Supervisor Training

Supervisory Responsibilities – for RF and SUNY Employees Supervising One or More RF Employees

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First 30 Days – Policy Review

Complete Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Training

The Research Foundation has launched mandatory online training for Preventing Harassment & Discrimination. This course is designed to further our commitment to maintaining a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. Employees are required to complete this training annually. New staff should complete the course as soon as possible upon hire. The course is approximately 25-35 minutes.

You can expect to receive an email fromlms@bizlibrary.comcontaining your login credentials within two weeks from your start date. This email will provide you with access to the BizLibrary Learning Management System.

Additionally, certain campuses may offer this training locally. If that is the case for you, your local HR office or supervisor will provide you with specific instructions on how to complete the course.


If you have completed this training elsewhere in the past 12 months, please fill out and return the attestation below to your local HR office:

Complete Information Security Training

Reach out to your local HR and IT offices.

Participate in Leading People Responsibly

Enhance your onboarding experience with our comprehensive Live-Online Leading People Responsibly program, conducted multiple times throughout the year. To inquire about the upcoming session, reach out to us at If attending the live session isn't feasible, you can conveniently watch the informative video below at your own pace.

Watch Leading People Responsibly

Although primarily designed for those who supervisor and manage RF staff, we warmly welcome all aspiring leaders to participate.

Review the following:

Within 60 DaysManager Learning

  • View Learning Tuesday, Best Practices in Employee Relations and Coaching for Performance (about 15 minutes)


Within 90 Days – Elective Self-Paced Courses

We invite you to explore our  Learning Management System (LMS), BizLibrary, designed to cater to your specific needs. Discover a wide range of courses that can enhance your professional development.

Within the LMS you can search key words such as accountability, diversity, coaching, or communication. These key phrases will help you discover courses that align with your interests and areas for improvement.

For access to BizLibrary, please contact

To provide you with a glimpse of the quality courses available, here are some examples of popular courses: