RF Style & Standards

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The RF’s visual and editorial standards promote clarity and consistency across print and online communications. They are essential to the effective communication of our image and ensure that the RF is accurately presented both internally and externally. 

Every web page, every piece of printed material, and every social media post represents the RF. Please use the following visual and editorial standards to assist you in the preparation of your communications materials. If you need further assistance, contact the Office of External Relations/Corporate Communications at 518-434-7079. 

Logo Downloads

The RF is represented by an institutional logo that projects an image of cohesiveness and ensures that all programs, departments and offices are corporately identified. 

These logos are available for use on official RF documents, publications, web pages and other online communications. By downloading these images you are agreeing to adhere to these guidelines. 

Both logo formats are acceptable. The format accompanied by text is often used on letterhead for formal communications. The short form SUNY RF logo is a visually streamlined version optimal for presentations, marketing materials and similar uses.

See also RF Logo Color Specifications.

To download the RF logo files, click the thumbnail image then right click to save the image file to your computer.

RF Full Color Logo - png

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RF Black & White Logo - png

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RF color logotype - png

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RF Black & White Logotype

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Editorial Style

The RF editorial style follows the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, which is the standard for most university publishing, communications and news offices, including SUNY. Writers can deviate from AP style if they determine that it is not appropriate for the piece being produced, such as a legal document or event invitation. In such cases, writers should develop a consistent style to replace elements of AP style they cannot use.

RF Style Guide Quick Reference

If you need further assistance, contact the Office of External Relations & Corporate Communications at 518-434-7079.

Referring to the Research Foundation

The legal name of the corporation is The Research Foundation for The State University of New York.

“SUNY Research Foundation,” “Research Foundation,” and “RF,” are acceptable short form references.

Research Foundation Boilerplate

The RF boilerplate delivers basic information about what we do and provides links to our social media sites. 

About the SUNY Research Foundation

The SUNY Research Foundation (RF) is the largest comprehensive university-connected research foundation in the country. It provides essential administrative services that enable State University of New York (SUNY) faculty to focus their efforts on educating students and performing life-changing research across a wide range of disciplines including Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Biotechnology, Longevity, Substance Addiction, Nextgen Quantum Computing, Environmental Health, and Resiliency. The RF works with the academic and business leadership of SUNY campuses to facilitate research and discovery by administering sponsored projects and delivering intellectual property and technology transfer services that fuel innovation and move ideas and inventions to the marketplace. The RF is a private non-profit education cor­poration that is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c) (3).  To learn more about the RF, visit www.rfsuny.org.

Social Media

The RF uses the following social media platforms to promote and amplify the story of SUNY research:


When posting on RF social media channels, be:

  • Conversational - Your online voice should be friendly and relatable. Use words and phrases that are consistent with how your audience speaks. Invite questions and comments. 
  • Meaningful - Post news, events, and information that is relevant to your audience in a timely manner. When possible and appropriate, include visual content — such as photos and videos — to increase engagement.  
  • Accurate - Make sure that the information you are providing is correct. Validate content and link to the original source when possible. Proofread and check links before posting.


Hashtags make it easier for users to cross social media platforms and find messages about specific topics, events and organizations. As a general rule of thumb, tag a post once when contributing to a conversation.

  • Use #SUNYRF to highlight RF programs and activities.
  • Use #SUNY to highlight the University.

If you would like to use social media to promote an RF upcoming event or share photos from a campus visit, contact Jessica Stanley-Updyke, External Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, at: jessica.stanley-updyke@rfsuny.org.