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A-110 Excerpts: Procurement Standards

Accounts Receivable Invoice issues

Administering Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Administering Letter of Credit Sponsored Programs Accounts

Administration of Fellowships

Administration for Industrial Relationships - Guidelines 

Administrative Property Insurance

Allocating Part of an Award to Another Campus or Department within SUNY

Anti-Bribery and FCPA Guideline

AP Cost Transfer

Application Review and Endorsement

Assignment and Monitoring of Temporary Tax Identification numbers (TINs)

Authorizing Withdrawals from Optional Plan Due to Financial Hardship

Award Edits

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Balancing Cash Receipts

Benefits Administration: Overview

Benefits Continuation: COBRA

Benefits Continuation: Young Adult Option

Benefit Processing Administrator Guide

Budget Adjustment Procedures

Budgetary Controls

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Calculating Drawdown Amounts

Campus Central Stores and Service Centers

Cash Awards: Reconciling and Applying Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts Function

Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance

Category Refund or Reimbursement Processing

Central Office Mobile Device Reimbursement Procedure

Central Office Phishing Exercise Compliance Reward and Non-Compliance Escalation

Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting): Overview

Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters

Check Copy Procedure

Check/Electronic Payment Production and Distribution

Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors

Closing an Award or Project

Collecting Payroll Overpayments

College Savings Program (529 Plan)

Compensation at Termination of Employment

Compensation Reporting

Completing and Monitoring Attendance Reports Procedure

Completing and Submitting the Federal Cash Transactions Report (FCTR Form 425)

Completing the Alternate Payment Form

Completing the Alternate Payment Form for ACH Transfers for Internal Awards

Conflicts of Interest - Managing Guidelines

Continuation of Benefits: Overview

Corporate GL Withholding Awards

Correcting Overexpended Awards, Projects, and Tasks

Cost Sharing: A Guide for Administrators

Create and Update Policies

Create and Update Procedures and Guidelines

Creating Outstanding Check Letters from the RF Outstanding Check Register

File Lock Symbol Custom Sponsor Record Updates

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Date Amendments: Changing Start and End Dates in Grants Management

Deceased Employee's Final Wage Payment

Deferred Compensation Plan: Enroll an Employee

Delegation of Authority Procedure

Dental Plan: Eligibility for Coverage

Dental Plan: Waiting Periods, Continuation of Benefits, and Termination

Depositing Cash Receipts to an RF Bank Account

Description of Assignment Groups

Determining Direct and Facilities & Administration (F&A) Costs

Developing Job Descriptions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Direct Deposit: Enrollment and Payment Method Changes

Direct Deposit: Is Direct Deposit Right for You?

Distribute Credit for Interdisciplinary Activity on Awards and Projects

Distribution of Royalty Income Procedure

Documentation Guidelines for Purchasing and Payment Activities

Drug Free Workplace

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E-3 Visa Holder Employment

E-Verify: Accounts Payable Guidelines

E-verify: Employee Verification Procedure

E-Verify Optional Clause

E-Verify: Purchasing Guidelines

Educational Assistance Plan for Graduate Student Employees

Effect of Re-employment on Retirement Tier

Electronic Signatures for Purchase Orders

Electronic Signature Guideline

Employee Orientation Materials to be Provided to New Employees

Employee Orientation Procedure

Employment Eligibility Requirements: The I-9 Process

Employment of Persons Under the Age of Eighteen

Engaging Independent Contractors

Enter or Change for a Payment Method

Entering Follow-up on Outstanding Accounts Receivable Invoices

Equity Administration Procedure

Equity Administration Guidelines

Establishing and Maintaining Campus Bank Accounts and Petty Cash Funds

Establishing and Maintaining Campus Reserves to Cover Losses

Establishing and Maintaining Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Evaluation of Computer Software Guidelines

Excerpts: Unallowable Costs

Export Controls

Exporting Data from Oracle Applications

Extra Service Assignments - Oracle Input and Monitoring

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F-1 Student Visa Category

F-1 Student Visa Holder Employment

Facilities and Administrative Costs Primer

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) & NYS Paid Family Leave (PFL)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Request for Leave Forms and Posted Notices

Fellow Health Insurance Premiums Paid by an Award

Fellowship Award Changes

Finance Duty Segregation Guidelines

Financial Risk Accountability Procedure

First Billing Offset Days: Functionality and Use

Fixed Price Balance Awards

Flexible Spending Accounts

Follow-up and Cancellation Recall Procedures for Wire Transfers & Foreign Drafts

Forged Checks Procedure

Form B- New York State Consultant Services Contractor's Annual Employment Report

Formal Collection Action

Fraud and Misconduct - Procedure for Investigating

Fringe Benefit Administration

Funding Received Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

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General Information on Financial Hardship Withdrawals

