Mentors 2019-20

List of 2019-20 mentors will be added as candidates are received.

To learn more about each current mentor, please click the individual's name. 


photo of Katie Armstrong

Katie Armstrong
Benefits Administrator
RF Central Office

No Photo Available

Brett C. Baker-O'Neal
Assistant VP of Engineering Development
SUNY Polytechnic Institute

No Photo Available

Stephen Bennett

Christopher Borst, Associate VP for 300mm Technical Operations, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Christopher Borst
Associate VP for 300mm Tech Ops

Judy Burns, Risk Management Coordinator & Insurance Specialist, Research Foundation Central Office

Judy Burns
Risk Management Coordinator &
Insurance Specialist
RF Central Office

Ms. Kathleen Caggiano-Siino

Kathleen Caggiano-Siino
Vice President, Human Resources
RF Central Office

Tracey Canfield, Administrative Assistant, RF Central Office

Tracey Canfield
Sr. Administrative Assistant
RF Central Office

Charlene Cox, Accounts Payable Team Leader, University at Albany

Charlene Cox
Accounts Payable Team Leader
University at Albany

photo of Sonia Cravatta

Sonia Cravatta
Human Resource Strategies
SUNY Buffalo

photo of Ann Marie Davis

Ann Marie Davis
Benefits Coordinator
RF Central Office

photo of Conor Flynn

Conor Flynn
Industry Contracts Administrator
University at Buffalo

photo of Jenny Frank

Jenny Frank
PhD Student

Denise Gaffor, School Evaluation Analyst, NYC Charter Schools Institute

Denise Gaffor
School Evaluation Analyst
NYC Charter Schools Institute

Linda Galvin, Financial Manager, Stony Brook University

Linda Galvin
Financial Manager
Stony Brook University

Lisa Gatti, Grants Administrator/Business System Security Officer, Buffalo State

Lisa Gatti
Grants Admin/Business System Security
Buffalo State

photo to be used in grid format

Jerold Gauriloff
University at Albany

photo of Kerry Gilchrist

Kerry Gilchrist
Audit Manager
RF Central Office

bio photo of Lisa Gilroy

Lisa Gilroy
Assistant Vice President for
Sponsored Programs
Binghamton University

Allison Gottlieb, Associate Counsel, RF Central Office

Allison Gottlieb
Associate Counsel
RF Central Office

photo of Anna Hartz

Anna Hartz
Manager, Enterprise Wide
Support/Sponsored Program Services
RF Central Office

grid photo Keith Kaplan

Keith Kaplan
Associate Director,
Financial Accounting
RF Central Office

Jami Kingsley, Learning and Development Coordinator, RF Central Office

Jami Kingsley
Learning & Development Coordinator
RF Central Office

Kate Mailia, Director of Human Resources, Research Foundation Central Office

Kate Malia
Director, Human Resources
RF Central Office

Laurel McAdoo, HR and Learning & Development Manager, RF Central Office

Laurel McAdoo
HR and L&D Manager
RF Central Office

photo of Marie McDowell

Marie McDowell
HR Associate
RF Central Office

image used in grid

Erinn McDowell
Senior Clinical Research Specialist
SUNY Upstate

photo of Sarah McPartlon

Sarah McPartlon
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
RF Central Office

Jennifer Mero, Associate Secretary of the University, SUNY System Administration

Jennifer Mero
Associate Secretary of the University
SUNY System Administration

photo of Jean Moore

Jean Moore
Director, Center for
Health Workforce Studies
University at Albany

Paul Patton, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, SUNY System Administration

Paul Patton
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
SUNY System Admin

Daniel Polner, Incubator Advocate, Stony Brook University

Daniel Polner
Incubator Manager
Stony Brook University

Mark Raymond, Integration Development Engineer, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Mark Raymond
Integration Development Engineer

No Photo Available

Martin Rodgers
Integration Engineering Manager

Zulaika Rodriguez-Awoliyi, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Presidential Recruitment, Evaluation, and Development, SUNY System Administration

Zulaika Rodriguez-Awoliyi
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Presidential Recruitment,
Evaluation, and Development
SUNY System Administration

Sara Saplin, SUNY System's Executive Director of Special Events, Sara Saplin

Sara Saplin
Executive Director
of Special Events
SUNY System Administration

No Photo Available

Harlan Stamper
Unit Process Development Engineer

Christa Taylor, Director Benefits Programs, RF Central Office

Christa Taylor
Director of Benefits Programs
RF Central Office

Joshua Toas, VP of Compliance, Chief Compliance Officer, RF Central Office

Joshua Toas
Chief Compliance Officer
RF Central Office

Alan Tosi, Director of IT Operations, RF Central Office

Alan Tosi
Director of IT Operations
RF Central Office

Bruce Toyama, Business Development Director, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Bruce Toyama
BD Director, AI Programs

James Turvey, Director of Program Management, Key Accounts, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

James Turvey
Director of Program Management

Stalin Vilcarromero, Clinical Research Scientist, Stony Brook Medicine

Stalin Vilcarromero
Clinical Research Scientist
Assistant Professor in Research Medicine
Stony Brook University

Tanya Waite, Partnership Manager, Innovation and Partnerships, RF Central Office

Tanya Waite
Partnership Manager
Innovation and Partnerships
RF Central Office

Photo of Jennifer Yaghy

Jennifer Yaghy
Financial Analyst
Central Office