17/16: Nurse studies delirium in older patients 

10/17/16: Research led by SUNY Downstate may lead to new treatments for metabolic diseases

10/17/16: New Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Center opens

10/17/16: Tiny crystals and nanowires could join forces to split water

10/13/16: SUNY Potsdam chemistry professor's research shows potentially damaging effects of anti-malaria drug 

10/13/16: Shan Lin's NSF CAREER award focuses on smart and connected hospitals

10/13/16: New research increases understanding of Duchenne muscular dystrophy 

10/12/16: From unknown to beardog: Findings rescue fossils from "trashbin" genus

10/12/16: New research approach leads to new findings in study of mosquito-borne viruses

10/11/16: Anshul Gandhi's cloud computing research funded by NSF

10/11/16: Pitching 'Under 30'

10/6/16: Atmospheric scientist honored by meteorological society 

10/5/16: Got eczema?  It may just be evolutionary luck, study finds 

10/5/16: SBU's Robert Harrison partners in DOE exascale computing application project 

10/5/16: Energy-saving superconductor to be developed at Stony Brook Advanced Energy Center 

10/4/16: Study solves 50-year old puzzle tied to enigmatic, lone wolf waves 

10/4/16: Understanding sulfur's rotten smell 

10/3/16: Analysis of DNA from early settlers of the Pacific overturns leading genetic model 

10/3/16: Examining the Moon 

10/3/16: Research on normative brain development in children could help doctors test for depression, anxiety 

10/3/16: Closing the forecast gap 

September 2016

9/29/16: Contrary to popular belief, coca not the driving force of deforestation, report reveals 

9/29/16: Mega tech for non-megacities 

9/29/16: New research could help build better hearing aids 

9/28/16: The science of addiction 

9/27/16: $3M NSF grant will fund PhD student training in multiple disciplines 

9/27/16: Research led by SBU's Erik Muller is finalist in R&D 100 Awards 

9/27/16: Socio-ecological system approach leads to new information in study of mosquito-borne viruses 

9/26/16: New study describes what happens when the brain is artificially stimulated 

9/26/16: English professor in the spotlight with powerful new book 

9/23/16: Biologist's research featured on Morgan Freeman program, 'Through the Wormhole'

9/22/16: Student researchers shine at Biomedical Sciences Retreat 

9/22/16: New method to predict skin stretchiness could help burn victims grow new skin 

9/22/16: Stripping away the suds 

9/21/16: What's happening beneath Greenland?

9/19/16: Glutamate plays previously unknown role in neuromuscular development 

9/16/16: Binghamton University faculty wins award for most outstanding book on education history 

9/16/16: New discovery by researchers may lead to better understanding and treatment for a common autoinflammatory disease 

9/15/16: SUNY Fredonia professor continuing research on disease with $250,000 NSF grant 

9/15/16: New research details how workplace stress contributes to cardiovascular disease 

9/15/16: UB faculty member named among the most influential living philosophers 

9/14/16: UB awarded $50,000 from U.S. Small Business Administration 

9/14/16: Finding shows muscular dystrophy-causing receptor has broader role in brain development 

9/14/16: Study: fruit flies offer fertility clues 

9/13/16: Quanxi Jia rejoins UB to boost material science efforts 

9/12/16: UAlbany unveils new Health Sciences Campus 

9/9/16: SBU researchers receive funding to study effects of ocean changes on marine life 

9/9/16: Grant supports a new generation of atmospheric scientists 

9/8/16: Stony Brook University professor to lead $10M Simons collaboration 

9/8/16: Fracking disruptions 

9/8/16: Article appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine stresses minimal use of antibiotics 

9/8/16: SUNY Geneseo third nationally in Washington Monthly 2016 rankings 

9/7/16: Research team led by SBU's Alexander Orlov strikes gold 

9/7/16: Dr. Owejan nominated for Upstate Venture Ecosystem Award 

9/7/16: Smartphone hacks 3-D printer by measuring 'leaked' energy and acoustic waves 

9/2/16: Research team probes health effects on Onondaga Lakebed sediment 

9/1/16: Increasing scientific methodology, argumentation to improve chemistry lab instruction 

9/1/16: CCPA professor collaborates on $5.8 million grant 

August 2016

8/31/16: Scientific evidence reveals that the brain perceives taste with all senses

8/31/16: Research grounded, yet lofty

8/29/16: N.Y. Lieutenant Governor joins ESF leaders for lab openings

8/29/16: Could PTSD trigger early cognitive impairment in some WTC responders?

8/26/16: Congressman Higgins announces NY Sea Grant for Great Lakes Center water study 

8/26/16: SUNY Downstate research suggests that a novel inhibitory brain receptor is a mechanism for remission of epilepsy in adolescence 

8/25/16: Looking to saliva to gain insight on evolution 

8/25/16: TV, not internet, comsumption fuels punitive public attitudes toward crime and justice 

8/23/16: SBU's Gobler Lab monitoring "Rust Tide" on eastern Long Island 

8/23/16: 'Putting prevention in their pockets'

8/22/16: Stony Brook autism researcher awarded prestigious $2.3M BRAINS Grant from NIMH

8/22/16: A healthy guarantee

8/18/16: Fussy infants find food more rewarding, putting them at higher risk for obesity 

8/18/16: Stony Brook and Traverse Biosciences to advance emerging treatment for periodontal disease 

8/15/16: In the basket

8/15/16: UB seed fund aims to make an IMPACT on new, innovative research 

8/15/16: Dark search in the Black Hills 

8/12/16: SUNY Potsdam chemistry professor named 2016 Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar 

8/11/16: Jewish studies program receives grant for cross-border project 

8/11/16: Mount Sinai and Stony Brook announce affiliation 

8/10/16: A breakthrough in medicine 

8/9/16: Cheaper, more powerful electric car batteries are on the horizon 

8/8/16: Humans pack an efficient bite, but at a cost

8/8/16: Grant supports college's effort to protect rare mouth, turtle habitat

8/8/16: T2K scientists say new findings provide insight to why the university is dominated by matter and why we exist

8/8/16: HIV stigma influenced by perceptions of masculinity, study reveals

8/8/16: 'Catch and Release'

8/4/16: Drug developed for Type 2 diabetes helps control Type 1 disbetes

8/3/16: UB researcher developing novel treatment for ear infections 

8/3/16: Mellon grant to fund art conservation fellowships 

8/1/16: A protein is found to regulate cocaine-craving after withdrawl 

8/1/16: SRC Fellowship supports student in battle againt mosquitoes 

8/1/16: Smartwatch interface could improve communication, help prevent falls at nursing homes

July 2016

7/29/16: Great Lakes Research Consortium awards three grants 

7/28/16: UB-led team receives DOE SunShot award to develop thin films for solar cell devices 

7/28/16: Vortex laser offers hope for Moore's Law

7/27/16: Summer research fellows seize opportunity outside classroom 

7/27/16: SUNY announces fifth round of Innovation Instruction Technology Grants totaling $716,000

7/26/16: To advance primary care, UB receives $6 million in grants

7/26/16: Study: Businesses can't afford to ignore the human element of IT

7/26/16: Upstate researcher to partcipate in NIH grant research on epigenetic autism spectrum disorder diagnostic test

7/25/16: Embryonic gene Nanog reserves aging in adult stem cells

7/25/16: Ice, wind and sea

7/25/16: Moving leads to moving on: Researching life after cancer

7/25/16: A tiny answer to a big problem

7/19/16: Research team takes aim at Parkinson's Disease

7/19/16: NSF awards engineers $705K to improve Wi-Fi, smartphones

7/19/16: New research shows men more aggressive on dating sites, women more self-conscious

7/19/16: For ancient deep-sea plankton, a long decline before extinction 

7/18/16: SUNY Cobleskill helps fight invasive adelgid

7/18/16: Scientists determine structure of enzyme linked with key cell-signaling protein 

7/15/16: College students learn about the biomedical sciences through SURF program 

7/15/16: Beyond the burqa

7/14/16: Upstate receives $1M grant for program to keep vunerable populations free of HIV 

7/13/16: Julia's dream: prosthetics for a better world

7/13/16: New study shows differences in blood pressure variation across ethnicity 

7/12/16: Curiosity about creek creatures leads to career

7/12/16: New method to model protein interactions may help accelerate drug development 

7/11/16: SUNY Cobleskill students study reintroduction of endangered beetle

7/11/16: Veggie juice that illuminates the gut 

7/11/16: Farming for answers

7/11/16: How do you turn a mosquito's genes on and off?

