Subrecipient Monitoring and Management

The Research Foundation must comply with any prime award's specific requirements for issuance of subawards.

All of the terms and conditions applicable to the subaward must be flowed down to the subrecipient.  The Subrecipient Policy outlines responsible parties.

Subawards and Subrecipient Monitoring  -  Presentation

A 5 step toolkit has been developed to assist in determination, risk assessment and periodic monitoring of subrecipients.  These steps are required for federal awards and are considered best practice for all others.  The resources provided may be used to satisfy these requirements.

Additional Federal Requirements

2 CFR Part 200 places certain additional requirements for monitoring and managing subrecipient activities on federally-funded awards.  In order to ensure that the Research Foundation is in compliance with federal regulations, the requirements at 2 CFR 200.330-332 shall apply to subrecipient arrangements funded with federal funds.

5 Step Toolkit

1.   Subrecipient/Contractor Determination - 2 CFR Part 200.330

2.   Risk Assessment - 2 CFR Part 200.331(b)

3.   Risk Mitigation - 2 CFR Part 200.331(c)

4.   Monitoring - 2 CFR Part 200.331(d)(1-3)

5.   Enforcement - 2 CFR Part 200.331(h)