Policies & Procedures by Topic – Human Resources





Administering Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Administration of Fellowships

Appearance of RF Representatives at Unemployment Insurance Hearings Policy

Letters of Appointment Policy

Assignment and Monitoring of Temporary Tax Identification numbers (TINs)

Description of Assignment Groups

Authorizing Withdrawals from Optional Plan Due to Financial Hardship

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Basic Retirement Plan: Distributions from Vested Contracts

Basic Retirement Plan: Eligibility for Coverage

Basic Retirement Plan: Information Provided to Vested Employees

Basic Retirement Plan: Vesting Process

Benefits Administration: Overview

Benefits Continuation: After Death

COBRA: Benefits Continuation

Benefits Continuation: Young Adult Option

Benefits Open Enrollment

Benefit Processing Administrator Guide

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Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors

College Savings Program (529 Plan)

Communication with Applicants and Offers of Employment Policy

Compensation at Termination of Employment

Compensation Reporting

Completing and Monitoring Attendance Reports Procedure

Consumer Medical Resource Brochure (pdf)

Continuation of Benefits: Overview

Correcting Salary Deduction Errors in Employees' Pay

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Deceased Employee's Final Wage Payment

Deferred Compensation Plan: Enroll an Employee

Dental Plan: Eligibility for Coverage

Dental Plan: Waiting Periods, Continuation of Benefits, and Termination

Developing Job Descriptions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Disciplinary Action Regarding a Breach of Confidentiality PHI

Drug Free Workplace

Drug-free Workplace Policy

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E-3 Visa Holder Employment

Educational Assistance Plan for Graduate Student Employees

Effect of Re-employment on Retirement Tier

Employee Orientation Guidelines

Employee Orientation Policy

Employment Eligibility Policy

Employment Eligibility Requirements: The I-9 Process

Employment of Noncitizens Outside the U.S. Policy

Employment of Persons Under the Age of Eighteen

E-verify: Employee Verification Procedure

Executive Compensation Policy

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F-1 Student Visa Category

F-1 Student Visa Holder Employment

F-1 Student Visa Holder Policy

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Biweekly Premiums for Continuation of Benefits for Regular Employees

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Request for Leave Forms and Posted Notices

Fellow Health Insurance Premiums Paid by an Award

Fellowship and Participant Stipend Policy

Fellowship Award Changes

Flexible Spending Accounts

Fringe Benefit Administration

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General Information on Financial Hardship Withdrawals

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan (GSEHP)

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan (GSEHP): Eligibility for Coverage

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan: Providing Information

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan: Summer Period Continuation of Benefits

Educational Assistance Plan for Graduate Student Employees

Guidance for Determination of the Actual Wage

Guidelines for Inputting Veterans Information

Guidance for using the O*NET Website

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H-1B Petition for a Nonimmigrant Employee

H-1B Visa Holder Employment

Heath Insurance Changes

Health Insurance Plan: Changing Coverage of Domestic Partners

Health Insurance Plan: Eligibility for Coverage

HERO Act Development of Airborne Infections Disease Prevention Plan

Hiring Retired SUNY Employees

Hourly Encumbering

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Illness and Injury Reporting Policy

Immigrant Visa: Obtaining a Labor Certification

Immigrant Visa: Permanent Residency

Immigrant Visa: Petitioning for an Employment-based Immigrant Visa

Immigrant Visa: Preference Classification for Employment-based Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visa: Supporting Evidence Required for Employment-based Immigrant Visa

Impact of Oracle Human Resources Record

Implementing the Progressive Discipline Policy

Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors

International Travel Assistance Benefits: Administrative Guide

Involuntary Termination of Employment

IRS Categories of Evidence

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J-1 Visa Category: Professors and Research Scholars

J-1 Visa Category: Students

J-1 Visa Holder Employment

J-1 Visa Holder Policy


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Labor Condition Application for H-1B and E-3 Nonimmigrants

Lactation Break and Accommodation Policy

Leave Administration Handbook

Leave of Absence: Continuation of Group Coverage While on Leave Other Than Family and Medical Leave