7/11/16: Ph.D. student prepares to launch biotech start-up

7/8/16: Stony Brook professor awarded Hubbard Medal, National Geographic Society's highest honor

7/8/16: Chiarot receives prestigious NSF CAREER grant 

7/7/16: Cancer Center's next phase 

7/6/16: Your smartwatch is giving away your ATM PIN 

7/5/16: Diamond beam monitors key to more precise radiation therapy 

7/1/16: E. coli: The ideal transport for next-gen vaccines?

June 2016

6/30/16: Fashion Institute of Technology team wins Biodesign Challenge

6/30/16: UB Research Pharmacy open to assist WNY faculty, scientists with clinical trials

6/29/16: UB joins White House's new Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute 

6/27/16: New promise against deadly global fungal infections 

6/27/16: UAlbany research seeking answers for neurodegenerative diseases 

6/24/16: Brockport hosts week-long sports camp for children with visual impairments 

6/23/16: Getting to the heart of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

6/23/16: Five UB engineers receive $2.4M in NSF CAREER awards 

6/23/16: Geologists make their own lava to prep for explosive experiments 

6/21/16: Saving Saintpaulia, the African violet 

6/21/16: SBU-based Clean Water Technology proposes alternative for LI wastewater treatment 

6/20/16: Psychology student wins NSF fellowship 

6/20/16: Say it isn't so! Indulging while pregnant linked to excess weight gain 

6/20/16: Increasing the power of information to lessen childhood injury 

6/17/16: Professor takes us inside the work of forensic science and crime scene investigation 

6/17/16: Antifungal work lands SBU professor $6 million from NIH 

6/16/16: Cortland adapted PE expert presents at the United Nations 

6/16/16: Australian Mertz Fellow to engage in important myopia research at SUNY Optometry 

6/15/16: Cerebral microbleeds in MS patients are associated with increased risk for disability 

6/15/16: Professor's book mines 'Huck Finn' for history lessons 

6/15/16: Farmingdale State College professor wins $55K grant 

6/15/16: SUNY Oneonta faculty member wins Inventor of the Year Award 

6/14/16: MRI research could help withdrawn children 

6/14/16: UB establishes Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences

6/13/16: UB awarded more than $5 million in NIH grants to study alcohol issues 

6/13/16: Chemist unveils latest forensic discovery to identify criminals

6/13/16: Activity of a new synthetic compound may be key to cleaner nuclear energy

6/9/16: Environmental science students awarded EPA fellowships 

6/8/16: Secret lives of Amazonian fishes revealed by chemicals stored in their ear-stones

6/7/16: Origami ninja star inspires battery design

6/6/16: Forests reveal lingering effects of native cultures 

6/6/16: University researchers partner with dairy farms across the Northeast on innovative study

6/6/16: Vaccine watches bacteria, strikes only when trouble stirs 

6/6/16: University at Albany, Downstate Medical combat AIDS epidemic in Republic of Georgia

6/6/16: Myelin cells feel the force, UB researchers find

6/6/16: Unlocking the secrets of bacterial biofilms - to use against them

6/3/16: Alcohol exposure during adolescence leads to chronic stress vulnerability 

6/3/16: Scientists find surprising magnetic excitations in a metallic compound

6/2/16: Can she outsmart a gene? Young scientist strives to influence prostate cancer cells 

6/2/16: Could controlling the p73 gene be the key to treating chronic lung disease?

6/1/16: Second year of Mohawk River sampling returns promising results

6/1/16: Geology major wins two research grants

May 2016

5/26/16: UB researcher receives $7 million award to study telemedicine as a way to treat HCV-infected drug users

5/26/16: Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light 

5/26/16: 'Wonderful' and 'Thankful' versus 'Battle' and 'Enemy' - Do women and men communicate differently?

5/26/16: START-UP NY program continues to grow

5/24/16: Detecting fake photos and videos to support national security 

5/24/16: UAlbany's School of Criminal Justice welcomes flagship journals 

5/24/16: Using light to reduce risk of catheter-related infection 

5/24/16: Exploring a new way to treat high cholesterol and improve our health

5/23/16: A history of snowfall on Greenland, hidden in ancient leaf waxes 

5/23/16: ESF lists Top 10 New Species for 2016

5/19/16: Binghamton University unveils lab and introduces new industry partner

5/19/16: Study: 1 percent of black men in US are registered sex offenders

5/19/16: Making injectable medicine safer

5/18/16: El Nino has played larger role than climate change in Alberta wildfires

5/18/16: CAREER Award enables SBU physicist to advance research on the origins of neutrinos

5/17/16: Nation's top health agency taps professor as expert

5/17/16: New findings from SUNY Downstate resolve controversy over PKMzeta in maintaining memory

5/17/16: Interdisciplinary NIH grant will train next generation of addiction researchers 

5/17/16: Hacking the eye exam

5/16/16: Speeding up key oxygen-oxygen bond-formation step in water oxidation 

5/13/16: This "nanocavity" may improve ultrathin solar panels, video cameras and other optoelectronic devices 

5/12/16: Upstate awarded nearly $200K for Zika virus research

5/12/16: Binghamton University historian zeroes in on 1960s immigration reform 

5/11/16: SBU physics professor earns NSF CAREER award 

5/11/16: UB spinoff Abcombi Biosciences lands coveted spot in Johnson & Johnson's Toronto incubator

5/11/16: These audio cues are for the birds

5/10/16: Binghamton University physicist earns postdoctoral fellowship

5/10/16: UAlbany partners with Downstate Medical Center to conduct HIV research and training in Kazakhstan

5/9/16: NYSERDA launches Climate Change Science Clearinghouse

5/9/16: Withdrawn children display predictable brain activity during social interactions 

5/9/16: UAlbany patented CSI technique gets law enforcement testing

5/6/16: NIH pumps $3.6M into cardiovascular research at Stony Brook University 

5/6/16: Manipulation of specific neurons helps to erase bad memories, enhance good ones

5/4/16: Fisheries students see rainbow smelt resurgence in Otsego Lake 

5/4/16: Use of personal care products during pregnancy linked to adverse effects in newborns 

5/4/16: The search for purity 

5/4/16: SUNY Optometry scientists discover a surprisng central role for darks in brain visual maps

5/4/16: DOE Early Career grant to young Stony Brook light source researcher 

5/3/16: Helping to advance innovation through the Technology Accelerator Fund 

5/2/16: SUNY Downstate research identifies origin of process linked to learning, autism and schizophrenia 

5/2/16: SUNY Cobleskill crossbreeds Arctic char and brook trout

5/2/16: Titanium dioxide exposure increases risk of bacterial infection 

April 2016

4/29/16: New finding on elusive brain receptor sheds light on what may kill neurons after stroke 

4/28/16: Upstate creates program to address global health issues in pregnant women and young children

4/28/16: NOAA grant recipient Andrea Lang advances understanding of polar vortex prediction 

4/28/16: UB's National Science Foundation fellowship winners at 'all-time high'

4/27/16: $10 million NIH endowment focuses on health disparities research, education 

4/27/16: Millions of native orchids flourish at former mining waste site 

4/25/16: Does exercise benefit cancer patients? 

4/25/16: Lemur family tree shake-up: Extinct and living lemurs in one evolutionary tree 

4/25/16: How much do you know about landfills? 

4/23/16: Fredonia faculty members receive Filbright awards 

4/22/16: Hearing impairment linked to type 2 diabetes

4/22/16: UB research shows certain genes, in healthy environments, can lengthen lifespan

4/22/16: Shakespeare and the art of the remix

4/21/16: Researchers find moderate vascular risk in Southwest native population 

4/20/16: 3-D printing of skin starts at the scrap yard for Binghamton University researcher 

4/19/16: Transforming modern medicine 

4/19/16: New studies assess New Yorkers' technology use and health information preferences

4/19/16: Researching the Great Lakes Center and their tributaries 

4/18/16: Gut feelings

4/15/16: SBU grad students help pioneer new approach for improving solar cells 

4/15/16: Computer scientist receives CAREER Award to make portable parallel programming possible

4/13/16: Physicists gain new view of superconductor 

4/13/16: Atmospheric scientists focus on high-impact weather forecasting 

4/11/16: Understanding an iconic and threatened species 

4/11/16: Eleven students earn 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, break Stony Brook record 

4/8/16: Student researcher's work blends biology and literature 

4/8/16: Quantum dots enhance light-to-current conversation in semiconductors 

4/8/16: Violent video games eventually lose their ability to produce guilt in gamers

4/7/16: A teacher, a spy, a shield: This nanoparticle wears many hats in the body

