Operation Managers

Research Foundation (RF) operations managers are appointed by the RF’s president on the recommendation of the respective campus presidents with the delegated authority to execute the powers and duties necessary to conduct Research Foundation business.

Research Foundation (RF) deputy operations managers are delegated authority by the campus RF operations manager (OM) to execute the Research Foundation business functions under the OM’s direction.


University at Albany

Operations Manager
Dr. James Dias
Vice President for Research
Phone: (518) 956-8170
E-mail: jdias@albany.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Paula Kaloyeros
Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Administration
Phone: (518) 442-3196
E-mail: pkaloyeros@albany.edu

Alfred State College

Operations Manager
Ms. Valerie Nixon
Interim President
Phone: (607) 587-3985
Email: nixonvb@alfredstate.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Peter McClain
Interim Director of Sponsored
Programs and Institutional Research
Phone: (607) 587-3986
Email: mcclaipm@alfredstate.edu

Binghamton University

Operations Manager
Mr. Paul C. Parker
Associate Vice President for Research Administration
Phone: (607) 777-6752
Email: pparker@binghamton.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Lisa Gilroy
Assitant Vice President for Sponsored Programs
Phone: (607) 777-6136
Email: lgilory@binghamton.edu

SUNY Brockport

Operations Manager

Deputy Operations Manager
Karen Riotto
Assistant Vice President
Phone: (585) 395-5484
Email: kriotto@brockport.edu

University at Buffalo

Operations Manager
Dr. Kenneth M. Tramposch, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President
for Research

Phone: (716) 645-3321
Email: kmt1@buffalo.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Susan Krzystofiak
Assistant Vice President,
Policy and Operational Excellence
Phone: (716) 645-2642
Email: krzystof@buffalo.edu

Buffalo State College

Operations Manager
Mr. Michael F. LeVine 
Vice President for Finance
and Management

Phone: (716) 878-4311
Email: levinemf@buffalostate.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Donna Scuto
Associate Vice President for Sponsored Program Operations
Phone: (716) 878-6700, ext.211
Email: ScutoDL@BuffaloState.edu

SUNY Canton

Operations Manager
Ms. Shawn Miller
Acting VP for Administration and Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (315) 379-3820
Email: millers@canton.edu

SUNY Cobleskill

Operations Manager
Ms. Wendy Gilman
Vice President for Business and Finance
Phone: (518) 255-5416
Email: gilmanwc@cobleskill.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Barry Gell
Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Phone: (518) 255-5450
Email: gellbf@cobleskill.edu

SUNY Cortland

Operations Manager
Mr. David Duryea
Vice President for Finance and Management
Phone: (607) 753-2211
Email: david.duryea@cortland.edu 

Deputy Operations Manager
Thomas Frank
Associate Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
Phone: (607) 753-2511
Email: thomas.frank@cortland.edu 

SUNY Delhi

Operations Manager
Ms. Carol M. Bishop
Vice President for Business
and Finance 

Phone: (607) 746-4582
E-mail: bishopcm@delhi.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Ellen Liberatori
Grant Specialist
Phone: (607) 746-4612
E-mail: liberaem@delhi.edu

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Operations Manager
Mr. Joseph Barabino
Associate Vice President for Research Administration
Phone: (718) 270-8202
Email: joseph.barabino@downstate.edu

Empire State College

 Operations Manager 
Joseph Garcia
Executive Vice President for Administration
Phone: 518-587-2100 xtn 2233
Email: joseph.garcia@esc.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Kyle Rhude
Budget Analyst
Phone: (518) 587-2100 x2204
Email: kyle.rhude@esc.edu


Operations Manager
Mr. Donald E. Artz
Assistant Vice President of Academic Finance
Phone: (315) 470-6606
Email: deartz@esf.edu

Farmingdale State College

Operations Manager
Greg O'Connor
Vice President for Administration & Finance and CFO
Phone: (631) 420-2170

