RF Logo Usage Guidelines


Basic Logo Guidelines  •  Size Specifications  •  Clear Space Specifications

 Basic Logo Guidelines

  1. Do not manipulate the logo design, font, line weight, colors, or any of its elements
  2. Do not recreate or redraw the logo in any way. Use the established logo files of themaster artwork to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  3. Do not alter the proportions of the logo. Each element within the logo is strategically placed for visual balance and communication impact.
  4. The Research Foundation logo should always be reproduced with absolute clarity and legibility.
  5. Any clear space surrounding the logo must be maintained as outlined in this document.
  6. Never use the logo in text. When referencing the company in writing, use the words “The Research Foundation for The State University of New York” or “The Research Foundation,” as appropriate.


Size Specifications

To retain the maximum readability of this logo, the minimum width is 1".

logo size specifications


Clear Space Specifications 

Clear space is the clean, unfilled space surrounding the RF logo. A critical component of the logo design, this clear space allows the logo to stand out, to be clearly read, and to remain free from the interference of other design elements, such as typography, photography, textures, colors, or other logos.

Always maintain the clear space around the logo. For The Research Foundation combination mark, this clear space is the equivalent of the elected type height, above and below the physical logo. For example, if the selected The Research  Foundation type height is 2", maintain 2" above and 2" below the logo mark as clear space, free from any design elements.

logo clear space specifications