4/7/16: $200K NSF grant supports undergraduate research at SUNY Geneseo

4/6/16: A 'Martian'-inspired science project: Growing potatoes in space

4/6/16: SUNY Downstate's Dr. Stacy Blain partcipates in project tackling cancer complexity 

4/6/16: Fulbright Scholarship sends Upstate professor to France for cancer research 

4/4/16: Common pesticides kill amphibian parasites, study finds; Disease outcome in amphibians may be influenced

4/4/16: UAlbany Study: Artic sea ice melt fueling Greenland Ice Sheet loss, rising sea levels

March 2016

3/31/16: Want to know where threatened species live?  Look to the clouds

3/31/16: Study examines conditions for growing young chestnuts

3/31/16: Researchers to study link between gastric bypass and alcohol abuse 

3/31/16: Stony Brook new home to NSF STEM civic-centered learning program 

3/30/16: Scientists honored for study on improving odds for bats' survival 

3/30/16: Preference for dating smarter partners negatively affects women's attitudes toward STEM 

3/29/16: Breakthrough in cybersecurity is no phish story

3/29/16: Study: Male voice-overs dominate political ads, but women's voices may be more effective

3/25/16: School of Public Health program evaluates New York's Alzheimer's support initiative 

3/24/16: RNA Institute's director marks 50 years of discovery and inspiration 

3/23/16: SBU professor leads groundbreaking work in ocean conservation 

3/21/16: How yeast makes heads or tails of itself

3/18/16: Psychology project seeks to create ideal study place 

3/18/16: New biological art lab to explore life's biggest questions

3/17/16: Alcohol exposure during pregnancy affects multiple generations 

3/17/16: Ancient DNA preserved in humans, study finds 

3/17/16: SUNY, Federal Reserve Bank of New York announce partnership to support student entrepreneurs

3/16/16: A necklace that "hears" what you eat

3/15/16: Stony Brook research stirs debate about sharkskin and swimming speed 

3/15/16: UB team will use NIH grant to look at how a concussion changes cerebral blood flow 

3/14/16: Climate change redistributes global water resources 

3/14/16: SBU professor receives $500,000 NSF CAREER Award

3/14/16: UB professor to receive 2016 Distinguished Scientist Award from AADR 

3/10/16: Double cheeseburger and a diet soda, please 

3/10/16: RNA researcher looks to unlock the power of stem cells

3/9/16: Study finds link between exposure to synthetic progestin during development, impaired cognitive function 

3/8/16: Trouble sleeping? The size of your tongue and tonsils could be why

3/8/16: SUNY Geneseo professor elected fellow of the New York Academy of History 

3/8/16: Study reveals critical gap in psychosocial services for Medicaid-insured youth 

3/7/16: How rivers of hot ash gas move when a supervolcano erupts

3/7/16: Antidepressants linked to tooth implant failure, new study finds

3/7/16: The importance of depression screenings in pregnant, postpartum women

3/4/16: Stony Brook University professor discovers novel link between protein superstructure and mitochondria

3/3/16: The secret to 3-D graphene? Just freeze it

3/3/16: Study shows promise in reducing HIV infections among black men in the U.S. 

3/2/16: ESF professor's book ranks as "Outstanding Academic Title"

3/2/16: UB researchers to study gun violence among youths

3/2/16: Chancellor Zimpher announces $8 million to recruit top faculty researchers

3/1/16: UAlbany finds underserved populations in Kentucky at risk for oral health disparities 

February 2016

2/29/16: Study finds increased risk of obesity with increased time in the U.S. 

2/29/16: UB eLab kick-starts the next generation of Buffalo entrepreners

2/26/16: SBU professor develops tool to protect app users from privacy leaks

2/26/16: Scientists discover new four-flavor particle

2/25/16: Hydrocephalus research at Upstate receives $10,000 from grateful patient family

2/25/16: UB architect designs weather station on two wheels

2/25/16: Students contribute research to faculty microgrid study

2/24/16: A mathematical advance in describing waves

2/23/16: SUNY Cortland professor receives grant to research liberation theory

2/23/16: Alcohol exposure during pregnancy affects multiple generations

2/23/16: From Belgium to Brazil, supercomputers are crushing data with University at Buffalo software

2/23/16: Study reveals dodo birds not stupid as previously thought

2/22/16: Eckert Herbarium showcases extensive plant specimen collection 

2/22/16: UB chemist discusses breakthroughs that could help treat Parkinson's

2/22/16: SUNY Downstate launches the Institute for Genomic Health

2/22/16: UAlbany research projects aim to improve prostate cancer outcomes in New York State

2/21/16: Art Forensics Lab only second of its kind in the US 

2/19/16: New era for the Alda Center 

2/19/16: ESF researcher joins international project on Baltic Sea cod

2/18/16: Transforming emergency management and homeland security with data analytics 

2/15/16: Sleep Health is number one

2/15/16: Major award to UB will improve Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis and treatment in WNY

2/12/16: Easter Island not destroyed by war, analysis of "spear points" shows

2/12/16: SUNY Geneseo professor receives Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 

2/12/16: Graphene leans on glass to advance electronics 

2/11/16: SUNY New Paltz English professor publishes second novel 

2/11/16: UAlbany dean chairs AAAS panel on policies to combat societal violence

2/11/16: Governor announces major explansion of Athenex - creating 1,400 jobs in Western New York

2/10/16: Estrogen,antibiotics persisted in dairy farm waste after advanced treatment, research finds

2/10/16: UB students to build a third space debris observation satellite

2/10/16: Binghamton University engineer wins prestigious NSF grant 

2/10/16: Mechanism that unwinds DNA may function similar to an oil rig "pumpjack"

2/10/16: You've heard of string theory.  What about knot theory?

2/8/16: Chiral magnetic effect generates quantum current 

2/5/16: SUNY Fredonia researchers receive New York Sea Grant award

2/5/16: Purchase College professor's innovative work featured in Nature 

2/5/16: SUNY Fredonia researchers receive New York Sea Grant award

2/5/16: Governor Cuomo announces major step forward for UAlbany's ETEC initiative 

2/4/16: PixStori app merges oral history with Instagram-like photos

2/4/16: Study reveals proteins most associated with aging

2/4/16: Scientists guide gold nanoparticles to form "diamond" superlattices

2/4/16: Getting to the doctor

2/3/16: Fredonia Technology Incubator announces graduation of client business iKoss

2/3/16: Binghamton University to digitally preserve local history through Past 2 Future Project 

2/2/16: UAlbany researcher examines transmission of gun violence 

2/1/16: Educator sees benefit of early childhood music instruction 

2/1/16: Medical marijuana = Hope for kids with seizures

2/1/16: Going deep: Novel microscopy helps researchers examine the ocean like never before

January 2016

1/29/16: Nelson Farms helps local farmers, producers take their product to the next level

1/29/16: Health care providers' familiarity with military culture to improving care for veterans

1/29/16: English professor's honored career rides the line between art criticism and story

1/27/16: Mellon Foundation grant funds collaborative project 

1/27/16: Blackstone LaunchPad Program to help students transform innovation into commercialization 

1/27/16: Study cross-links pollution extremes to race, socio-economic status

1/27/15: SUNY Academic Industry Roundtable

1/27/16: Ooh that smell: Plants use emissions for self-defense

1/26/16: SUNY Cortland professor honored by national geography group 

1/26/16: Scientists pursue a diabetes drug that also fights obesity

1/25/16: Therapy that uses storytelling may be key to fighting trauma among teenagers

1/25/16: Upstate awarded SUNY grant to bring precision medicine to cancer care

1/25/16: Living in the ‘90s? So are underwater wireless networks

1/20/16: SUNY Downstate receives $2.35 million grant for Alzheimer’s Disease care

1/20/19: Alzheimer’s diagnosis complicated by history of reading problems

1/20/16: Patients with broken jaws may also have concussions, Upstate study finds

1/19/16: Upstate student wins Young Investigator Award for cancer research

1/19/16: Stony Brook researchers discover ice-like phonons in liquid water

1/16/16: Open-source GPU could push computing power to the next level

1/14/16: Study of altruism during the Ebola outbreak suggests good intentions are in the details

1/13/16: New app 'hides' user location from third parties

1/13/16: Buffalo State scientists join international committee for mussel research

1/13/16: New study to investigate how good antibodies go bad

1/12/16: UAlbany author explores the interaction between people and nature 

1/12/16: ESF leads fight against effects of harmful algal blooms

1/12/16: First step toward Mars?

