Export Control: Education, Templates, Tools



Export Controls Training - Reducing the risk to your campus

Discusion at the 2017 Research Administrators' Symposium of recent case studies of representative issues that have been encountered at various universities.  Through the case studies, discussion was around what information is needed to be able to evaluate a potential export risk and possible solutions.


SUNY and Export Controls: Compliance, Education and Awareness

An in-depth presentation about export controls given by Richard A. Johnson, an attorney with Arnold and Porter LLP, at Stony Brook University on March 2, 2009.

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Video (1 hour, 36 minutes):

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An Introduction to Export Controls: What Principal Investigators Need to Know

This primer discusses export controls, including: Their impact, the areas that are subject to export controls and the role of the principal investigator.

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The BIS Online Training Room offers training modules and Webinars about export controls and the EAR, including:

  • Essentials of Export Controls
  • Deemed Exports
  • Antiboycott Compliance



Technology Control Plan

A Technology Control Plan (TCP) outlines the procedures that will be used to prevent the unauthorized export of and/or access to controlled items, technology or data. Campus principal investigators and staff may use this template to develop a TCP.


Export Control Certification

This template may be used to document the export controls certification that is required on Form I-129 for a foreign national person working on a sponsored program at a SUNY campus location on an H-1B or O-1 Visa.



Do you need a license? A Diagram developed by Jilda Diehl Garton, presented at a University Connected Research Foundations (UCRF) meeting on April 26, 2004, is a helpful aid in determining whether or not export controls apply to a contractual situation. Follow the diagram to determine if a license is required.