Nicole Bunyea

Clinical Research Associate, SUNY Upstate


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Why I want to be a Protege:
I'm all about continual personal growth and professional development, so I am hoping to both gain some new skills and expand upon/enhance those I already possess. In reading over some of what is included in this year's curriculum, I was happy to see emotional intelligence listed, as this is something I've been wanting to learn more about. Finally, from the testimonials, the one thing everyone keeps emphasizing is how the program really strengthens their confidence. This is something I'd love to get out of the program as well.

Personal Statement:
I'm currently working at SUNY Upstate Medical University as a CRA in the Cancer Center. I've only been here for a little over a year now, as I recently graduated with my Masters in Biomedical Anthropology from Binghamton University. While I haven't been here long, I absolutely love what I do and I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more. I've recently developed an interest in the regulatory side of clinical research, so I'd love to work on improving the skill set necessary to carry out activities involved in this role, such as auditing. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending as much time outside as humanly possible during the few months of nice weather we have here in central New York.

In the short term, I'd really like to gain more confidence. Intermediately, I'd love to enhance my skill set by continually learning more of what leads to success in research administration. Ultimately, in the long term, I'd like to become certified as a clinical research professional and take on more leadership oriented responsibilities.

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