1/11/16: Professor wins award from national literacy group

1/11/16: Why do college-aged young adults use e-cigarettes?

1/8/16: UB researcher receives grant from family foundation dedicated to autism research 

1/7/16: SUNY Cobleskill to host second annual SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference 

1/7/16: Researchers find no risk by age 3 from in vitro fertilization 

1/6/16: Can charitable giving improve your health? 

1/6/16: A historical look at a heart condition caused by infection

1/5/16: Sociologist studies chinese immigrants in Peru 

1/5/15: During Great Recession employees drank less on the job, but more afterwards 

2015 Research News

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December 2015

12/31/15: Heart attack patients with history of bypass surgery prone to delayed treatment 

12/30/15: "Ask, don't tell" approach key to keeping New Year's resolutions 

12/29/15: Students bring "Otsego Bass" back to Otsego Lake

12/29/15: Upstate earns state DOH designation as Center of Excellence for Alzheimer's Disease

12/28/15: Brookhaven scientists to lead two new nuclear theory collaborative projects 

12/28/15: SUNY Downstate researchers identify areas of plague risk in Western U.S. 

12/21/15: Purchase College professor awarded NEA creative writing fellowship

12/21/15: A banner year for UB-related startups 

12/21/15: Is a common form of gum disease linked to breast cancer?

12/18/15: Researchers create atomically thin metallic boron 

12/17/15: Study reveals mew measurements for aging

12/17/15: Probing the mystery of how cancer cells die 

12/16/15: Award-winning professor on optometry and public health

12/16/15:  Study reveals environment, behavior contribute to some 80 percent of cancers

12/16/15: Companies founded by students, faculty, alumni and others accepted into START-UP NY 

12/16/15: Governor Cuomo announces opening of the final phase of SUNY Downstate's Biotechnology Business Incubator

12/16/15: Governor Cuomo announces 16 additional companies join START-UP NY

12/15/15: Training the senses

12/15/15: Professor's NEA award to bring women's group from Belize 

12/15/15: Bringing dark matter to light 

12/15/15: Physicist receives prestigious NSF grant 

12/15/15: NY Cap Research Alliance receives $2.25M in economic development funding 

12/15/15: Concussion researchers look beyond the injury 

12/14/15: Psychotherapy treatment associated with changes in brain activity in borderline personality disorder patients 

12/14/15: Binghamton University professor launches web tool to track impact of drugs worldwide 

12/11/15: NSF funds $1.12M for transmission electron microscope at ESF

12/10/15: Stress-induced loss of NG2 glial cells in the brain causes depression 

12/10/15: Concussion researchers look beyond the injury

12/9/15: New concussion treatment could change how head injuries are treated

12/9/15: Brainprint: the new biometric

12/8/15: New partnership launches student opportunities skyward

12/8/15: Study: Text messages that end in a period seen as less sincere

12/8/15: Development grants accelerate commercialization of biomedical technology 

12/8/15: Solving a neurodegenerative mystery

12/8/15: BU Grad student aims to better understand batteries 

12/7/15: Fighting prescription painkiller abuse among baby boomers 

12/7/15: UB researcher develops model to show effects of personalizing online information 

12/7/15: New clues for battling botulism

12/4/15: Study undercuts idea that "Medieval Warm Period" was global 

12/3/15: Four Stony Brook University professors elected AAAS 2015 Fellows

12/2/15: Twitter data can make roads safer during inclement weather 

12/1/15: "Forever Wild" program builds community, prestige

November 2015

11/30/15: SBU study shows that vaccination rates improve with home intervention and education 

11/30/15: Chemist's technique can identify a fingerprint as male or female

11/30/15: Testosterone replacement make Type 2 diabetic men more sensitive to insulin

11/30/15: Annual Life Sciences Summit begins this week in NYC

11/27/15: Making strides in cancer research and treatment 

11/25/15: Anthropologist rewarded as she finds a new century for a New Spain catechism 

11/25/15: Mother Nature may have solution for lowering cholesterol in pregnant women

11/25/15: International initiative aims to help countries halt spread of WMDs

11/23/15: What does stress do to the brain?  UB researcher receives $2 million grant to find out

11/23/15: Great Lakes Center open house sets stage for 50th anniversary

11/23/15: Will troubleshooting a Quantum Systems-Based Computer be Easy for a Technician?

11/23/15: Upstate Medical University, U.S. Army to partner on grant up to $12M to develop dengue virus vaccine 

11/20/15: Technology Incubator announces Fredonia student business competition 

11/20/15: ESF professor joins expedition to Galapagos home of rare tortoises

11/19/15: Study finds tight school security can have unintended, negative consequences 

11/19/15: Sweeping away government's paper crush 

11/17/15: Stony Brook researchers confirm information is contagious among social connections 

11/17/15: UAlbany aids in building New York Crime Victims' Legal Network

11/16/15: Earth's climate more sensitive to CO2 than previously thought 

11/12/15: Binghamton University professor develops framework for teaching networks

11/11/15: Single tooth analysis of oldest-known plant-visiting bat fossil suggests it was omnivorous

11/10/15: Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow 

11/10/15: UAlbany chemist helps CSIs get to the root of the investigation 

11/10/15: Pinpointing poverty with cellphone data

11/10/15: Focusing on user habits key to preventing email phishing, according to UB research

11/9/15: Farmingdale State College partners with UN in international academic program

11/9/15: Anthropologist explores migration among Canada's French-speaking minorities 

11/9/15: Physicans join Upstate's Comprehensive Stroke Center

11/5/15: Big data research at Stony Brook gets big boost with NSF funding for computer cluster

11/5/15: SUNY Oneonta bioarchaeologist studies "vampire" burials

11/5/15: SUNY Oswego researchers share new grant to monitor fish for pollutants

11/4/15: Upstate researchers release second report on needs, risks of low-wage workers

11/2/15: Using big data to power an energy revolution 

11/2/15: SUNY Geneseo leads nation in latest American Institute of Physics report

11/2/15: Healthy menu items for kids are a hit, research finds

11/2/15: Using big data to power an energy revolution 

11/2/15: ESF to establish biomimicry laboratory in Adirondacks

11/2/15: Research team achieves first image of molecular machinery that copies DNA

11/1/15: Stony Brook-Led Team to Evaluate Racial Differences in Cancer Biology

October 2015

10/30/15: Long distance love affair

10/30/15: Upstate, Harvard, Syracuse study shows how better indoor environments enhance cognitive function 

10/30/15: Why gambling with retirement investments isn't a good bet

10/29/15: Can changes in the brain affect your microbiome? UB researchers are investigating

10/29/15: UAlbany receives grant to expand groundbreaking work in childhood trauma

10/29/15: European Union award puts SUNY Cortland in select company

10/28/15: Next-gen pacemakers may be powered by unlikely source: the heart

10/28/15: UAlbany sociologist examines consequences of parental migration on children in China

10/27/15: New center focuses on complex systems

10/27/15: Group Living: For baboons intermediate size is optimal

10/27/15: Oswego scientist on team reporting findings on tissue regeneration in Nature 

10/26/15: Study of parabens in human cord blood finds that pregnant women in Brooklyn have the highest levels worldwide

10/26/15: Study suggests targeting invasive cells not dividing cells to halt cancer

10/26/16: UAlbany's School of Public Health establishes the Capital Region Medical Research Institute 

10/21/15: ESF professor helps identify new giant tortoise species 

10/21/15: Robot bees fly and swim, soon they'll have laser eyes

10/21/15: Making zombies of us all

10/21/15: New study rings alarm for sugar maple in Adirondacks 

10/20/15: Buffalo State student to present Mars research at national conference

10/20/15: Inaugural ANYthing conference puts New Paltz at the center of 3D printing in the northeast

10/20/15: Farmingdale State College to host International Energy & Sustainability Conference 

10/20/15: New online tool reveals terrorist networks and behavior over time

10/19/15: UAlbany and Albany Law School join forces on $1.6M international health law project

10/19/15: Researchers find way to control heart waves with light

10/15/15: Binghamton University historian focuses on Washington's early years

10/15/15: Five SUNY institutions share in $18 million state grant to enhance education, training

10/15/15: UAlbany awarded $1.4 million to develop training for substance abuse issues

10/15/15: Stony Brook researchers receive $1 million DOE grant to advance engine technology

10/14/15: UAlbany researcher studying a novel RNA to decrease the overtreatment of breast cancer

