Compliance & Ethics Week 2022

Please join the Research Foundation in celebrating Compliance & Ethics Week by participating in one of the following activities: 

RF Website Scavenger Hunt

Fifteen questions will test your knowledge of the information and resources available on the RF Website. Can you find all the answers before the week is over? Click the link below to begin the scavenger hunt.

What Does it Mean to be Ethical?

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think it means to be an ethical person. To set the stage, we asked a few SUNY/RF leaders to answer this question in the video below. Please watch and then send us a video of yourself sharing what you think.

Please record yourself answering this question. You can use a standard cellphone camera to record. Send it to us via this link. Don't overthink it! We welcome short answers that are from the heart. 


All SUNY and RF employees who participate by completing the scavenger hunt and/or sending a video about “what it means to be ethical” will be entered in a drawing to win the following prizes: 

prizes for compliance week 2022

Thank you to the Design Team who helped plan and put together these activities! 

Design Team: 
MikaElla Hernandez
Andrew Kenyon
Devin McCarthy 
George Mossad
Gaby Seim
Jessica Stanley-Updyke