Sponsored Programs Administration Contacts

RF Central Office

Scott Shurtleff
Director Sponsored Programs Administration, Office of Contract and Grant Services
518 434-7284, scott.shurtleff@rfsuny.org

Mark Abbey
Associate Director Sponsored Programs Administration, Post Award Enterprise Services
518 434-7108, mark.abbey@rfsuny.org

Anna Hartz
Manager Enterprise Wide Support  (Centralized/Decentralized Campus Support, Oracle Grants/Accounts Receivable, PACS, Third Party System Support including SAM, Customer File, Grants Gateway)
518 434-7129, anna.hartz@rfsuny.org

Regina Buschmann
Grants & Contract Coordinator (Royalty Accounts)
518 434-7141, regina.buschmann@rfsuny.org

Tracy Parker
Contract & Grant Administrator (Centralized Campuses)
518 434-7245, tracy.parker@rfsuny.org

Nancy Minnich
Account Establishment Supervisor (Centralized Campuses)
518 434-7286, nancy.minnich@rfsuny.org

Janice Eden
Accounts Receivable Supervisor (Centralized Campuses)
518 434-7160, janice.eden@rfsuny.org

Carrie MacCue
518 434-7112, carrie.maccue@rfsuny.org


Additional Sponsored Program Contact Information

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