10/13/15: Geneseo eGarden emerging as key sustainability training ground

10/13/15: Cleaning up a breeding ground for antimicrobial resistance

10/12/15: University at Albany Launches i2M Standards

10/12/15: UB IDeA Center receives $4.6 million federal grant

10/9/15: Brian Obach, SUNY New Paltz - Organic Farming

10/8/15: Geneseo students studying rare plant community

10/7/15: Upstate makes list of top cancer programs 

10/7/15: A yacht that pilots itself

10/7/15: HVEDC named Gold Award recipient for 3-D partnership with SUNY New Paltz

10/6/15: Chimpanzees shed light on origins of human walking

10/6/15: UAlbany chemist explores volatile world of fluorochemical research

10/5/15: Women with Alzheimer's-related gene lose weight more sharply after age 70

10/5/15: Upstate and Motion Intelligence partner to create concussion-assessment system

10/1/15: The Paper Ceiling - Women underrepresented in media coverage

10/1/15: Stony Brook opens new $20M supported Institute for Advanced Computational Science

10/1/15: College at Brockport receives $1.2M grant to conduct Great Lakes coastal wetland monitoring 

10/1/15: SUNY Downstate receives $945,000 grant to create SBIRT Training Center

10/1/15: SUNY Networks of Excellence awards $530,000 to advance understanding and treatment of brain injury and disorders

September 2015

9/30/15: Binghamton University Integrated Electronics Engineering Center to receive $10 million in NYSTAR funding

9/30/15: Can you deceive yourself?

9/29/15: Governor Cuomo announces $3 million in funding for prostate cancer research 

9/29/15: In MS patients, HDL cholesterol has a protective effect

9/28/15: Near-extinct snail coaxed into reproduction at ESF

9/28/15: Fossils reveal clues about early humans' hearing

9/28/15: $4.5 million for UAlbany to advance early warning weather detection

9/28/15: SBU research will help astronauts on future deep-space missions

9/25/15: Drones seek out water chestnuts

9/25/15: SUNY Brockport professor receives NSF grant to fight obesity

9/24/15: Neural development and environmental factors: Collaborating to search for answers and markers

9/23/15: Renewable energy expert receives solar society's highest award

9/23/15: Using data to solve a moody issue

9/23/15: Binghamton University licenses nanotechnology to start-up

9/22/15: UAlbany atmospheric scientists advance weather and climate prediction research

9/21/15: SUNY Downstate faculty recognized with highly competitive awards

9/21/15: SUNY Buffalo graduate students go fishing for science

9/18/15: START-UP NY connects Upstate Medical University and Motion Intelligence on concussion management

9/18/15: A better way to see and study how two cells interact

9/18/15: Answering the global drinking-water challenge

9/17/15: Stony Brook enters licensing agreement with OncoGenesis for use of cancer biomarker

9/16/15: Shedding light on potential toxins that lurk in blood and breast milk

9/16/15: Pilot grant program to spur Syracuse University-Upstate Medical University research collaborations

9/15/15: Attacking pancreatic cancer

9/15/15: Stony Brook University secures NYSTAR Center for Advanced Technology awards

9/14/15: Stony Brook research team receives NSF grant to create "ceramic cloth" blankets

9/9/15: Upstate researchers find key cellular enzyme could be effective drug target in urologic cancer cells

9/9/15: Sea spray aerosols may affect ice cloud formation and global climate

9/8/15: Biology students and faculty present research at 100th ESA Annual Meeting

9/8/15: Will Arctic snowfall slow glaciers' decline?

9/8/15: SUNY Potsdam awarded $2.8M for science & technology entry programs

9/4/15: SUNY Cortland professor traces solar system's origins with support from NASA

9/3/15: Filtering the carbon from coal

9/3/15: UB students awarded prestigious national grant

9/3/15: Researchers identify a new approach for lowering harmful lipids

9/2/15: American volcanoes: Complacency, uncertainty contribute to risks

9/1/15: The more the merrier

9/1/15: Research team creates model to predict cellular evolution 

9/1/15: UAlbany sociologist examines immigrant health, immigration enforcement 

9/1/15: Study shows K17 protein promotes cancer

9/1/15: Funding boosts flexible electronics research

August 2015

8/31/15: Study reveals human body has gone through four stages of evolution 

8/31/15: Biochemist seeks new way to fight cancer

8/31/15: Four Brookhaven National Laboratory projects selected as R&D 100 Award finalists

8/31/15: University at Albany inaugurates NYS Mesonet with completion of first weather tower

8/27/15: New Paltz faculty awarded NSF funding for research in Vietnam

8/27/15: Upstate study featured on cover of The Journal of Neuroscience

8/27/15: Vitamin D may play key role in preventing macular degeneration 

8/27/15: NSF-funded study to provide unique insights into vegetation change and severe weather

8/26/15: Two Stony Brook University faculty members nominated for 2016 Indianapolis Prize

8/24/15: NSF fellow studies acute social stress

8/24/15: NSF fellow studies acute social stress

8/24/15: $2.5 million grant to study impact of stress on police health

8/24/15: Studying the Cleanliness of the Mohawk River

8/20/15: Governor Cuomo launches next phase of Nano Utica

8/19/15: UB spinoff Cytocybernetics awarded $291,000 for technique that improves drug safety screening

8/19/15: UAlbany professor examines reducing HIV transmission among vulnerable populations 

8/19/15: RIA partners with Alberti Bullying Center for $3.4 million grant on high-risk youth

8/18/15: Annual Innovators Under 35 list includes SBU professor 

8/17/15: UAlbany researcher receives highest award in natural products chemistry

8/14/15: Brain equation: subtract protein, generate myelin-making cells

8/13/15: Upstate is awarded federal grant to help catch disease-carrying mosquitoes

8/13/15: Empire Innovation Scholar comes to Upstate, by way of Harvard, to unlock mysteries of the brain

8/13/15: Astronomers discover "Young Jupiter" exoplanet

8/13/15: Funding supports collaborative design project to reinvigorate blighted urban areas

8/13/15: UAlbany and Albany Med study examines new method for diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease

8/13/15: NIH awards UB $16 million clinical and translational science grant 

8/12/15: Printing the future

8/12/15: African-Americans are most likely to stop taking meds in Medicare Part D's coverage gap

8/11/15: Municipal utilities drive sustainability in smaller cities

8/11/15: Shade may mitigate invasive plant presence and richness

8/11/15: BU Study: Women hurt more by breakups but recover more fully

8/10/15: UAlbany CYCLES Project earns gold at Serious Play Awards

8/10/15: Upstate receives $1.5 state grant to expand programs for HIV-positive individiduals

8/6/15: UAlbany's RNA Institute expands capacity for life sciences entrepreneurship 

8/6/15: UB chemist lands prestigious NSF CAREER award

8/5/15: University at Buffalo researchers grow seratonin neurons in a petri dish

8/4/15: Could body posture during sleep affect how your brain clears waste? 

July 2015

7/31/15: Researchers surprise mouth fungus with sugary "Trojan horse"

7/31/15: Stony Brook professor receives Cyber Research Institute grant to tackle tech support scams

7/30/15:  UAlbany researchers evaluate higher-performing schools using Common Core assessments

7/30/15: Positve reinforcement plays key role in cognitive task performance in ADHD kids, according to new study

7/30/15: Grant to support Oswego faculty member's research on lava flows

7/30/15: Juvenile arthritis: why genetic risk is not in the genes

7/29/15: Purchase College lecturer awarded National Endowment for the Humanities grant

7/29/15: Study: Asian-American heart failure patients more likely to develop chronic conditions

7/29/15:  Human hands more primitive than chimp hands

7/28/15: Biology faculty, students to contribute to state-wide lake ecology study

7/28/15: SUNY Awards $160,000 for campus research in arts and humanities 

7/28/15: New computer model could explain how simple molecules took first step toward life

7/27/15:  Governor Cuomo and Vice President Biden announce New York State to lead prestigious National Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute 

7/24/15: Governor Cuomo announces 12 additional companies join START-UP NY

7/24/15: Upstate Medical University researchers make new discovery into cell death

7/23/15: New Holland partners with ESF on willow research

7/22/15: What makes kids aggressive later in life?

