Export Controls


Disclosing Foreign Interests in Research
In recent years, the U.S government has become increasingly concerned with inappropriate influence by foreign entities in federally-funded research. This short video provides an overview of what researchers should know about disclosing foreign interests in this context.

Export Controls 101 Overview
Export Controls Guidance


Informed and proactive compliance with U.S. export control regulations is an important contribution to U.S. national security. The Research Foundation (RF) is committed to assuring due diligence and compliance with the U.S. federal government export control laws and regulations.

Any activity involving funding through the RF should be reviewed carefully because every export control issue is situational, especially if the project involves a foreign component.

The basic questions to ask include:

  • What items or technologies are being used?
  • Where are any items or technologies going?
  • Who will access the research, items or technologies?

These web pages are a resource to help principal investigators (PIs) comply with export controls regulations. The information is high-level and was designed to provide PIs with an understanding of the impact of export controls. For more information:

  • The research/sponsored programs office at each SUNY campus is the first point of contact for export controls in matters related to sponsored program and technology transfer activities. You should contact them if you think you have an export situation, need more information or have any questions. They have access to software that simplifies reviewing your situation in accordance with the export control regulations and lists.
  • Additional information is also posted on the RF’s password-protected Web site.

You should not make a final decision about whether or not an export license is needed based solely on this information. Instead, these web pages should be used as a starting point before you contact your campus research/sponsored programs office.

Remember, export controls rules and regulations must be carefully reviewed for every export situation.

A list of common definitions about exports and export controls.

Information about what each of the three federal government agencies responsible for implementing export control regulations regulate, cover and prohibit as well as links to the regulations.

Penalties and Sanctions 
The noncompliance penalties and sanctions for individuals as well as well as institutions.

Education, Templates, Tools
Information to help you understand and identify potential export controls issues.

Exclusions and Exceptions
The exclusions and exceptions that apply to researchers in a university setting as long as certain conditions are maintained.