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Compliance Training

The RF Central Office Corporate Compliance Team regularly offers training across the enterprise. Their catalog of classroom trainings includes the following topics: Corporate Governance & Intro to Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and Speaking Truth to Power. Additionally, the Compliance Team has a number of animated training videos available as well as archived virtual training courses. For compliance training requests contact and

For a sampling of the compliance teams dynamic offerings check out the recorded training sessions linked here.

Stop, Question, Think - What You Need to Know About Ethics at SUNY & RF
This two - hour session demystifies the conflicts of interest and other ethical scenarios facing SUNY and the RF. Panelists will provide an overview of Public Officer’s Law 73 & 74. Learn “how to spot a conflict and discover who to tell about it.” Hear from campuses on their best practices and get familiar with our training programs.

Child Protection

The SUNY System-wide Child Protection Policy was passed by the SUNY Board on June 17, 2014. The policy sets protocols and mandates for SUNY and Research Foundation programs and activities that involve the custody, control, and supervision of children.

Child Protection Policy Training: The SUNY Office of General Counsel and the SUNY Compliance Office have teamed up to deliver system-wide training on the SUNY Child Protection Policy.  The following materials are available for SUNY campuses and RF programs, employees, and representatives to use for their local training.

Materials Include:

Employee Conduct During Travel Status

Click here to access materials.