Letters of Appointment Policy

Life Insurance Payments to Beneficiaries

Life Insurance Plan: Claims Appeal Process

Life Insurance Plan: Eligibility for Coverage

Life Insurance Plan: Overview

Life Insurance Plan: Processing Claims

Life Insurance Plan: When Coverage Begins and Ends

Long-Term Care Plan

Long-Term Disability Insurance: Claims Process

Long-Term Disability Insurance: Overview

Long-Term Disability Insurance: When Coverage Begins and Ends

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Meal Periods and Work Breaks Policy

Medical Child Support Order: How to Determine Qualification

Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax

Monitoring Controls Over Key Personnel Administration Processes

Monitoring Controls Over Payroll Processing

Monitoring Nepotism in the Workplace Procedure

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NAFTA and Visa Status

NAFTA Professional List

National Science Foundation Notification Requirements

Nepotism Policy

New Employee Process

Noncitizen Employment Forms

Non-overnight Meal Payment Processing

NYS Disability Benefits

NYS Disability Insurance

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Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

Optional Dependent Life Insurance and AD&D Plan Summary and Premiums

Optional Life Insurance and AD&D Plan Summary and Premiums

Oracle Input and Monitoring of Extra Service Appointments

Employee Orientation Materials to be Provided to New Employees

OSHA Compliance Policy

OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping

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Paid Time Off in Lieu of Wages Policy

Payment Tax and Reporting Handbook

Payroll Collections

Payroll Overpayment Account

Payroll Standard Operational Reports

Performance Appraisal Policy for Administrative Employees

Performance Appraisal Program for Administrative Employees

Personnel Files

Personnel Functions and Responsibilities

Phased Retirement

Position Classification

Position Standards and Titles Guideline

Position Vacancy

Postdoctoral Employees and Fellow Policies and Practices Policy

Pre-employment Background Check

Prescription Drug Plan: Coverage Overview

Pretax Health Insurance: Flexible Benefits Program

Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information

Procedure for Reviewing Executive Compensation

Progressive Discipline Policy


Prompt Notice of Termination and Final Payments Policy

Providing Information to Employees at Termination

Purposes of Personnel Administration Procedure Groups

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Qualifying Events Permitting Pretax Deduction Changes

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Recordkeeping Requirements for Labor Condition Applications

Record Retention: Person-related Records

Reduction-in-Force Severance Program and Payment for Administrative Employees

Requirements for Overtime Pay

Resolving Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaints

Resolving Workplace Concerns Procedure

Retroactive Payroll Payments Processing

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Salary and Fringe Benefit Rules and Policies for IFR

Salary and Wage Administration Functions and Responsibilities

Salary Rules and Policies for Promotions, Demotions and Transfers

Salary Rules and Policies When Assigning Extra Service Policy

Salary Rules and Policies When Assigning Regular Employees

Salary Rules and Policies When Assigning Summer Employees

Schedule of Mandatory Meal Periods for Nonexempt Employees

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Spousal Rights to Vested Retirement Accumulations

Standard Workweek Policy

Student Titles Policy

Summary of Visa Types and Employability of Visa Holders

Summer-only Assignments

Summer-only Assignments: Redetermination

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Telecommuting and Teleworking Policy

Termination of Employment Policy

Time Reporting Policy

Transferring Employees Between Operating Locations

Tuition Waiver Policy

Tuition Waiver Program

Travel Time Reporting For Non-Exempt Employees

Twenty Factors of the "Common Law Test"

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Unemployment Insurance: Benefits

Unemployment Insurance: Claims Process

Unemployment Insurance: Eligibility Requirements

Unemployment Insurance: Maximum Weekly Benefit

Unemployment Insurance: Overview

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Verifying Credentials of Licensed Professionals

Verifying Credentials of New Employees

Vision Care Plan: Claims Process

Vision Care Plan: Claims Process

Vision Care Plan: Eligibility for Coverage

Vision Care Plan: Waiting Period Requirements

Voluntary Termination of Employment

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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Claims Process