Gift Acceptance Procedure

Gifts Guidelines

Governmental Restrictions on Transfer of Information & Materials to Foreign

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan (GSEHP): Pretax Guidelines

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan (GSEHP): Providing Information to Eligible Employees and Fellows

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan: Summer Period Continuation of Benefits

Grants Management Billing Duty Segregation Guidelines

Guidance for Determination of the Actual Wage

Guidelines for Administration of Industrial Relationships

Guidelines for Bayh-Dole Compliance

Guidelines for Developing Job Descriptions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) (HTML)

File Lock Symbol  Guidelines for Industry Sponsored Research Agreements

Guidelines for Materials Testing Agreements

Guidelines for Protecting Research Foundation Data

Guidelines for Responding to Sponsor, Regulatory and Investigative Inquiry

Guidance for using the O*NET Website

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H-1B Petition for a Nonimmigrant Employee

H-1B Visa Holder Employment

Hiring Retired SUNY Employees (Guidance)

Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act

Hourly Encumbering

How to Obtain Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts

Human Resources/Payroll/Labor Distribution Duty Segregation

Human Subject Payments

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Identifying and Collecting Past Due Accounts Receivable Invoices

Identifying Cash Receipts

IFR and Cost Sharing: Calculation of Award Charges Worksheet

IFR and Cost Sharing: Monthly Process for SUNY Payroll

IFR and Cost Sharing Records Entering and Updating Records in Oracle

Immigrant Visa: Obtaining a Labor Certification

Immigrant Visa: Permanent Residency

Immigrant Visa: Petitioning for an Employment-based Immigrant Visa

Immigrant Visa: Preference Classification for Employment-based Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visa: Supporting Evidence Required for Employment-based Immigrant Visa

Impact of Oracle Human Resources Record

Impact of Project, Task, and Award Establishment on Accounts Receivable

Implementing Federal Cost Accounting Standards

Implementing the Progressive Discipline Policy

Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) and Cost Sharing (CS) Assignments

Indirect Cost Controls and Calculation

Industrial Relationships - Administration Guidelines

Information on Continuation of Coverage While on LOA Under USERRA and VBIA

Information Security Guidelines for International Travel

Information Security Procedure for International Travel (RF Central Office)

Interest Income and Quarterly Interest Allocations

International Travel Assistance Benefits: Administrative Guide

Invoice and Payment Process

Invoice Holds

Involuntary Termination of Employment

IRS Categories of Evidence

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J-1 Visa Category: Professors and Research Scholars

J-1 Visa Category: Students

J-1 Visa Holder Employment

Joint Venture Guidelines




Labor Condition Application for H-1B and E-3 Nonimmigrants

Letter of Credit Payment Process: Overview

License Agreement Monitoring Guidelines

Life Insurance Payments to Beneficiaries

Life Insurance Plan: Claims Appeal Process

Life Insurance Plan: Processing Claims

Long-Term Disability Insurance: Claims Process

Long-Term Disability Insurance: Overview

Long-Term Disability Insurance: When Coverage Begins and Ends

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Managing Conflicts of Interest

Managing Conflicts of Interest Guidelines

Managing Financial Risks at the Research Foundation

Medical Child Support Order: How to Determine Qualification

Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax

Monitoring and Reconciling Unapplied Cash Receipts

Monitoring Controls Over Accounts Payable/Purchase Order Key Processes

Monitoring Controls Over Accounts Receivable Key Processes

Monitoring Controls Over Cash Management Key Processes

Monitoring Controls Over Grants Management

Monitoring Controls Over Key Personnel Administration Processes

Monitoring Controls Over Payroll Processing

Monitoring Nepotism in the Workplace Procedure

Monitoring Payroll Suspense

Monthly Reconciliation of NSF LOC Awards

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NACUBO Classification

NAFTA Professional List

New Employee Process

NYS Disability Benefits

NYS Disability Insurance

New York State Executive Order 127

Noncitizen Employment Forms

Non-overnight Meal Payment Processing

Notification Procedure for Electronic Breach of Information Security

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Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

OMB Circular A-110 - Amended for FOIA Access

Oracle Input and Monitoring of Extra Service Appointments

Organization Structure Additions and Changes

OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping

Out-of-Pocket Expense Reimbursement

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Participant Support Payment Processing

