Sponsored Programs Data


The RF's Key Performance Indicators provide a number of perspectives from which to view sponsored programs expenditures at SUNY:

Sponsored Programs:

KPI 1.1: Expenditures by activity type, funding source, and sponsor type.
KPI 1.2: Organized research expenditures.
KPI 2.1: Business and industry expenditures.
KPI 2.12: Sponsored Programs Clinical Trials Expenditures 

Innovation Indicators:

KPI 2.2: Number of Invention Disclosures by Fiscal Year
KPI 2.3: Number of U.S. Patent Applications Filed by Fiscal Year
KPI 2.4: Number of U.S. Patents Issued by Fiscal year
KPI 2.5: Number of License and Option Agreements Executed by Fiscal Year
KPI 2.6: Royalty Income from Licensing by Fiscal Year
KPI 2.7: New Startups Formed to Commercialize SUNY Technologies
KPI 2.8: Number of Operational Startups
KPI 2.9: SUNY Born Technologies, Products, and Services Publicly Available
KPI 2.10: Number of New Inventors by Fiscal Year
KPI 2.11: Innovations Licensed or Optioned by Fiscal Year

KPI 2.13: Number of Jobs Resulting from Sponsored Programs and RF Corporate Activities


Additionally the FY2016-2017 Sponsored Program Expenditures analysis is  available. 


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