7/21/15:  UB students build space junk satellites for Air Force and NASA

7/21/15: Medical school mission statements may influence graduate student outcomes

7/20/15:  Navy eyes graphene nanoribbon for ultimate power control system

7/15/15:  Nursing school tests nontraditional teaching methods

7/15/15: SUNY New Paltz faculty member selected to take part in Fulbright Arctic Initiative 

7/15/15:  DNA details may reveal where cancer begins 

7/15/15:  Researchers leverage open data and social media to increase voter turnout

7/15/15: UAlbany scientist garners NSF award for study of oceans

7/14/15: Examining the "School Librarian Effect"

7/14/15:  Unsafe newborn sleep influenced by grandmas and family traditions

7/13/15: Binghamton Universtiy students create system to manage airport runway obstructions

7/13/15:  Year of the Innovator ends on high note

7/9/15:  Stony Brook recieves $2.5 million DOE grant for transformational energy technology

7/9/15:  Stony Brook University receives 4th ARPA-E grant in six months

7/9/15:  Downstate researchers identify new spectrum disorder 

7/8/15:  Anxiety in police encounters could lead to miscarriages of justice 

7/8/15: Upstate research projects receive SUNY Health Network of Excellence funding

7/8/15: UB to study the dangers of diver dehydration for U.S. Navy

7/8/15:  Students tackle obesity, sleep and smoking in summer research at nursing school

7/8/15:  Stony Brook University researcher leads global shark data initiative

7/8/15: SUNY announces $400,000 for campus research in energy, environment, economics and education 

7/7/15:  Advancing research to fight GI cancer, Lyme Disease and pediatric health disparities

7/7/15: Utilizing big data to advance research in psychology, anthropology, linguistics, and sociology 

7/7/15: Pupil response predicts depression risk in kids

7/6/15: Student seeks new understanding of brain

7/5/15: Researchers identify link between autoimmune diseases, medications, and a dangerous heart condition

7/2/15: David Conover to receive national award for excellence in marine fishery biology 

7/2/15: SBU Computer Science Building is open for business, education and infinite innovation

7/2/15: Farmingdale State College student wins prestigious SUNY internship

7/1/15: Graduate student on mission to decode Albany's 800 street names

7/1/15: SUNY Canton receives $20,000 Instruction Technology Grant

June 2015

6/30/15: Organic Struggle

6/30/15: UAlbany art professor breathes life into region's vacant homes

6/30/15: Binghamton earns national designation as an "Innovation & Economic Prosperity University"

6/29/15: UAlbany studies find an increasing number of RN graduations in New York

6/26/15: Partnership brings 3D printing to SUNY Sullivan

6/26/15: Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Creativity and Community

6/26/15: Research findings by Upstate urologists may offer insight into possible sign of bladder cancer

6/25/15: UAlbany recognized with four SUNY Health Network of Excellence grants

6/25/15: SUNY Health Network Awards $900,000 for research spanning seven campuses

6/25/15: Nine entrepreneurs graduate from University at Buffalo program

6/25/15: UB researchers to use light therapy to improve sleep in lung cancer patients

6/24/15: Skip a beat? Your auditory nerve cells will know it

6/23/15: Mixtures of common chemicals may increase cancer risk

6/23/15:  Climate change endangers "warm fish"

6/22/15: SUNY Potsdam professor appointed New York State Paleontologist

6/22/15: Printing with nanomaterials a cost-friendly, eco-friendly alternative

6/22/15: Astronomers discover 854 ultra-dark galaxies in the famous Coma Cluster

6/18/15: Federal agencies lose track of endangered species protection measures

6/18/15: SUNY Oneonta students selected for Networks of Excellence internships 

6/17/15: UB researchers take important steps toward understanding how animals make sense of the auditory world

6/17/15: Brain receptor found to significantly affect cocaine addiction 

6/17/15: SUNY Small Business Development Center receives $100,000 award to support technology entrepreneurs

6/16/15: Climate and ecosystem instability delayed dinosaur success

6/16/15: UAlbany research aims mitigate danger caused by severe weather

6/16/15: Marcus Foundation funds virtual pancreatography research at Stony Brook University

6/15/15: Attention to angry faces can predict future depression 

6/15/15: University at Buffalo receives $3 million to study tailored alcohol treatment methods

6/12/15: A study of unrequited love

6/12/15: Continuing research shows increases in class sizes harming students' chances to learn

6/10/15: Could darkness offer hope for lazy eye treatment?

6/10/15: Binghamton engineer creates origami battery

6/9/15: UAlbany researcher examines impact of metals on assisted reproductive technologies

6/8/15: Change surroundings to change behavior

6/8/15: Study supports early intervention for prostate cancer patients who experience significant emotional distress

6/8/15:  Tiny particles, big impact?

6/4/15: SUNY Oneonta researcher says yawning is contagious in birds

6/5/15: Beam it up densely: Transporting quantum information without moving matter

6/4/15: UAlbany researcher explores link between Vitamin D, breast cancer treatment

6/4/15: 'Higgs Hunter' Sally Dawson receives Humboldt Research Award

6/2/15: Brain's reaction to certain words could replace passwords

6/1/15: Critically endangered ocean giant is reproducing without sex in the wild

May 2015

5/29/15: Revolutionizing detection

5/29/15: UB engineers turn E. coli into tiny factories for producing new forms of popular antibiotic

5/28/15: UB invests $25 million to address pressing societal problems regionally and worldwide

5/28/15: How natural was the American landscape when Europeans first arrived?

5/28/15: Dinosaurs were warm blooded, SBU study suggests

5/28/15: A potential autism treatment?

5/28/15: SUNY team targets nearsightedness

5/26/15: Shark Chronicles

5/26/15: Stony Brook University cancer study results published in Nature

5/22/15: SUNY Canton faculty member discovers truth in fiction about World War I women

5/22/15: Aging well: UB pharmacologist’s book discusses the science of aging for the rest of us

5/22/15: This Slinky lookalike “hyperlens” helps us see tiny objects

5/21/15: Houston, we have a solution

5/21/15: CTG is lead partner in increasing capability of government leaders in Egypt

5/21/15: Noted SUNY anthropologist returns to Turkey

5/21/15: In consumers we trust: Customer reviews boost online shopping

5/21/15: ESF Top 10 New Species for 2015

5/20/15: Binghamton University historian focuses on 18th-century Scotland

5/20/15: Stony Brook University set to launch Georgica Pond research project

5/20/15: Stony Brook scientists discover oldest stone tools on record

5/20/15: Retired SUNY Buffalo State professor ensures students keep making discoveries

5/19/15: Smoking and drug abuse could more than triple annual ER visits

5/19/15: NIH awards $2.2 million grant to William J. Brunken, PhD, for vision research

5/18/15: Stony Brook researcher helps discover unusual behavior in space

5/18/15: $4.2 M National Science Foundation grant funds “CyberHeart” project

5/15/15: SUNY Cobleskill students present striking research on soybean genetic engineering

5/15/15: UB and Roswell Park receive $1.85M grant to launch stem cell research program

5/14/15: Heavier, pricier vehicles are safer

5/13/15: IIE, UAlbany convene workshop on U.S.–Iran academic partnerships in public health and the medical sciences

5/13/15: University at Buffalo receives $9 million National Science Foundation grant

5/13/15: SUNY Awards $525,000 for campus collaborations in materials and advanced manufacturing research

5/12/15: Finding ways to keep older adults living longer independently

5/12/15: Breakthrough in tinnitus research could lead to testable model

5/12/15: SUNY Plattsburgh student selected for NASA’s Student Airborne Research Program

5/11/15: UB to exhibit rare, earliest-known works of Dylan Thomas

5/8/15: Aphid-like sensors track trees' response to global warming

5/8/15: Binghamton University students choose Art Museum's latest acquistition

5/7/15: Four cities working together with UAlbany to fight blight

5/6/15: ESF's American chestnut trees make return in NY

5/5/15: Thoughts drive dieting plans but feelings drive dieting behavior

5/5/15: SUNY Canton mathematician earns distinguished title

5/5/15: How noise changes the way the brain gets information

5/5/15: UAlbany awards 14 research projects driving innovation

5/4/15: SUNY Downstate Medical Center awarded nearly $4.6 million

5/4/15: SBU junior among 10 students nationwide to receive cancer research award

5/4/15: $2 million NIH grant brings potential cancer treatment a step closer to patients

5/4/15: Two faculty from Stony Brook University selected 2015 Guggenheim Fellows

5/1/15: UB grad students take second in statewide entrepreneurship competition

5/1/15: Recordings inducted into National Registry

5/1/15: Upcoming PBS series on human evolution features SBU faculty 

April 2015

4/30/15: Buffalo State professor, student seek solutions to sustainability in fashion

4/28/15: To combat ‘superbugs,’ UB immunologist suggests scientists should think like pathogens

4/27/15: Geneseo wins five awards in Business Plan Competition, including a first prize

4/27/15: ESF professor brings sustainability message to U.N.

