Siu Wah Wong-Deyrup

Senior Research Specialist, University at Albany


Siu Wah Wong-Deyrup, Senior Research Specialist, University at Albany

Mentored By:  

Why I want to be a Protege:
To gain more in-depth insight in administration career path and build meaningful relationship with staff in RF so that I could perform better at my job.

Personal Statement:
I have an interesting career path as I received a PhD in Chemistry and is currently working as a lab manager in a Biology lab at SUNY Albany for the past 5 years. I realized that I could be the bridge to increase efficiency between science and administrative communities due to my highly organizational and personable skills. I hope that I could learn more from this program and make greater impacts through assisting faculty members by being able to communicate, direct, and understand their need.

Short term: gain more in depth administrative knowledge in RF. Intermediate: be able to mentor others and assist in improving policies. Long term: be a leader and/or spare-head of a program.

Contact information: