Training for New Hires

Welcome to the Research Foundation for SUNY.

The first days, weeks, and months of a new job are filled with excitement, a wealth of information, and many questions.  This site provides the key information new employees should know to excel in their roles at the RF and a roadmap to help determine when to tackle each new on-boarding task.

First 30 Days  |   Within 60 Days  |   Within 90 Days  |   Within 120 Days  |   Ongoing  |   Learning & Development Opportunities Specific to Your Role

Additional learning and development goals specific to your role and campus can be found at your worksite and discussed with your supervisor or local HR Officer.

Click here for a pdf to check off your progress as you go.

Click here to see our Top 10 Learning Opportunities.

First 30 Days

Review sample new employee checklist:

Watch welcome video from RF President Dr. Jeff Cheek:


Watch RF Board video:

Learn more about the organization:

Receive answers to your benefits questions:

Get help with common tasks:  

Benefits Guide

Benefits Self Service Video

Non-Exempt Time Reporting Guide

Exempt E-Time Reporting Guide

Non-Exempt Bi-Weekly Timecard Demo

Exempt Monthly Timecard Demo

iExpense Guide*

Payroll Guide

*This tool is specific to Binghamton, ESF, Buffalo State, Oneonta, New Paltz, SUNY Downstate and Central Office.

Complete critical online training:

  • Preventing Discrimination and Harassment
  • Information Security

Email to enroll.

SRAI Level Up Learning:

  • Talk to your supervisor about if Level Up Learning is right for you.
  • Powered by Society of Research Administrators International, courses range from 2 to 5 hours in duration on topics most relevant to the modern research administration professional. Each module includes a randomized, comprehensive 50 question exam that challenges staff to demonstrate their aptitude while reinforcing the lessons and insights contained in the course. Unlimited access is available through December 2022 only. Reach out to to find out more information.

Within 60 Days

Watch: “Lifecycle of Sponsored Program” video

Visit the Learning Tuesdays webpage:

  • Learning Tuesdays are Live-streaming 45-90-minute trainings on topics that span SUNY’s research enterprise.
  • Visit the Past Programs Page to watch previous episodes. Search by keyword to find episodes that interest you in your role at the RF.

Within 90 Days

Watch “Power & Privilege in the Workplace”:

Visit NCURA website:

Within 120 Days

Watch Solutions for Information Overload and Multitasking (Optional)

Write a professional development plan: 


Check the Learning & Development Calendar for a list of current offerings. 

Learn about the Mentoring Program. 

Learn about the Research Administrators' Virtual Academy.

Learning & Development Opportunities Specific to Your Role 

Training for Researchers

Training for Sponsored Programs Staff

Training for Supervisors

Training for AP / Purchasing Staff

*Notes: The RF has a library of online trainings that may be of interest to you. For Questions on what is currently available and/or to take a course please email