4/27/15: Getting under the skin in Victorian England

4/24/15: ESF professor to speak at the United Nations

4/24/15: Transgender patients are dodging doctors

4/23/15: Upstate study uncovers new information on genomic instability

4/22/15: Single stream recycling leads to 25 percent increase in recyclables recovered

4/21/15: SUNY New Paltz faculty member named William T. Grant Foundation Scholar

4/21/15: Stony Brook chemistry professor wins inorganic nanoscience award

4/21/15: New mathematical model to may improve drug discovery

4/20/15: Happily ever after: UB scientists arrange protein-nanoparticle marriage

4/20/15: SUNY Fredonia research forms basis of new N.Y. Attorney General report

4/20/15: UAlbany-led study finds vibration theory of odor perception implausible

4/20/15: 60 is the new 50

4/17/15: Dawn of a new era in stroke treatment

4/17/15: University at Buffalo dean accepts top national honor on behalf of Women’s Health Initiative

4/16/15: Newer drug-coated stents prolong life expectancy according to UAlbany-NYU study

4/16/15: NSF grant to Oswego professor to offer student research opportunities

4/14/15: UAlbany study explains global warming 'hiatus' since 2000

4/14/15: Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory smashes record

4/14/15: Stony Brook computer scientist receives NSF Career Award

4/13/15: Buffalo State English professor delves into race in children's literature

4/10/15: Brockport hosts inaugural SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference

4/9/15: UB team designs brick-hauling robot, smart glasses for construction sites

4/8/15: Katniss Everdeen's complex identity

4/8/15: Stony Brook receives NIH award to develop a bioscience hub

4/8/15: Researchers identify subtype of lethal prostate cancer

4/8/15: Building pollution measurement systems to improve Adirondack air quality

4/7/15: Are you a Neanderthal?

4/5/15: BU student sets sights on saving energy

4/3/15: ESF professor honored for contributions in technology education

4/2/15: UB Professor White House bound

4/2/15: Black holes don’t erase information, UB scientists say

4/2/15: UB study: Subtle discrimination is easier to acknowledge when self-esteem is high

4/1/15: NSF funds cloud application modeling research at Stony Brook

March 2015

3/31/15: Exploring the evolution of Disney princesses

3/31/15: UAlbany researchers develop enhanced view of RNA to treat disease at its origins

3/27/15: SUNY Potsdam chemistry professor awarded National Institutes of Health grant

3/27/15: SUNY Potsdam students, faculty start Healthy Plant Initiative

3/26/15: SUNY Poly outlines new research alliance

3/25/15: Toward mentoring excellence, Stony Brook commits resources to SU2C

3/27/15: Love the cook, love the food

3/26/15: Peter M. Small, M.D. appointed founding director of the SBU Global Health Institute

3/25/15: Study maps development one county at a time

3/24/15: SUNY Poly start-up lands $250k investment

3/23/15: 10 more companies join START-UP NY

3/23/15: SUNY Cobleskill invests in MakerBot Starter Lab

3/23/15: Chamber of silence

3/19/15: SUNY Old Westbury professor co-authors autobiography of of physician and activist Beny J. Primm

3/19/15: A high tech option for colon cancer screening

3/19/15: Research examines coalition-building by Old World monkeys

3/19/15: Are you addicted to your social media accounts?

3/18/15: SBU professor selected for China`s High-end Foreign Experts Program

3/17/15: SUNY Upstate Medical University student wins Welch Allyn’s Ripple Effect Award

3/17/15 UAlbany uses 3-D technology to create prosthetic hands for children

3/17/15: Scientists find tropical cyclone size controlled by relative sea-surface temperatures

3/16/15: Buffalo State professor completes Fulbright visit to Colombia

3/16/15: Bioscience company licenses Stony Brook discovery

3/13/15 UB study links aging with increased trust and well-being

3/13/15: Stony Brook scientist named American Physical Society Fellow

3/13/15: SUNY on the Academic Minute 

3/12/15: Binghamton University chemist seeks new understanding of RNA

3/12/15: New study shows surprising risk created by access to personal information online

3/12/15: Stony Brook professor elected Fellow of the Anerican Academy of Microbiology

3/12/15 Fulbright to send Oswego professor to Finland for teaching, research

3/12/15: SUNY Geneseo and Letchworth State Park join forces

3/11/15: Morrisville State welcomes two business partners approved under START-UP NY

3/11/15: SUNY 4E - Breaking with tradition to increase collaboration

3/11/15: SUNY research team targets myopia

3/11/15: College reaches out with Casa Purchase

3/10/15: Innovation for the 21st and a Half Century

3/10/15: Shining a light on 3D RNA structure prediction to advance drug discovery

3/10/15: In wintry Buffalo, a café heated daily with just six logs of wood

3/9/15: Who benefits most from feminism?

3/6/15: Who am I?

3/6/15: Geneseo student engaged in development of SNCC voting rights website

3/6/15: SBU computer scientist receives prestigious NSF CAREER Award

3/5/15: Research may improve wireless technology

3/5/15: UAlbany gathers leading science innovators for RNA Symposium

3/5/15: Stony Brook researchers observe rapid changes in comet’s tail

3/4/15: SUNY Brockport sponsors initial Start-Up NY company

3/3/15: Physics meets animal behavior

3/3/15: SUNY Downstate scientists publish mood disorder research findings

3/2/15: UAlbany symposium showcases high school science student research statewide

February 2015

2/27/15: Electrochemical 'fingers' unlock battery's inner potential

2/27/15: Myelin-maker: How an FDA-approved drug boosts myelin synthesis

2/26/15: Kicking the habit

2/26/15: 3D Printing Initiative celebrates anniversary

2/25/15: Grant aims to reduce obesity in children in U.S., abroad

2/25/15: New technology tracks cell lineage to watch evolution at work

2/24/15: ESF senior honored at National STEM Conference

2/23/15: Stony Brook physics professor awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

2/19/15: A “game-changer” for stroke care

2/19/15: Study: Property crime down - if you don’t count cyber crime, identity theft

2/18/15: Overcoming our e-waste problem

2/16/15: UB researcher has some questions for the interview

2/16/15: SUNY Potsdam history professor awarded grant to study 'Japan in the Space Age'

2/16/15: Entrepreneurial students leverage passion for superfood to create ChugaChaga Tea

2/16/15: Study: Terror attacks offer insights for first responders

2/13/15: Would you take dieting advice from a friend?

2/13/15: Winter weather depriving city dwellers of vitamin D

2/11/15: ESF student’s research poster receives top honors

2/11/15: SUNY Geneseo receives National Science Foundation grant

2/11/15: Stony Brook research team finds how CBD, a component in marijuana, works within cells

2/11/15: Innovation Showcase to connect entrepreneurs with business leaders & investors

2/10/15: Engineer pursues biological solar power

2/10/15: The Genesee Oaks : A link to the past

2/9/15: Industrial aerosol emissions study published in Nature Geosciences

2/9/15: SUNY Poly CNSE No. 1 in U.S. for business-funded R&D

2/9/15: Industrial Aerosol Emissions Study Published in Nature Geosciences

2/6/15: UAlbany climatologist leads project developing a new gauge of climate change

2/6/15: NSF Awards $837,000 for Development of Nanoscale Sensor to Monitor Climate Change Effects on Trees

2/6/15: Ualbany Climatologist Leads Project Developing a New Gauge of Climate Change

2/6/15: Study Links New Genetic Anomalies to Breast Cancer in African American Families

2/5/15: SUNY New Paltz Professor Releases New Book on Gothic Art and Romantic Literature

2/4/15: UAlbany's Allison Appleton named Harvard JPB Environmental Health Fellow

2/4/15: Can Pot Treat Depression?

2/5/15: SUNY Upstate is Part of International Consortium to Share $12M NIH Grant

2/2/15: Stony Brook Professor Co-Authors Groundbreaking Paper on Gender Cognition

2/1/15: Software Company at SUNY Canton to Operate Tax-Free Through Start-Up NY

January 2015

1/29/15: $32K Awarded to Four UB Students for Start-Up Funding

1/29/15: UAlbany Researchers Study Coronary Interventions

1/29/15: Energy Efficient Renewable Wood Heating Systems

1/29/15: Focusing on Word Sounds Helps Reading

1/28/15: Buffalo State, Buffalo History Museum Collaborate on Century-Old Photographs

1/28/15: Did Genetic Links to Modern Maladies Provide Ancient Benefits?

