Supervisor Training

Supervisory Responsibilities – for RF and SUNY Employees Supervising One or More RF Employees

First 30 Days  |   Within 60 Days  |   Within 90 Days  |  Ongoing

First 30 Days – Policy Review

Within 60 DaysManager Learning

  • View Learning Tuesday, What all RF Supervisors Need to Know (all topics 1 hour)
  • View Learning Tuesday, Best Practices in Employee Relations (about 15 minutes)
  • View Learning Tuesday, Coaching for Performance (about 15 minutes)

Within 90 Days – More Manager Learning


  • Coaching RF Staff in “what they do and how they do it”
  • Behavioral Based Interviewing Techniques 
  • Hold 1:1 meetings with staff each month to discuss work objectives and professional development goals
  • Encourage RF Mentoring Program and leadership training 
  • Discuss Supervisory Issues with your Human Resources Office