Patent Costs Reimbursement Processing

Pay Cards: Enrollment and Payment Method Changes

Payroll Collections

Payroll Encumbering Process

Payroll Overpayment Account

Payroll Standard Operational Reports

Payroll Suspense, Other Activity & NIH Overage Award Numbers

Performance Appraisal Program for Administrative Employees

Personal Use of Research Foundation Vehicles

Personnel Files

Personnel Functions and Responsibilities

Phased Retirement

Placing Expenditures on Billing Hold

Position Classification and Compensation

Position Standards and Titles Guideline

Position Vacancy

Posting Notices

Post-Travel Review Checklist

Pre-employment Background Check

Pre-Travel Checklist

Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information

Procedure for Investigating Fraud and Misconduct

Procedure for Reviewing Executive Compensation

Processing Employee Assignments with a Sponsor-imposed Salary Cap

Processing IFR Cost Sharing Assignments with a Sponsor-imposed Salary Cap

Processing the SUNY Payroll (IFR and Cost Sharing) Appointment Change Form

Procurement Instruments

Project Related Property Insurance


Property Management Handbook

Property Management Process: Overview

Providing Information to Employees at Termination

Purchase Order Guidelines

Purposes of Personnel Administration Procedure Groups

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Qualifying Events Permitting Pretax Deduction Changes



Real Asset Management System User Guide

Receiving Goods and Services

Record Retention: Account Expenditure Records

Record Retention: Destruction of Records Guideline

Record Retention: Person-related Records

Record Retention: Project Administration Records

Record Retention: Technology Transfer Records

Recordkeeping Requirements for Labor Condition Applications

Reduction-in-Force Severance Program and Payment for Administrative Employees

Refund to Sponsors

Renewal Awards

Reporting Periods for Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting)

Request for Proposal Guidelines

Requesting Chancellor Approval for Exceptions to Policies

Requirements for Overtime Pay

Rescind an Award or Project

Research Management and Support Allocations

Resolving Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaints

Resolving Differences Between the GMS and the RFASI

Resolving Problems When Processing Charges Against an Award

Resolving Workplace Concerns Procedure

Responsibilities for Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting)

Retroactive Payroll Payments Processing

Returned Checks from Sponsors

Return Receipts Deposited into an RF Bank Account in Error

Review Request for Goods, Services, or Payment

RF Business Systems Access Administrator Handbook

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Salary and Wage Administration Functions and Responsibilities

Salary and Wage Cost Transfers

Salary Rules and Procedures for Bonus Payments

Segregating User Duties

Segregation of Duties Guidelines - Finance

Segregation of Duties Guidelines - Grants Management (OGM) Billing

Segregation of Duties Guidelines - Human Resources/Payroll/Labor Distribution

Selecting a Vendor or Independent Contractor Guidelines

Service Credit Accumulation Rules

Service, Facilities, and Third-party Recharge Award Administration

Shared and Cooperative Use of Property

Solicitation Guidelines

Sponsor Invoicing

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: Department of Defense

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: Including Clinical Practice

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: National Institutes of Health Limitations

Sponsor Salary Restrictions: National Institutes of Health, AHRQ, and SAMHSA

Sponsor Required Reports

Spousal Rights to Vested Retirement Accumulations

Stop Payment Procedure

Subaward Activity to another SUNY Campus

Subrecipient Monitoring and Management

Subrecipient/Vendor Relationship

Summary of Visa Types and Employability of Visa Holders

Summer-only Assignments

Summer-only Assignments: Redetermination

Supplier File: Reference Guide

Supplier File: Naming Standards

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Taxation and Reporting for Moving Expenses Support Procedure

Taxation and Reporting for Non-Salary Payments Guidance

Taxation and Reporting for Non-Salary Payments Procedure


Transaction Controls

Transaction Processing to an Award

Transferring Employees Between Operating Locations

Transferring Employees Within the Same Operating Location

Transmittal for Deposit

Travel Time Reporting For Non-Exempt Employees

Tuition Waiver Program

Twenty Factors of the "Common Law Test"

Two, Three, and Four Way Matching

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Unallowable Cost Listing

Unemployment Insurance: Benefits

Unemployment Insurance: Claims Process

Unemployment Insurance: Eligibility Requirements

Unemployment Insurance: Maximum Weekly Benefit

Unemployment Insurance: Overview

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Verifying Credentials of Licensed Professionals

Verifying Credentials of New Employees

Voluntary Termination of Employment

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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Claims Process





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