Deputy Operations Manager
Penny Lombardi
Director Grants Finance & Administration
Phone: (631) 420-2345

SUNY Fredonia

Operations Manager

Deputy Operations Manager
Judith Horowitz
Associate Provost, Graduate
Studies/Sponsored Programs
Phone: (716) 673-3335
Email:  Judith.horowitz@fredonia.edu

SUNY Geneseo

Operations Manager

Deputy Operations Manager
Betsy Colon
Grants Management Associate
Phone: (585) 245-5060
Email:  colon@geneseo.edu

Maritime College

Operations Manager
Ms. Roxanne Thompson
Phone:  (718) 409-3162
Email:  rthompson@sunymaritime.edu

Morrisville State College


Deputy Operations Manager
Ms. Mary Ellen Burdick 
Budget Control Officer
Phone: (315) 684-6461

SUNY New Paltz

Operations Manager
Ms. Catherine Hoselton
Assistant Vice President of
Sponsored Programs

Phone: (845) 257-3282
Email: hoseltoc@newpaltz.edu

Old Westbury

Operations Manager
Mr. Arthur H. Angst, Jr.
Associate Vice President for
Business Compliance

Phone: (516) 876-3167
Email: angsta@oldwestbury.edu

College at Oneonta

Operations Manager
Mr. Todd Foreman
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Phone: (607) 436-2081
Email: todd.foreman@oneonta.edu

College of Optometry

Operations Manager
Dr. Stewart Bloomfield, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate
Studies and Research

Phone: (212) 938-5532
Email: sbloomfield@sunyopt.edu

SUNY Oswego

Operations Manager
Mr. Nicholas A. Lyons
Vice President for Administration
and Finance

Phone: (315) 312-2222
Email: nicholas.lyons@oswego.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Maria Nakamura 
Associate Director, Research & Sponsored Programs
Phone: (315) 312-2884
Email: maria.nakamura@oswego.edu

SUNY Plattsburgh

Operations Manager
Josee Larochelle
Vice President for Administration
Phone: (518) 564-2130
Email: jlaro007@plattsburgh.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Michael Simpson
Director, Sponsored
Research & Programs
Phone: (518) 564-2155
Email: simpsome@plattsburgh.edu

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Operations Manager
Paul Kelly
Associate Vice President for Consortia & Initiatives
Phone:  (518) 437-8686
Email:  pkelly2@sunypoly.edu


SUNY Potsdam

Operations Manager
John Homburger
Assistant Vice President
Phone: (315) 267-2141
Email: Homburjr@potsdam.edu

Purchase College

Operations Manager
Mr. F. Edward Herran, II
Director, Grants & Contracts
Financial Administration

Phone: (914) 251-6055
Email: edward.herran@purchase.edu

Stony Brook University

Operations Manager
Dr. Richard Reeder
Vice President for Research
Phone: (631) 632-4889
Email: rjreeder@stonybrook.edu 

Deputy Operations Manager
Dr. Nina Maung-Gaona
Associate Vice President for Research
Phone: (631) 632-7932
Email: nina.maung@stonybrook.edu

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Operations Manager
Dr. David C. Amberg
Vice President for Research
Phone: (315) 464-8727
Email: ambergd@upstate.edu

Deputy Operations Manager
Eric Smith
Assistant Vice President for Finance
Phone: (315) 464-4510
Email: smither@upstate.edu

SUNY System Administration
(Central Location, Provost and Levin Institute)

Operations Manager
Mr. Jay Barclay
Associate Director of Finance
Phone: (518) 434-7174
Email: jay.barclay@rfsuny.org

SUNY System Administration
(Strategic Plan Allocation)

Operations Manager
Ms. Kellie Dupuis
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Operations
Phone: (518) 320-1266
Email:  kellie.dupuis@suny.edu

Co-Operations Manager
Mr. Keith Palmer
Director of Finance
Phone: (518) 434-7025
Email: keith.palmer@rfsuny.org