1/28/15: Chemists Apply a Laser Focus on Solving Crimes

1/27/15: National Fellowship Grants Help UAlbany School of Social Welfare Students Confront Childhood Neglect

1/26/15: Forecasting extreme events

1/22/15: Gone Phishing

1/22/15: Diet Affects Brain Iron Levels Differently in Men and Women

1/22/15: Grand Opening

1/21/15: Macro-Micro Physics

1/21/15: Moth Eyes Inspire Solar Cell Innovation

1/21/15: How the Brain Remembers to Fear Danger

1/21/15: Ebola Spread Tied to Population Growth in Forested Regions

1/20/15: You Snooze, You Win

1/20/15: One Nanoparticle, Six Types of Medical Imaging

1/15/15: ESF Faculty Member Focuses on Collaboration as Presidential Fellow

1/15/15: Researchers Shake California Warehouse with 50 Tons of Force

1/15/15: How Plastics from Your Clothes Can End up in Your Fish

1/15/15: Saddleback Tortoise on Rebound in Galapagos

1/15/15: Great Lakes Center Conducts Sampling of Lower Niagara River

1/15/15: Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Funds Molecular Study at Upstate

1/15/15: In the Lab and on the Water, SBU Student is Driven to Succeed

1/14/15: START-UP NY Plan for Hudson Valley Community College Approved

1/13/15: We're Probably Drinking Plastic

1/13/15: UAlbany Receives $100K for Work on Homelessness

1/13/15: SBU Student Blogs from the South Pole 

1/12/15: SUNY Geneseo historian puts movie 'Selma' into perspective

1/8/15: Alcohol Warnings from Parents

1/8/15: Compact Batteries Enhanced by Spontaneous Silver Matrix Formations

1/8/15: UAlbany Center for Technology in Government Publishes a Roadmap for Public Libraries

1/8/15: CIA Forms Partnership for 3D Printed Food

1/8/15: Stony Brook Receives $2M DOE Grant to Create a New Super Energy-saving Air Conditioning Vent

1/7/15: SUNY Geneseo Professor Co-authors Article Recommending Action on Low-carb Diet for Diabetes Treatment

1/7/15: Oak Ridge Lab Confirms Blight Resistance of American Chestnut

1/6/15: Farmingdale State College Professors Receive $261,600 Grant from NOA

1/6/15: Positive Personality Traits May Protect Police at High Risk for PTSD

1/5/15: Brookhaven Science Associates Announces Brookhaven Lab Reorganization Changes

1/5/15: Research Conducted at Stony Brook Finds Environmentally Safe Way to Make Wood Flame Retardant

1/2/15: To Test Melty Nuclear Fuel, Levitate it First

2014 Research News 

December 2014

12/31/14: Twelve Amazing UB Discoveries for 2014

12/29/14: Governor Announces 13 More Businesses Will Create New Jobs

12/29/14: Microscopy Reveals How Atom-high Steps Impede Rust 

12/24/14: SUNY on the Academic Minute

12/23/14: Smart Energy Research Energizes Students

12/22/14: Upstate Graduate Student Receivees Four-year Fellowship

12/22/14: This Endoscope Zaps Tumors

12/19/14: Two SBU Scholars Elected American Physical Society Fellows

12/19/14: For This Scholar, Trash is Treasure

12/18/14: EPA Funding for Wetlands Work Benefits ESF Program

12/18/14: SUNY on the Academic Minute

12/16/14: SUNY Brockport Scientists Identify Presence of Invasive Species

12/16/14: SBU Professor Named Fellow the National Academy of Inventors

12/16/14: SUNY Adirondack Receives $65,000 for Feasibility Study

12/16/14: Accelerate LI's Latest Start-up Aims to Rewire Viruses with Software

12/16/14: SUNY Oneonta Wins Grant for Sustainability Project

12/16/14: Making Cancer Cells More Sensitive is Goal of UB Study

12/16/14: SUNY Provost Alexander N. Cartwright named as National Academy of Inventors Fellow

12/16/14: Undergrads Explore Use of Bee Venom to Fight Infection

12/15/14: Upstate is Part of National Innovative Shoulder Replacement Implant Study

12/15/14: Massive Study Provides Detailed Look at How Greenland's Ice is Vanishing

12/15/14: Ponies' History Provides Cultural Insights

12/15/14: Climate Study Predicts a Significant Increase of Lightning

12/15/14: ESF Receives Major Grant for Bioenergy

12/15/14: SUNY Teaching Professor Inspires Smithsonian Magazine's Spring Issue

12/12/14: Consider the Invader: Minor Differences May Have Major Impact

12/11/14: UB Research Raises Consciousness for Dehydration Concerns in Diabetic Patients

12/11/14: Laurie T. Krug Named 2014 Stony Brook University Discover Prize Fellow

12/10/14: A Safer Way to Make Stem Cells

12/10/14: Those TV Reruns Can Do You Good

12/9/14: UAlbany Study Finds Social Media to be Potentially Addictive

12/8/14: Does Smoking Hamper Treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

12/5/14: Geneseo Prof Unravels Mysteries of Mars

12/4/14: Binghamton Researchers Link Late Evenings to Repetitive Negative Thoughts

12/4/14: SUNY Potsdam Awarded $878K US Department of Education Grant

12/4/14: Quiet as a Mouse but so Much to Hear

12/2/14: UB Science and Engineering "Portal" Aims to Boost WNY Economy

12/1/14: This suitcase Just Raised $1.4M and Actually Looks Useful

November 2014

11/14: SUNY Plattsburgh Lands Two Prestigious Grants

11/26/14: ESF Student Participates in SEA Semester Program

11/25/14: Two SBU Professors elected AAAS Fellows

11/25/14: A Hybrid Vehicle that Delivers DNA

11/25/14: Could Algae Help Repair Damage After Heart Attack

11/24/14: Sharon Nachman Leads NIH-sponsored Study of Mother-to-child HIV Transmission

11/25/14: UAlbany to Host First Data Research Laboratory

11/24/14: Lake Erie is Focus of Bionational Study

11/24/14: Measuring the Fear of Ebola

11/17/14: Stony Brook Researchers Receive INCITE Award

11/15/14:  Researchers Aim to Turn Wearables into Mini Hospitals

11/14/14: Binghamton Grad Student Wins NSF Fellowship

11/13/14: HVCC Technology Education Center Awarded $2.1 million NSF Grant

11/13/14: UAlbany School of Public Health Receives $1.1 million Federal Grant

11/12/14: Brookhaven Science Associates Awarded Brookhaven Lab Management Contract

11/8/14: Newly Discovered Fossil is a Clue to Early Mammalian Evolution

11/6/14: Breakthrough at SUNY-ESF: Genetic Engineering may Save the Nearly Extinct American Chestnut

11/3/14: Oishei to fund SUNY Fredonia Incubator with 3-year Grant

11/3/14: War on Addiction:  Suffolk Awarded $847K Federal Grant, Sole NY Recipient, One of 18 Nationally

October 2014

10/28/14: University Research Translates Into Entergy Materials Startup

10/21/14: Cuomo Announces 17 More Businesses Choose to Expand or Locate in New York State Under START-UP NY

10/14/14: Glaucoma Start-up Eyes START-UP NY in Albany

10/8/14: UB Biotech Start-up Sells rights to Potential Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

10/7/14: Carestream, UBMD Orthopaedics to Develop 3-D Medical Imaging System

10/7/14: UAlbany Unveils $30M IT Center

10/6/14: Research: Trying to Capture a Flux of Carbon Dioxide from Fresh Water

10/6/14: SUNY BEST Speakers Look to Create ‘College Town,’ Keep Grad Local

10/1/14: SUNY Oswego Gets $2.88 Million Federal Grant

September 2014

9/30/14: Japan and SUNY Poly in $25 Million Partnership at ZEN

9/24/14: SUNY Convenes International Environmental Change Experts, Scientists

9/22/14: SUNY Awards $633,000 to Share Teaching & Learning Innovations Across the System

9/18/14: UAlbany Researcher Awarded $1.5M to Examine Impact of Pollutants on Aging Population

9/17/14: SUNY Announces $710,000 for Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Research by Students and Faculty

9/16/14: NSF Awards $1.91M Grant to Stony Brook-led International Scientific Team

9/15/14: Manufacturing Company Expands into New York

9/9/14: UB Research to Improve Cloud Computing Earns NSF Grant

9/4/14: NIH Awards $8.2 Million to SUNY Research Foundation in Support of DEARC

9/2/14: UAlbany Students, Faculty Researcher Participate in SUNY Brain Program

9/2/14: UAlbany Research Team Gets $1.34 Million 

6/16/14: Biologist Targets Dormant Bacteria


May 5 BOD presentation on Operating Plan

Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Plan